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Fridge / Justice League vs. Teen Titans

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Fridge Brilliance

  • With all the Ship Tease between Raven and Damian seems kinda odd...until you realize that many fans and people in-universe call Damian a 'Demon Spawn', just like Raven.
  • Nightwing seems to have a connection with the Titans, which makes sense since he was a member for a long time...and it also explains why Starfire is leader, she's likely a senior member.
  • The reason there are no civilians in the buildings Trigon is attacking? Nightwing (who hadn't been seen since his talk with Starfire) likely helped them to escape to safety.
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  • Cyborg is staying on the League, and not with the Titans. But he still hangs out with them so he isn't the kid, but why would he say that if Shazam is technically younger? Cyborg likely keeps the secret of Billy's secret identity secret, even from the League. So of course he'd say he's the kid of the group, he's covering for Shazam.
  • Why can Beast boy control the monstrous forms he takes in Trigon's realm? It's cause he's connected to the Red, which allows users to get powers from animals. Plus this could be a precursor to him being able to take the forms of Dinosaurs, since these forms are rather big compared to regular animals.
  • How come Superman can barely do anything to Trigon despite being nearly a match for Darkseid? Superman is vulnerable to magic, and his "Bio-electric field" doesn't protect him against it. Given said field is a good portion of his strength, and that Trigon is in effect, a walking mass of magic, it makes sense.
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  • Why is it that Superman seems very professional with Starfire, who is likely a lot younger than him? Well, aside from being a Princess, she is also an alien-just like him! So it makes sense he is rather polite to her, since she's one of the few other aliens on Earth who's fighting crime. So it's likely the two met at some point in the past when Starfire first arrived on Earth and maybe even helped her out in starting out.
  • At first it was bothersome when Trigon is successfully summoned, Raven proceeds to contribute almost nothing to the following battle to reseal him when it was shown before that she is perfectly competent. Then it hit me. It was mentioned by Robin that Batman was out for 24 hours after Raven left, so, considering the timing, she was having her powers drained for 24 freaking hours. No wonder the poor girl couldn't do much until the very end, she was conserving what little power she had left.

Fridge Horror

  • For a few days at most, Trigon had full control of SUPERMAN! We saw him put a beating on Atomic Skull and lift up that device, but what else did Superman do during his time as a slave to the demonic beast?
  • The fact that Terra is coming to Titans Tower... It is unknown if she's her classic villain self or her newer heroic self, but that could potentially mean that Deathstroke's forces are on the rise. After all, Damian is part of the Titans now, so it's anybody's guess if Grant or any of Slade's other kids wants payback and is using Terra.
  • Damien estimates the blast from the Batwings combined fuel and ordinance at about six kilotons. That is equivalent to a tactical nuclear warhead, which is also about the only way to explain having that much explosive power on a fighter plane. Even for crazy prepared Batman that seems excessive.
    • To be fair he estimates that between the fuel cells blowing up and the missiles blowing up at the same time. It's not like batman is crazy enough blow up 6 kilotons at once.


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