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Funny / Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

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  • The Justice League trying to disarm the bombs on the Rogues. Cyborg tries to interface with one, Aquaman summons a swarm of microbes to eat away the wiring, Wonder Woman freezes it with Captain Cold's ice gun, and Superman... closes his hands around the bomb and waits for it to blow. Heatwave is not amused.
    Superman: Waiting is the worst part.
  • Batman's excuse to Cyborg as to why Yo-Yo nearly fell to her death.
    FP!Batman: She slipped.
    • Yo-Yo crushing on Cyborg after he catches her also qualifies.
  • Batman snarking about Cyborg's holograms
    FP!Batman: Saves a fortune on snacks.
    • Later, when they're attempting to rescue Flashpoint!Superman:
    Flash (to FP!Superman): Don't worry, friend. Everything is going to be okay.
    FP!Batman: I thought heroes never lied.
  • Barry is trying to explain to his mom that he's a Superhero, the Flash. As he's building up to it, she immediately thinks he's coming out of the closet. To be fair, she seems perfectly fine with the idea.
  • Lois Lane's "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner.
    Final thoughts. If there is an afterlife? A cushy anchor position would not be out of line.
  • Barry's first attempt to recreate the accident that turned him into the Flash goes poorly, leaving him covered in burns. One of his remarks to FP!Batman, actually Dr. Thomas Wayne?
    Barry: "Your bedside manner sucks."

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