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Getting Crap Past the Radar in Batman Beyond.

  • In "Golem":
    Nash: I'm sick of the mall. Let's go for a ride.
    Blade: You like that car more than me.
    Nash: Who's talking about cars?
    • This one was actually blatant enough that it was edited out of the reruns on Discovery Family when it was still called The Hub.
    • This little gem from the same episode:
      (Terry and Dana are dancing together and are about to kiss, when she suddenly backs up)
      Dana: Oh, no...
      Terry: Sorry!
      Dana: No, look! (points to Willie Watt arriving soaking wet)
  • Or in the very first episode:
    Chelsea: (knowingly) You've never wrestled with him.
  • In "Once Burned", Terry is trying to glean answers from one of the Jokerz, but he seems delirious and had been lying on the ground for a long time.
    • The Sexy Discretion Shot in "Once Burned" that fades to black with Terry and Melanie making out on his bed and then cuts back in several hours later. Does anyone really think they were just talking until sundown?
    • Right afterwards, when Melanie asked Terry if he was still attracted to her. We are then given quite a bit of Male Gaze of Melanie's body.
  • The episode "The Eggbaby":
    • At the end, where the teacher quips, "Who knew that [Terry]'d turn out to be such ideal father material?", the look Dana shoots him suggested more baby making than baby raising.
      • The look Terry has in response solidifies this. You can hear him mentally screaming "Oh jeez, she wants a baby!?"
    • And when Bruce hears the egg crying over the radio: "Terry, is there something you need to tell me?"
    • Ma Mayhem's son Carl implies that her husband left her for another woman.
  • A great one in "Revenant":
    • Note that Terry's Batman suit has a cloaking device.
  • In the episode "Disappearing Inque", the shapeshifting villain Inque has promised a reward to Aaron, the lonely security guard who freed her from prison (voiced by William H. Macy). After they steal some mutagen Inque needs to restore her full powers, Aaron reminds Inque of the promised reward. Before he can voice his request (it turns out to be a dose of said mutagen), Inque proceeds to ooze out of her clothes and asks, "Here? Now?"
    • When Aaron and Inque are in his apartment, Aaron comments that it'll be hours before it's dark enough for her to go outside. Inque replies "Well, maybe we'll think of something to keep us busy until then..."
      • And right after that, she turns on the TV: "Forecasts call for cold showers tonight..."
    • After resorting to a Fake-Out Make-Out to evade a guard, Inque angrily tells Aaron "Don't you ever touch me like that again!", making the viewer wonder just how far he pressed his opportunity.
    • When Inque visits Aaron, we get this exchange:
    Inque: All those months of listening to you prattle on and on about your pathetic life.
    Aaron: You could hear me?
    Inque: Yes, Aaron, I could hear you... And see you, too.
    Aaron: *facepalm*
    Inque: But don't worry. I'm not gonna tell anyone.
    • Inque shutting up Batman by making out with him. Inque has a daughter about Terry's age!
      • If it's any comfort, she was probably unaware that Terry is a teenager.
    • Speaking of Inque and new Batman, she once tried to kill him by forcing herself down his throat, thus drowning him with her own body.
  • At the beginning of "Inside Peek" a reporter shows footage of Paxton Powers at a pool party. He uses a towel to grab a swimsuit-clad woman, and the scene cuts away to the McGinnis living room:
    Ian Peek: Now watch this!
    Matt: What're they doing?
    Terry: This isn't for you.
    • Note that Peek chose this clip for the headline item, implying that it got pretty salacious.
  • In the episode "Hooked Up", a groupie asks a rock star for his autograph; as she tells him, "You can sign me anywhere you want!" she begins to lift up her shirt.
  • There's a particularly vague one in "Dead Man's Hand", during the Cold Open when the Royal Flush Gang robs the yacht. Ten snatches a necklace from a blonde, claiming "you'll get a new one soon enough" and Jack says "she earns hers the old-fashioned way".
    • He might have been implying she was a gold-digger. That works even better, implying that whoever she's with is her Sugar Daddy.
    • Also in the same opening: one of the yacht party-goers grabs a harpoon to fend off King of the Royal Flush Gang, who has a sword. The party-goer's opening quip? "Mine's bigger." Bonus points for the creepy smirk he has while saying it and more bonus points for King calling him out on how crude that sounded.
    Rich Guy: (after picking up a harpoon in self-defense) Mine's bigger than yours.
    King: All the money in the world and not an ounce of refinement.
    • In the same episode, at one point, when Terry and Melanie are walking together, Melanie grabs onto a pole and begins making some rather... suggestive moves. It's pretty obvious that she's pole dancing.
  • In "Splicers", we see several people injected with the splicer juice. Even without needles, it's clear that the tubes were syringes — you get to see the liquid inside go down once they hit the skin. We even see Terry injected against his will and Cuvier essentially overdosing.
    • Now that is probably the best "don't do drugs" episode ever. Splicing has all the hallmarks: Altered behavior (increased aggression, decrease in thought process the more you take), an odd dependency by the Ram-Guy, hustling "norms" to do it, debates over legality that involve "impartial tests" and the justification by Dana which took the cake: "The law's against everything we're into." Now, doesn't that sound like most teens justifying doing drugs (among the other things teens often do)?
      • "Hooked Up" has an even more blatant "don't do drugs" allegory (the title itself is slang for doing drugs). In this case, it's a virtual reality simulator that lets people live their ultimate fantasies, like being a rock star; the trademarks include: severe withdrawal for anyone who leaves the VR, people willing to resort to stealing to get enough units to pay for more VR time, violent irrational behavior, using VR to escape reality because it makes them happier (many an addict's justification for doing drugs).
      • One of the girls even OD'd on the VR! Onscreen! How did that get through?
    • These aren't the only anti-drug episodes you'll find. "The Winning Edge" centered around "Slappers", which were adhesive pads laced with a performance-enhancing drug; that drug being minute doses of Venom, which is a "steroidal compound" according to the analysis in Bruce Wayne's database. This is no G-Rated Drug: whatever else is in Bane's proprietary formula (probably some kind of catalyst to enable absorption through the skin and speed the reaction) may be Phlebotinum, but the active ingredient is none other than the anabolic steroids athletes looking for a shortcut have been known to be used in Real Life.
    • And another on the risqué front, courtesy of Barbara Gordon:
    Sam: ...I just can't relax knowing Cuvier and his guinea pigs are out there doing God knows what!
    Barbara: (grinning) I bet I could relax you...
  • The tuning fork from "Babel". Shriek gives his assistant a vibrating device that "stimulates the brain's pleasure center"...and Ollie winds up lying on the floor, rubbing the fork on himself, moaning and giggling. Meanwhile, his hand moves directly to his lap.
  • The premise of "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot" (the illegal Sex Bot episode) alone may qualify for this, but there's also the bit where Howard takes Cynthia up to his bedroom during his party and is asked, "Where are you two going? Private party?"
    • Another pretty good line from this episode, when Howard's on one side of a door and Blade on the other:
    Howard: Cynthia! Cynthia! Keep your hands to your — (gasps) Cynthia!
    Blade: (overhearing) Go, Howard.
  • In "Revenant", when the students are wondering if deceased student Garrison Jacobs is behind unexplained events, the girls all remark on how gorgeous and athletic he is, especially Chelsea:
  • In "Curse of the Kobra", when Terry took Zander to Cheez Pit for pizza. Max rolled, snatched Zander and walked away with him. Even if it was all about video games, this exchange is just perfect:
    Max: Today you will become a man, my son...
    Zander: What?
  • In Justice League Unlimited's crossover finale "Epilogue", Amanda Waller gives a suggestive answer as to how she obtained Bruce Wayne's DNA.
    Waller: It wasn't that hard... after all, he left it all over town. (Terry gives her an odd look) ...Not remotely what I meant. (flashback of an agent collecting his blood while he's being bandaged on the back of an ambulance)
  • A literal version in Eyewitness, when Mad Stan actually says "Crap" while in a Lotus-Eater Machine.