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Awesome / Justice League vs. Teen Titans

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The fight with the League and the Legion of Doom is rather awesome, with them each taking on a respective threat; Superman vs. Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah, Batman vs Solomon Grundy, Flash vs. Weather Wizard and Cyborg vs Toy Master. All the fights are rather fun to watch.
  • Batman showing Damian discipline for blowing up his plane to attack the Demon empowered Weather Wizard because it was wrong of him to do that. Shows how far of a stern father Bruce has become since Damian first became Robin.
    • That fact that Robin managed to take down Demon empowered Weather Wizard using the Batplane is an awesome feat itself.
  • Blue Beetle vs Robin in a blade match and the two were equally matched for a while.
    • When Robin starts getting cocky over one-upping Blue Beetle briefly, the Scarab takes control and unleashes a full plasma blast that fries the left half of Damian's face. Needless to say, this leads to Damian's Break the Haughty moment.
    • While it ultimately didn't end well for him, Damian taking down Jaime (thus starting the fight) in one quick, fluid motion is quite impressive. If Jaime hadn't been bonded to an alien war machine, he likely would have stayed down.
  • During the "fun" time at the carnival, Beast Boy owns the dance competition. Robin challenges him and despite it being his first time dancing, he catches up to the point where the two are equally matched until Beast Boy ran out of energy. BB even won the title Badass!
  • The Titans' fight against the Demon-possessed Leaguers. Sure, the Titans lost, but considering what they were up against, the fact that they got up right after is badass in itself.
    • Special mention goes to Blue Beetle and Starfire. Beetle (or Scarab) actually managed to catch Cyborg off guard and exorcise him. Star took on Wonder Woman without hesitation and to all appearances came out basically unscathed.
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    • Also Robin manages to briefly block Wonder Woman's sword with his own sword, given that Wonder Woman is almost as strong as Superman that should be physically impossible.
    • Batman got an amazing moment right before the fight happens, where the instant he realizes they're being possessed, he pulls out a syringe designed to bring Bane down and doesn't hesitate to use it on himself. He knew exactly how dangerous the situation would get if Trigon gained access to his mind and made sure that at least the demon would be denied that much. Damian later states that Batman not being possessed was what gave the Titans the chance to survive at all.
  • Robin stabbing possessed-Superman with Kryptonite.
    • Doubly impressive since it had a lot of teamwork from the Titans and Cyborg. While Blue Beetle, Cyborg and Starfire distracted the controlled Superman, Beast Boy throws Robin at Superman, which grounds him. Superman is even impressed with their teamwork.
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  • After being cured, Superman himself is of course a walking moment of awesome. And he didn't even really use his super-strength. He ensnared Wonder Woman in her own lasso using just his speed, and then caught the Flash.
    Possessed Wonder Woman: Your power is no match for that of Trigon, Kryptonian!
    Superman: She doesn't belong to you, Devil!
  • Beast Boy transforming into creatures from Hell to combat Hell's denizens was nothing short of amazing.
  • Robin defending Raven against his grandfather Ra's Al Ghul, defeats him in an epic sword battle, and decapitated him.
    Robin: I am a Titan!
  • Raven sealing Trigon initially and after the fact. It shows how powerful of a sorcerer she is.
  • A meta example: This comment made by someone who watched the movie in regards to Raven and Damian's relationship.
    "I don’t know about you… But when you manage to tame one of the most insufferable, stubborn and bull-headed kid heroes we’ve ever seen without having to use excessive violence, credit is due. Raven did exactly that with Damian Wayne. She did something that even the god-damn Batman couldn’t do; wrap your head around that for a second."
  • In a rather meta example, just having a DC Animated Movie featuring the Teen Titans is an awesome moment for anyone who is a Teen Titans fan.