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Funny / Justice League: Gods and Monsters

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  • This version of Harley Quinn may be a sadistic monster, but it appears that she's also inherited her puddin's unique sense of humor...
    • As she's hunting Batman down and trying to kill him, she briefly stops to check her teeth in a mirror.
    • Her reaction to accidentally decapitating the stuffed corpse of an old lady in her little makeshift... "family"...
    Harley: (in probably fake mourning) Gramma... she was gonna bake me COOKIES!!!!!
    • One for Batman—as he steps into Harley's lair, he opens a fridge to reveal heaps of frozen body parts. Then he...calmly shuts the door and walks away as if he didn't just see that. Okay.
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  • Lex Luthor... with hair.
  • Apparently, even this version of Batman is The Comically Serious. Some things never change:
    Kirk: I've pretty much given up on eHarmony.
  • In an otherwise dark scene, the tiny horse that Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi shrunk is seen dead in the mouth of a mountain lion that walks away after hearing Ray getting killed.
  • Superman telling Bekka to talk to Steve and "stay on top of him". She looks at him slyly, prompting him to say "You know what I mean."
    • She does end up getting on top of him in both ways...
  • When the military advance on the Metrotower.
    Kirk: We could give ourselves up. Get a lawyer. [Superman and Bekka give him a look] Or we can beat the hell out of them.