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Hi everyone! I'm Tito-Mosquito.

I'm a 38-year-old college student at Solano Community College. I'm Mexican-American, both my parents were born in Mexico. I live in Benicia, California, but was born in San Francisco.

I love to draw. My dream is to become a cartoonist, and also a comic book writer/artist. Maybe an author, screenwriter, film producer and director. I use TV Tropes as a source for my cartoons and ideasnote . I hope to go to Academy of Art University soon.

I'm a nerd, and VERY proud of it! I wear glasses. I'm really into cartoons and comic books. I also enjoy playing video games, mostly Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced, Playstation, and PS 2. I've written a few fanfics and stories, and plan on continuing them.

I grew up in The '90s. They were the best years of my life. Anything I'll be working on will have a lot of pop culture and media references of the 90s among everything else.

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