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Nightmare Fuel / JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

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  • Let's be honest, Luthor was being very generous with his plan to alter the timeline. He could have very easily ordered the other villains to do a lot worse to baby Superman than just send him back into space.
  • What exactly did Cheetah do to get that disguise she wore when deceiving the Kents?
  • Toyman's doll, yikes!
  • Wonder Woman being ravaged by the Time Trapper's time warping powers, being aged up and de-aged back and forth before her regular aged self is tossed up into the sky vortex.
  • Time Trapper himself. He appears as a purple-robed man with his head constantly facing downwards, and the only trace you see of his face is the lower half, Palpatine-style. From what we see of his hands, they're wrapped in mummy like bandages. For most of the movie he seems to be held back by a Restraining Bolt called the Eternity Glass (a skeletal hourglass, how fitting) that Future!Luthor takes advantage of, forcing the Trapper to be his slave (glowing chains included). However, once the heroes succeed in their mission in the past, Future!Luthor is easily wiped from existence by the Time Trapper, who reveals that his Eternity Glass turns into an Artifact of Doom in his own hands. He most nearly succeeds in his plan to remake the world if it hadn't been for those meddling kids and the Justice League.
    • And it doesn't end there. When the Time Trapper reveals himself to the Legion of Doom and kneels under Lex's orders, you can see a bit of transparency if you look close enough, adding to his ghostly effect, which remains throughout the film. In reality, Time Trapper is an Energy Being made up of Dark Matter, shown when Karate Kid scans him. Not only that, the only reason that Time Trapper isn't himself erased when he banishes Future!Lex is because he exists outside of time itself...meaning no paradox can even dent him. Yikes.
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    • Also, his reaction to Dawnstar's light energy. Even though he's made of Dark Matter, the Time Trpper doesn't scream out in agony; he hisses and lifts up his head, revealing his decayed, zombified face with glowing purple eyes. When Batman and Robin play hot potato with the Eternity Glass, you can just see pure, unbridled fury raging through the Trapper's face. It's a good thing he was sealed back and returned to the 30th century.

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