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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • At several points in the movie, certain characters look at Robin for a good three seconds after he does something crazy/reckless (using the Batplane to blow up Weather Wizard, sneaking tracers onto all the Titans immediately after meeting them, etc.) before he says: "What?"
  • After Superman destroys Lex Luthor's warsuit.
    Lex Luthor: You'll pay for this.
    Superman: Knowing you, it's insured.
  • The fight between Flash and Weather Wizard. Flash snatches WW's wand and says "Beep beep" before gravity takes its effect. Flash stops him short of going splat on the ground.
    Weather Wizard: Not in the face!
    Flash: (Beat) Whatever you say. (proceeds to punch him rapidly all over the torso)
  • Garfield accidentally forgetting his uniform during the training montage, much to Raven's chagrin.
    Raven: You know you're naked, right?
    Garfield: Huh? [looks down, covers his junk] Aah! I overslept! Was rushing. Forgot to put on my uniform. So I sleep in the nude. So what? Animals are naked! I am the entire animal kingdom crammed into a single magnificent specimen.
    Raven: You're something crammed into something.
  • Batman shutting down Superman, Cyborg and the Flash with Bat-glares while he's trying to scold Damian. Bonus points for Cyborg and Flash's comments and both of them visibly flinching away when he glares at them.
    Superman: Come on, cut him some slack. At least he was trying to. . .
    Superman: (Beat) Not that I disagree. . .
    (more Bat-family argument)
    Cyborg: Tch, and my dad thinks I'm difficult...
    Flash: Have you... ever considered... boarding school?
  • A lot of jokes are made at Garfield's expense throughout the film, especially about him giving into his instincts as an animal.
    Jaime: How much more familiar can we get? We've already seen Garfield lick himself.
    Damian: As a dog?
    Raven: I wish...
  • Beast Boy getting confrontational with the Scarab. And of course, the Scarab being confrontational in general.
    • Really, any time the others react to the Scarab saying something is rather amusing.
  • Batman is searching the world for signs of Trigon but even his technology has trouble pinpointing weird phenomenon. Cyborg hijacks his tech and finds something in seconds. Batman's response?
    Batman: Showoff.
    • Cyborg also has the best smug smirk on his face when he showed that off.
  • When Dick and Kory are video chatting, Dick looks away in embarrassment when Kory unintentionally puts her cleavage too close to the webcam when she's trying to grab her hairbrush off the table. Later Dick is admiring her legs but is later disappointed when she ends the call quickly.
    • Kory ends the call because Dick's suggestion that she and him have "fun" inspires her to plan a team-building exercise for the Titans, which is no doubt somewhat different from what Dick meant. In other words, Dick cockblocked himself.
  • During the carnival, Raven and Damian find amusement with some silly mirrors that make Damian's hips look huge and Raven to have a big head.
    • Also, Raven's reaction to seeing it. Her eyes shrink before she motions it to him. After being surprised, Damian only smirks before he points out the other one to her. That just leads to him getting a punch to the arm.
  • The Titans suit up in a flashy manner to battle the sons of Trigon...while Damian has to return to the car to get his sword. When he finds it locked, he mutters "Damn it" and breaks the window open.
  • Beast Boy bluntly asking Raven if her mother and Trigon really "did it".
    Beast Boy: So your mom "did it" with Satan?
    Raven: His name is Trigon, but basically...yes.
    Beast Boy: But they totally "did it"!
    Starfire: Garfield!
  • Garfield mockingly asks Damian if he has a way to take out Superman. Damian pauses for a long moment, flashes a grin over his shoulder, and confidently strolls away. The same way his father did in "Justice League: War".
    Garfield: Oh, my God, I think he does!
  • Beast Boy turns into a horse to give Damian a ride to Raven's location.
    Beast Boy: You can get off my back now, Boy Bony Ass.
  • Superman breaks Trigon's hold over Flash by breaking his leg. Flash confirms he can heal his leg in about an hour THEN calls him out for it. Superman tells him he has 10 minutes to heal and flies off. Then the camera pans down to Flash's leg, which is literally broken in half. Well, it least he apologized in advance.
    "Barry, if you can hear me in there... Sorry."
    • Flash seems unfazed by the situation as Superman briefs him on what's going on, and then points to his leg.
  • When Jaime and Beast Boy attempt to recruit Cyborg into the Titans near the end, Cyborg says it was nice, but with him on the Justice League, him moving down from the majors would feel awkward. Beast Boy responds by turning into a donkey and farting in his general direction.
  • It's kinda a Brick Joke, but near the beginning of the film, Cyborg offers pizza to Batman who just ignores him. But at the end of the movie, Cyborg hangs out with the Titans with two pizzas...which leads to the Justice League seeing him while they were video chatting.
    Cyborg: Well, that was awkward.
    • And this:
    Batman: Where does all that food go if you don't have a stomach?
    Cyborg: You don't wanna know.
  • The ultimate fate of Trigon: He's stuck in a tiny shard in the middle of Raven's forehead, continuing to shout out threats angrily...with Raven just casually eating a slice of pizza with a big smile on her face.
  • A minor one after Batman and Wonder Woman fail to take down a possessed Superman.
    Batman: I've alerted Trevor. With any luck, military satellites are tracking him now.
    Wonder Woman: And what will we do? Wait for him to... pull the moon from the sky?
    Batman: No. We'll ge- ... He hasn't said anything about doing something like that, has he?
    • And then there's this:
    Wonder Woman: You can't expect me to hide.
    Batman: ...It was worth a shot.