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Talia al Ghul will die.
It would sever the last tie to Damian's old life and provide some additional angst for Batman.
  • Right, because if anyone needs more angst, it's Batman.
    • It may be unneeded, but it's all but confirmed. It's a case of Never Found the Body, but Talia's escape shuttle crashed into the ocean and blew up with her on it, and it's implied she took a katana to the face just before it happened.

There will be a Ghostbusters reference.
Since Ernie Hudson is part of the cast, why not?

Similarly, there will be a reference to Chuck since Yvonne Strahovski is in it.

Batwoman will reference Catwoman's "no guns rule" line from The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Jossed.

Renee Montoya and/or Maggie Sawyer will appear.
Possibly as just a cameo.
  • Confirmed. Kate and Renee are shown flirting in a bar. At the end of the film they are officially dating.

If sequels are made, the first ones will focus more on Batwing and Batwoman.
For personal matters, Batwing (who is the most new at the superhero business) will have the face the stress of it and his changing relationship with his dad; For Batwoman, it will focus on having a girlfriend as a cop and how it will effect their relationship, especially if they end up on a case with each other.