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Heartwarming / Batman: Assault on Arkham

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  • Deadshot looking at the picture of his daughter, Zoey.
  • In a strange way, Killer Frost and King Shark's growing (almost romantic) relationship.
    • Upon being airdropped into Gotham, Killer Frost's chute snaps and she falls into King Shark on the way down, causing both of them to spiral into an uncontrolled free-fall. Shark's immediate response is to curl around her protectively and turn mid-air so he lands first on impact, shielding her from any injury and taking the full force of the landing himself. When she realizes what he's done, Frost gives him a genuine smile and strokes his cheek appreciatively.
    Killer Frost: Good one. Good shark.
    King Shark smiles.
    • While marching through the sewers, King Shark carries Killer Frost on his shoulder so she doesn't have to wade through sewage.
    • Later still, when King Shark can't get through a group of S.C.U. because of his fear of heights, Frost instantly volunteers to be his eyes so he could get through without having to look down. And he trusts her enough to charge over a narrow walkway over a fatal drop while blindfolded as long as she gives him instructions.
    • Turns into Tear Jerker when Waller activates everyone's bombs and the Riddler fails to disable King Shark's due to the latter's skin blocking the electric shock from affecting the bomb. Frost does not take Shark's death well and angrily snaps at her team.
  • Captain Boomerang convincing Deadshot to play darts with him.
    • Before that, we see Boomer having a laugh with some of Penguin's goons and throwing back a couple mugs of beer with them. It's a nice, easily missed moment that shows, regardless of how despicable some of the Squad can be, they're still human. Even Boomer, the unapologetic bastard, isn't so heartless that he thinks himself above spending time with "henchmen."
  • Penguin referring to Deadshot as "the best assassin in the world" has its own sweetness added to it, if a little twisted.
  • Batman has every reason to want to take in all the Suicide Squad. Instead, he lets them go to focus on finding Harley and the Joker. He even tells Deadshot later that they can put their grudge aside for now. Safe to say, Deadshot takes him up on it.
  • Harley actually looks briefly worried and concerned for Deadshot while the Joker has a gun to his head.
  • It's a blink-and-you'll miss it a moment, but during Joker's attack on Batman and the Suicide Squad in the Medical Center, Deadshot chooses to help Harley rather than grab his equipment. He's even supporting her as they escape the room.
  • Joker ranting to himself in his cell about Harley finding a new guy. You can tell that he, of all people, is jealous and might actually miss her. He even muses about putting someone else in her "perfect, creamy skin".
  • When Amanda Waller commands the boisterous Squad to sit down and behave, Harley's the first one to do so, and she complies not unlike a little child being told by a grade school teacher to mind her manners. It's actually kind of adorable.
  • As Deadshot is preparing to take out Waller, he has his daughter behind him, wearing earmuffs and playing with a toy bear. It's strangely adorable, considering he's in the middle of trying to murder someone.