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"Medic, he needs help!"

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    Justice League
Secret Origins
  • Superman ushering an injured Batman to an EMS.
  • Wonder Woman's introduction is met with a lot of skepticism, especially from Lantern, as this is her first time away from her homeland and no one has seen yet how she can hold her own in a fight. Batman of all people is the one who insists on allowing her to help and prove herself.
  • As the Alien Invasion continues, Wonder Woman and J'onn look from a rooftop as people are looting and rioting. Diana questions whether she should have disobeyed her mother to help the people of the rest of the world based on what she has observed, but J'onn quickly points to a counter example where a couple of burly, typically biker-type individuals are trying to rescue two children from underneath some debris when Green Lantern arrives to assist them. J'onn responds that while people are not entirely good, they aren't evil either.
  • At the end of the episode, J'onn is saddened that he is "once again alone in the universe", but Superman reminds him that he will always be a welcomed member of the Justice League and that they are there for him.

In Blackest Night

  • When Hawkgirl comments on GL's strange behaviour, saying that she's beginning to think "all you humans" are strange, before realizing she's talking to Superman, who replies that he takes it as a compliment.
  • The Justice League really show their commitment to their friends in this episode. From Hawkgirl beating up a bunch of Lanterns for abandoning John, to the Flash effectively acting as an attorney to him, to Superman and J’onn investigating the scene of the crime. Literally none of them will give up on their friend, even if he’s already given up on himself.

The Enemy Below

  • Despite his actions, Aquaman is VERY protective of his son. To the point that he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save their lives: Sawing off his own hand to save his son.
    Green Lantern: I told you he was a madman.
    Mera: Is it madness to sacrifice all for someone you love?
  • Aquaman is willing to try and make peace despite rough time because he wants what's best for his son's future. It's especially nice given that it's Superman who tries to talk him down initially, as the two have a sort of good relationship from his appearance in Superman: The Animated Series.

Paradise Lost

War World

  • Superman being the Ideal Hero as always and inspiring the people of War World. This is especially helped by J'onn cheering for Superman to help give the people more hope.
    • He does it again when he agrees to intentionally lose a fight against Mongul to save Draaga's planet from Mongul's Death Ray. This heroic act is what leads to Draaga respecting Superman and sparing Mongul.
    • After Draaga defeats Mongul, he takes his crown and tries to hand it to Superman, insisting that it was Superman who led the rebellion to victory, and he's the most deserving to rule Warworld. Superman turns it down, and tells Draaga he's earned a new life. Draaga is reluctant, since he lost in battle against Superman himself, and didn't even die honorably in combat, feeling like he doesn't deserve to rule.
    Draaga: What's life without honor? I'm not worthy.
    Superman: Draaga, the real test of honor isn't how you die, it's how you live. *flies off, leaving Draaga looking at the crown in contemplation*.
    • The fact that the episode made Draaga, a big, ugly, scarred brute of an alien who most cartoons would simply use as a one-dimensional mook who's mindlessly serving Mongul, into a genuinely heroic warrior underneath his Honor Before Reason attitude towards battle. He'd probably have led the prisoners and the people of Warworld into a revolt against Mongul already if the tyrant wasn't holding his planet hostage, something Mongul himself acknowledges.
  • After Superman's victory against Draaga, the other prisoners offer to help this stranger escape before Mongul and Draaga can seek revenge against him. Superman's response is a CMOH as well: he refuses to leave J'onn behind and has them use their escape plan to rescue Draaga instead.

The Brave and the Bold

  • Batman shouting "No!" and breaks free when the gorillas are about to use Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique on Hawkgirl.
  • A two-in-one: First, when Wonder Woman crashes into the ground underneath a rocket and Batman tries desperately to dig her out with his bare hands, and two, after she sees that his hands are dirty with corrosive material from trying to dig her out and gives him a kiss on the cheek. D'aww.


  • The amount of effort the women take when Aresia puts her plague on the male gender. They are all over the place and trying to save as many people. Many of which are likely their husbands, sons, fathers, or even just friends or neighbors. They are doing all they can to help everyone they can.
  • On a sour note, the captain saving Aresia. Despite it taking all of his strength, he tried to save a little girl from drowning and got her to shelter. All he got out of it is a lonely grave on Themyscira.


  • There is a great Heartwarmer/Tearjerker moment near the end when, while the League battles Ray (though they're outmatched by his powers), the Guild sees what's going on. Realizing that defeating Ray will end their existence, they quickly decide it doesn't matter. In the end, they manage to strain the mutant boy to his limits. Without his concentration, the city disappears...and so does the Guild.
    GL: It's stupid, really. Why should I feel like this? I mean, they weren't even real.
    Hawkgirl: They gave their lives for us. That's real enough for me.
  • Just before they disappear, the Guild look at Green Lantern, and all of them have a soft smile of acceptance on their faces, and the Streak gives him one last salute.
  • The entire episode's message is a broader CMOH: for all the corny one-liners, contrived plots and over-the-top antics, comic book heroes can and have inspired people. They might be fictional, but what they represent is real.
    • A small thing, the Green Guardsman getting the door for Hawkgirl. While unnecessary, he meant well.
    • Catman's genuine concern for J'onn when the Martian collapsed while the pair was trying to catch Sportsman.
  • Then there is the fact that the whole episode is dedicated to Gardner Fox, the man who created the concept of DC's multiverse.
  • The moment the Justice Guild realizes that the Justice League are fellow heroes is when Flash risks his life to save a young child, and they immediately stop fighting.
  • Flash's flirtation with Black Siren is a bit cuter than his usual Casanova Wannabe antics.

Injustice for All

  • Lex Luthor finds out that he has a rare and incurable form of blood poisoning. Superman's immediate reaction leaves no doubt that he actually still cares about Lex in some way.
    Superman: Lex, if there's anything I can do...
    • And then there's Batman, rescuing the little girl from the apartment fire:
    Little Girl: I'm scared.
    Batman: Don't be. It's going to be alright.
  • While Cheetah is guarding Batman, he listens to her tragic backstory of how she became a villain, and comforts her when she calls herself a freak. Cheetah becomes attracted to Batman and the two begin flirting before sharing a passionate kiss.
    Cheetah: (while next to Batman) Too much curiosity can be dangerous.
    Batman: Maybe I like danger.
    Cheetah: Do you?
    Batman: (whispers) Try me.
    (Cheetah smiles before leaning in and kissing him)

A Knight of Shadows

  • Jason Blood reassures J'onn after everything is done, telling him that Etrigan was wrong.
  • The Flash standing up for Martian Manhunter from the Demon himself, Etrigan. Batman even tells him point-blank that he'd trust J'onn with his life.


  • The relationship between Metamorpho and his girlfriend, Sapphire. Even willing to sacrifice himself to take the attacking monster down.
  • John and Rex's friendship, while shaky, is very strong. Sapphire tells John that Rex has followed his career avidly, and even been jealous of him – the selfless hero, even though John was jealous of Mason for being successful. After the climatic battle, John even says that Rex went out a hero, and Sapphire says that it would have meant the world to him to hear John say that, just before Mason comes back and John ends up being content with his own life.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, "The Once and Future Thing Part Two: Time, Warped", Warhawk reveals himself as John's son, Rex Stewart, a strong indicator that he is named after Rex Mason.

The Savage Time

  • Most of the alternate Batman's recruits are children who lost their families to the oppressive regime. Some of them look rather familiar: a dark-haired young man in a loving embrace with a red-haired girl and a dark-haired boy playing with a young girl. The young boy and girl are Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain, and the couple are definitely Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. So the Batfamily cannot be broken...and though so much has changed, Bruce still takes these kids in, cares for them and gives them something to fight for.
  • The German man who says "Not all of us are bad". It's just great to see.
  • The very last scene, where Wonder Woman goes to the nursing home to visit Steve Trevor (who, FYI, is her canon love interest from the Golden Age). Cue Manly Tears indeed.
    Steve Trevor: "Angel..."
    • Bonus points for the fact that Steve doesn't seem that surprised to see her. "I knew you'd come," in effect.
  • The Man Hug that Superman gives to Batman upon returning home.


  • Hawkgirl and J'onn are talking about how several members of the League are isolated — Superman and J'onn are each the last of their kind, Hawkgirl is stranded far from home, and Wonder Woman is exiled from her homeland. (Also, Batman is an orphan, though they don't know that at this point.) Hawkgirl suggests, "Maybe we should call ourselves the Just-Us League?" She gets a small smile from J'onn.
    • Kind of symbolic since that was the same word used by protesters against the Justice League, accusing them of saving the world solely for personal glory.
  • When Brainiac's cannons blast them out of the sky, Superman quickly positions Hawkgirl above himself so he could cushion the impact when they hit the ground and then asks her if she's alright.
    • Really, any time a Leaguer shields a more vulnerable member with themselves count. Also in this episode, when Martian Manhunter jumps in front of Darkseid's Omega beams aimed for Hawkgirl, which knocked him out for a while; Hawkgirl has to drag him all the way back to the surface.

Tabula Rasa

  • During the second part of the B-story, J'onn has done a psychic sweep on the entire city in an attempt to locate Luthor but can now hear everyone's thoughts. Struck by the sheer amount of human selfishness, he hides in the forest to ponder who he is fighting for anyway. That's when he stumbles upon a group looking for a lost little girl, and all of their thoughts are on finding her - even those who don't know her at all. So J'onn finds the girl and delivers her back, but when they all try to thank him he modestly phases through the ground and re-emerges on a hill nearby...only for Wonder Woman to remark "You're not getting away that easy" and give the big Martian a heartfelt hug...which he returns.
  • Later, both J'onn's insistence on helping the others fight the android, and their insistence that he stay safely away.
  • J'onn deliberately gave AMAZO telepathy so he can find out he's been tricked, which is just as awesome in its own way.

Only a Dream

  • A small one — Flash goes to make Hawkgirl coffee while she starts out on watch. When he returns and sees that she's fallen asleep, he dashes away and returns with a blanket, which he puts over the sleeping Hawkgirl. Then he sits down and falls asleep with his head in her lap. It's all very cute...except that it leaves them vulnerable to Destiny.
  • J'onn gets one per hero, as he helps Superman, Green Lantern and Flash shake the nightmares Doctor Destiny has trapped them in by reminding them of their own heroic identities.
  • Quickly swamped in Nightmare Fuel, but Dream Jimmy Olsen's one line: "I'm here for you, big guy." It's a sweet expression of Jimmy's Undying Loyalty to Superman, and it's also adorable that they've grown closer to the degree that he feels comfortable using an Affectionate Nickname rather than Supes' title.note 
  • While it was intended as Self-Deprecation by the creators, Superman's elated reaction is also rather heartwarming. While Jimmy's title was originally given him by Angela Chen, by this time they've become so close that Superman's subconscious mind calls the young reporter "my pal." He then hugs Jimmy in joy at having somebody around who's not treating him like a monster. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there.

Maid of Honor

  • Diana quickly making friends with Wild Party Girl Audrey (a princess set to be married). The two are close at a rather fast pace, and even get along enough that Diana, the symbol of Truth, takes Audrey at her word when dealing with a potential super villain. She trusts her that much.
  • Batman as Bruce Wayne offering Diana to a dance to give her an out when she is swarmed by the press.
    • Diana has her suspicions that Bruce and Batman are in fact the one and the same, and playfully confides this to Batman at the end. He insists he doesn't know what she's talking about, but she knows.
      Wonder Woman: You know, we never did get to finish our dance.
      Batman: ...I don't know what you're talking about.
      Wonder Woman: If you say so. But you're still taking me dancing. [holds onto his arm and they walk away together arm-in-arm]
  • When Batman alters the coordinates to Savage's machine to the Kaznian Castle and he and Wonder Woman evacuate the area along with all personnel sans Savage himself, he shields Audrey when the blast makes impact and Diana shields him.

Hearts and Minds

  • Flash and Kilowog greeting each other in "Hearts and Minds" might make the viewer crack a smile.
    Flash: Hey, big guy!
    Kilowog: Hey, little poozer. (fist bump)
    Martian Manhunter: He'll be all right now.
    Flash: Great! Can we keep him?
  • Any time Flash and Kilowog are on screen at the same time, it's awesome AND heartwarming.

A Better World

  • Lord Batman's reaction to seeing Flash's faked death. Knight Templar he may be but the second he saw Wally's heartbeat flatline he flies into a panic trying to save the alternate reality version of his lost friend.
  • The ending. After everyone has left, Superman stops to pick up a battered American flag, then gazes at it for a few moments, with stirring music playing the whole time. Whether a reminder to himself of what he stands for or a silent thanks for the world he lives in (he did see an alternative), it makes one stand a little straighter.


  • While they initially joined against them with Godfrey, the people are quick to thank Flash (Who was the punching bag/prime target of Godfrey's in the episode), showing that the Flash's influence is important to the team.

The Terror Beyond

  • A Cthulhu homage threatens Earth. Solomon Grundy, a huge, hulking, semi-intelligent zombie is the key to sealing him due to his mystical nature or whatever. Solomon is convinced that by sacrificing himself, he will get his soul back. After killing Cthulhu from inside its brain, Solomon is poisoned and dying. Hawkgirl comforts him.
    Grundy: Do you think...Grundy's soul is...waiting for him?
    Hawgirl: Grundy, I don't beli- [*stops upon seeing his hopeful smile*] Yes. It's waiting for you.
    Grundy: Then...Grundy...gets his reward.
    • What really gives the scene its power is that Hawkgirl counts as an atheist, and that she was willing to put aside her religious beliefs, or lack thereof, to comfort an old foe. In addition, any scene which has Hawkgirl cry should have any viewer feeling the same way.
    • It helps that when she buries him, we get Hawkgirl saying solemnly that she 'tried her best to do it according to human customs'. Cue the tombstone, saying "Solomon Grundy - Born on a Monday" quoting the nursery rhyme he got his name from.
    • And then, this exchange:
      Hawkgirl: He was happy at the end. I still don't understand why.
      Aquaman: It's faith, Hawkgirl. You're not supposed to understand it. You just have it. (*bows*)
      • Considering how rude Aquaman can be in this series, it was a very heartwarming moment.
  • Aquaman make his comment to Hawkgirl, but his bow is toward Solomon Grundy's grave. Remember, Aquaman was very dismissive of Grundy and saw him as just a dumb brute. I guess seeing him die saving everyone, including Atlantis, changed his opinion of him, which carried over to ''Unlimited".
  • When Grundy arrived in Fate's home, Inza offered him some sweets. Grundy looked at her like an innocent kid asking for it all, to which she allowed. The way Inza offered with such kindness too, like it was probably the first time Grundy was ever treated in such a way.
  • When Superman finds out that they are essentially sacrificing Grundy, he asked if Grundy even understands what they are asking of him. It goes to show that, while enemies, Superman cares for the well-being of others, and doesn't want someone like Grundy to be taken advantage of.

Secret Society

  • Green Lantern trying to keep the team together as the group dynamic starts to collapse in part 1. Continues into part 2 where he is the first to say they need to apologize to one another after the villains are beaten.
  • Flash's happiness of the team coming back together, he holds no ill will towards any of his teammates and looks horrified when it is explained to him his own harsh words were not because of Grodd. In the end, Flash holds no grudges against his friends and wants everything to go back to normal.


  • Back in Superman's original time, he appears to have been killed (after taking a blow intended for Wonder Woman and Batman), leading to many other heartwarming moments such as Batman visiting Superman's memorial.
    Batman: I've got some things to say. I should've said them when you were here, but...Despite our differences, I have nothing but respect for you. I hope you knew...know that. You taught me that justice doesn't have to come from the darkness. I'll miss...(explosion off in the distance) What did you call it, Clark? The "Never-Ending Battle"?
  • Batman's adamant refusal to believe Superman was really dead was heartwarming in its own way. Which makes that momentary stumble particularly wrenching — even he seems to be losing that hope.
  • And let's not forget the eulogy:
    J'onn: Though we gather here today bound together in sorrow and loss, we share a precious gift. We are all of us privileged to live a life that has been touched by Superman. The Man of Steel possessed many extraordinary gifts and he shared them with us freely. None of these gifts more remarkable than his ability to discern what needed to be done and his unfailing courage in doing it, whatever the personal cost. Let us all strive to accept his gift and pass it along as an ongoing tribute to Kal-El of Krypton, the immigrant from the stars who taught us all how to be heroes."
  • Lex Luthor shows up at the service, and an angry, crying Lois Lane asks how dare he come when he always wanted Superman dead. She ineffectually punches at his chest before breaking down, and he actually wraps his arms around her and says he misses Superman too. It could be another Villain with Good Publicity stunt, but come on, it's Lex Luthor showing a tiny fragment of human decency. Now that's special. Possibly it was legitimate on Luthor's part...because his life has become so defined by his rivalry with Superman, without him nothing else really matters. Or it's because someone else did it, as was his anger in the original The Death of Superman comic.
  • In the background to the memorial service, along with the muffled voices, two lines of conversation stand out:
    "He saved my life once."
    "He saved everybody's life more than once."
  • Also in this episode, at the end when Superman returns, Flash starts crying, but claims that there's just something in his eye. GL's response is CMoH right there.
    "Yeah, tears. It's okay, man, we all feel the same way."
  • For that matter, Lobo showing up to take Superman's place is a pretty touching moment as well. Sure, it's Lobo, who's best described as "abrasive," and he shows precisely zero respect for practically anyone in the League, but as soon as he heard that Superman died, he went immediately to Earth to try to pick up the slack that Superman left. That speaks well to a (very small) part of his character.
  • The first thing Superman does when he returns to his time? He stops Deadshot's attempt on Batman's life.
  • There's something touching about how the future wolves bond with Superman, and look crushed when he tells them to leave (and on Superman's part, probably because he felt the situation was too dangerous for the wolves, too.)
  • As tragic the circumstances are, the League laughing and bonding together is especially comforting after the previous episodes break up. While there is still some tension, it is clear they have fully forgiven one another.
  • Superman is sent to the far future of Earth, where immortal supervillain Vandal Savage has been the last survivor of the human race for 30,000 years, after a failed attempt at global conquest accidentally brought about global devastation. Having come to repent for his crimes, Savage prepares to send Superman back using his time machine (which Vandal can't use himself) armed with the knowledge to prevent this from happening, even though that means this particular version of Vandal Savage in the future will never have existed.
    Superman: What happens to you?
    Vandal Savage: Redemption, if I'm lucky. Don't worry about me. Return to your friends. Do what you do best...what you were born to do. Save the world.
    • And then at the very end of the episode, after Superman has returned to his proper time, we cut to future Vandal Savage sitting despondently among the ruins of future-Earth, convinced that all efforts have failed...until he notices the ruins and himself starting to fade away, to be gradually replaced by the proper future of Earth-DCU, with Savage staring in wonder at the restored future of the human race. And the last words from this incarnation of Vandal Savage as he fades from the timestream are:
      Vandal Savage: Thank you, my friend.

Wild Cards

  • When Lantern is seriously injured by one of Joker's bombs, Shayera flies him to a hospital, cutting off Batman's order to return as soon as possible to track down Joker. At the end, she starts to apologize, fully prepared for Batman to chew her out, but instead:
    Batman: No. We never leave a man behind. Right?
    Shayera: (smiles) Right.
  • Shayera removes her mask for the first time in the series, revealing herself to be stunningly beautiful. This is while is with John. In Private. They then share their first kiss.

Comfort and Joy

  • This Christmas Episode has quite a few heartwarming moments. Everything from J'onn J'onzz spending Christmas with the Kent family to The Flash tracking down a toy for an orphanage to Hawkgirl waking up next to Green Lantern in the wreckage of the bar they trashed the night before.
  • In an extra bit of heartwarming, they're both cuddled up with the huge alien they had been fighting with. Nothing makes a friendship like a good fight, it seems.
  • Green Lantern and Hawkgirl got in into a snowball fight...using their special abilities. Just moments before that, GL delightfully lay on his back and made angels in the snow, recounting to Shayera his childhood spent with his aunt making these. This is a man known to be hard-boiled, a former Marine who spent a lot of years in space, yet he still keeps the Christmas spirit when the holidays arrive.
  • Flash giving Ultra Humanite an actual aluminum Christmas tree to say "Thank you" for not only helping the Flash get the orphanage a toy, but for improving it by making it tell the story of The Nutcracker. Even the guy in the Japanese factory, who had the very last copy of the toy, manages to tug heart strings when he says "Merry Christmas" ("Christmas omedetou gozaimasu"). And finding out that Flash spends his Christmas with orphaned children.
  • Flash has a moment of concern that the Humanite won't like his gift...but the Humanite is quite touched, reminiscing how he had one just like it as a child.
    Ultra-Humanite: An aluminum Christmas tree.
    Flash: Yeah, it's kinda tacky...
    Ultra-Humanite: No, we used to have one back- (remembers Flash is there and composes himself) It's very nice. The guard will see you out.
    (Flash leaves, and Ultra-Humanite turns on a spotlight, reflecting light off the tree all around his cell. However, Flash peeks in, smiling.)
  • Having seen their share of aliens and even raising two of them, the Kents immediately warm up to J'onn even after he introduces himself as a Martian to them.
    • Clark's insistence that his Christmas presents came from Santa Claus, and his parents humoring him. This is made even better because his Fortress of Solitude is in the Arctic in the Animated Universe, but he still believes in Santa.
    • Clark's parents' tradition of encasing his presents in lead, so he can't peek through the wrapping, furthers Clark's childhood innocence in this episode.
    • When Ma Kent gives J'onn a sweater, it turns out to be too big and she admits to having guessed the sizes. J'onn simply alters his physique so it fits him better and remarks, "I can grow into it." with a smile. He even feels bad for not bringing a gift for the Kents.
  • J'onn's walk on the streets of Smallville in a human disguise:
    • When a couple casually waves and calls out "Merry Christmas", J'onn returns the wave, but hesitantly, as if he honestly isn't used to casual friendliness from humans;
    • Telepathically "overhearing" a young girl questioning whether Santa Claus is real, he uses his superpowers to "patter" on her home's roof (to her astonished delight), reach down the chimney and eat the cookies she left out;
    • Outside a church during the Christmas Eve service, he is struck by the simple beauty of the caroling from inside.
  • J'onn's song at the end of the episode was haunting in its otherworldly beauty.
    • Emphasized by the Kents' reaction to it: both parents are admiring it silently and are visibly moved, as for Clark...
      Clark: And he said he didn't bring a gift....
    • Even more heartwarming from that moment: The cat which had earlier hissed and fled from J'onn is now contentedly sleeping in his lap as he sings and pets it.
  • In short, this episode is among the most touching ever.


  • Another minor moment in part 1: When John finds out that Shayera was engaged to Hro the entire time, it's Batman of all people who comforts him and tells him not to be too hard on himself. J'onn follows up behind him with a reassuring hand on his shoulder and says he knows how painful it can be. Overall, the entire exchange is reminiscent of a normal down-to-earth conversation anyone would have with their friends in this kind of situation, which is a subtle reminder of their companionship
    John Stewart walks out of the conference room, dejected
    Batman: The most mysterious creatures in the universe.
    John: Sorry?
    Batman: Women. Don't be too hard on yourself. You didn't know she was spoken for.
    John: How did you–?
    Batman: It wasn't hard to figure out. The point is, these things happen. You just have to deal with it.
    John: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
    J'onn: Believe me, I know how painful it can be when two people who are so involved– *is interrupted by the Flash's arrival*
  • Another subtle one comes during the heroes' escape from the prison ship. Superman is imprisoned in a room with artificial red sunlight. He is very weak by the time Batman breaks him out
    Superman: The light...
    Batman: Lean on me.
  • A very subtle one: When the superheroes have to go undercover, it's Batman who offers to masquerade as themselves and proceeds to reveal his real name. If you've watched BTAS, you know how paranoid and protective of his true identity Batman is, so this is an extremely powerful gesture of trust towards the other League members, coming from him.
    • A minor but cute one from that same scene, when Flash removes his mask and hood.
    Wonder Woman: (Tousles his hair) Red hair. It suits you.
    Flash: (Brightly) You think?
  • Near the end of part 3, Superman finds out that Batman is manually guiding the Watchtower to destroy the Thanagarians' world-destroying device, trading his life away to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Despite the fact that the heavy hitters of the League are engaged in all-out war with the Thanagarians, who have already proven that they can capture and contain the League, Superman's immediate response is to go get Batman. He doesn't so much as stop to utter a word to the others, he just takes off, because he's got a best friend to save. He didn't even bother telling Wonder Woman or John Stewart, he had that much faith that they'd be able to get the job done.
    • Made even more poignant after he gets Batman to safety and they watch the Watchtower explode from afar.
    Superman: Always have to be the hero, don't you?
    Batman: (Smiles) Right back at you.
  • After Hawkgirl resigns from the Justice League, convinced that none of them will ever be able to trust her again, Flash (who, in the previous scene, had been arguing vehemently in her favor) immediately walks up and hugs her, letting her know that, even if nobody else will forgive her, he already has.
    • Harkened back to in the Unlimited episode "Divided We Fall", when Shayera is the first to reach into the Speed Force and literally drag Flash back from the brink of death.
    • "I am neither a superhero nor a soldier, so I'm hardly qualified to judge your actions by those standards. But I do know this; without the sacrifices you made, we would not be here to share this nice pot of tea. Whatever they decide in that room, in my eyes, you will always be a hero." Well said, Alfred. Well said.
  • Later, as she is leaving Wayne Manor (where their meeting was held, since the Watchtower was destroyed), John comes to bid her farewell in private:
    John: So, where are you gonna go?
    Shayera: I don't know. Someplace where the fate of the world isn't in my hands. Someplace where there are no more secrets...No more lies...
    John: Was It All a Lie?
    Shayera: I love you, John. I never lied about that. [flies off]
    John: [sheds a tear] ...I love you, too.

    Justice League Unlimited 


  • Near the end Supergirl cockily asks Green Lantern if he's going to give her the "you did good" speech, only for John to thoroughly tear into her about what she did wrong and promise to kick her out himself if she does anything like that again, even if she is Superman's cousin. Then as he's leaving, he pauses and says in a much softer tone that yes, she did do good.

For the Man Who Has Everything

  • The entire episode, an adaptation of For the Man Who Has Everything was awesome, but at least 1/3 of it qualifies for CMOH. The stand-out contenders are Batman's speech trying to snap Clark out of his trance and Diana's unrelenting attempts to get to Bruce and free him from the Black Mercy. The devotion the Trinity shows to each other in this episode makes a person's heart melt every time.
  • Diana keeping herself from attacking Mongul (as she and Batman needed to hear about the Black Mercy from him) and sitting through his insults, only to go off the moment he called Superman a "pretense a selfless hero".
  • Though doubling as a Tear Jerker, Mongul wonders what exactly Superman's Black Mercy-induced greatest fantasy is, suggesting it's that Superman is a conquering warlord, believing there's a man with all of Superman's power wouldn't dream of that. When we see it, his greatest fantasy as a farmer on Krypton with a reporter wife (who is a physical mixture of Lois Lane and Lana Lang), a son, and a dog. It's heartwarming to see that, yes, Superman truly is the simple goodhearted farmboy we all know and love.

Kids' Stuff

  • In a twisted way, Morgan's affection for her son.
  • The "Justice Babies" As Mordred called them being Adorkable in their attempts to still be their adult selves and still coming off as kids. One stand out is Diana playing as a big sister/maternal figure for the many kids, including a infant-version of Etrigan.

Hawk and Dove

  • Hank wanting to save Don from the Annihilator, trying to throw WONDER WOMAN off of him to try and protect him.
  • Wonder Woman telling Ares that hope will win out the day, no matter what.

This Little Piggy

  • Bruce's devotion to saving Diana from Circe's magic.
    • Zatanna notices something different about the way he cares for Diana - and has a tone of sadness when she points out that she and Bruce are "just good friends", implying she has feelings for him. Bruce fesses up that he does have feelings for Diana.
    • The crowning jewel of the episode is when Circe demands that in exchange for Diana's freedom, he must give her something that he can't replace, something important, something incredibly dear to him, the most vital thing...Bruce then sings his heart out with a rendition of "Am I Blue", and it's made very clear just how much he loves Diana with how powerful it is.
    • At the end, Diana tells Bruce she can't remember much of her time as a pig, and Bruce insists that the important thing is that she's safe. Diana says that's not the only important thing...And begins humming "Am I Blue" as she flirtatiously walks off. Bruce smirks. It's no wonder why many fans were heartbroken that Bruce didn't just kiss her then and there, and that Will They or Won't They? ultimately ended with a won't.
  • Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, helps the Justice League find Circe, thanking them for everything they've done in her name.

Fearful Symmetry

The Greatest Story Never Told

  • Booster Gold may not get the credit, but he still ends up getting the girl. "Squeaky wheel" indeed.
  • Elongated Man being hailed as a hero for his help in defeating the dangerous mage, as he felt like he wasn't treated with any respect.

The Return

  • Dr. Fate taking in Amazo to be his student.


  • Long Shadow getting to live out his dream of being a member of the Justice League before his body completely breaks down. More so, this was after Batman and Aquaman refused to let Cadmus take him away with the rest of the Ultimen.

Dark Heart

Wake the Dead

  • All appearances to the contrary, Aquaman's antagonistic behavior during his game of chess with Shayera was a genuine attempt at helping her get back on her feet. Makes sense when you contrast Shayera's current bored and disinterested personality with her former warlike, fiery temper.
  • After Grundy's body is reanimated by a bunch of wannabe-wizards, Aquaman's immediate rage is touching in its own Barbarian Hero way:
    Doctor Fate: Solomon Grundy's grave is empty.
    Aquaman: Tell me where to find those responsible — then dig more graves.
    • Shayera is sure that she was voted out of the Justice League, but Green Lantern reassures her that no, actually, "Superman broke the tie." Superman's response?
      "I believe in second chances. I believe in redemption. But mostly, I believe in my friends." [lays his hand on Hawkgirl's shoulder]
      • A little thought may make this seem like a Tear Jerker - he knows how she feels (that she'll never be trusted by anyone ever again) because he's been through the same thing...but it wraps right back around to Heartwarming considering that a few brave people stayed loyal to him in his hour of need. Now he's passing that experience on to Shayera.
    • And immediately afterward in the same scene, when Hawkgirl is surrounded by an angry mob screaming for her blood, and John Stewart's angry protest that she shouldn't have to take that kind of crap from anyone is answered by a sad comment from Hawkgirl that yes she does, because she deserves it. Right then a woman whose life she saved earlier in the episode steps out from the middle of the hostile mob and defies them all to grab Hawkgirl's hand.
      Woman: You saved our lives. God bless you, Chica Halconnote .
      John Stewart: (softly) You deserve that too.

The Once and Future Thing

  • An overlooked one, but the sight of Green Lantern and Batman just casually talking about their love lives. It goes to show just tight of a friendship the original members are with each other by this point.
  • The brief kiss David (Chronos) Clinton gives his wife Enid just before he attempts to re-write the timeline proves that despite all his psychoses, he still cares about her.

The Cat and the Canary

  • Dinah making it clear that she sees Ted as a father-figure to Green Arrow, who got a little jealous. It's heartwarming in two folds:
    • She is proving that she didn't just drag along Green Arrow for his cash, she needed his help genuinely because someone she cared deeply about is in trouble.
    • She wants to help her mentor, who taught her and many others everything they know, and that he is still important to them despite his age.

The Ties That Bind

  • When the Flash helps Mister Miracle and Big Barda rescue Oberon from Granny Goodness. Despite the Vitriolic Best Buds relationship between Scott's wife and his dwarf assistant, they have a sweet moment at the end:
    Big Barda: All the trouble we had to go through because of you.
    Oberon: Heh, all legs, no heart.
    Big Barda: You're just too far away to hear it. (Barda kneels down and hugs Oberon)
  • Flash offering friendship to Barda with a flower in her Power Staff, giving a rather childish smile.
  • The idea of Martian Manhunter playing a game with Flash, being the Comically Serious folk he is. Actually, just the friendship between them is good in the end.

The Doomsday Sanction

  • Batman saving Superman from a Kryptonite missile. When the Javelin's fire power isn't enough to destroy it, he flies the Javelin itself into the missile so to push it off-course, just barely escaping with his life.

Task Force X

  • Waller tells Rick Flagg that his father would be proud. It's a very sincere sign that Waller isn't as heartless as she may seem, she's just a Hero Antagonist who does care for her country and planet, while being an Inspector Javert towards the superheroes.

The Balance

Double Date

  • When the Question reveals that the huge mysterious reason he was helping Huntress the whole time is...he cares about her.
  • She drags him off by his tie at the end, despite having been making disparaging jokes about his mask ("I usually prefer my dates to have a face") for much of the episode, because she's not going to give up a chance with a guy who'd do all that for her.
    • Equally adorably on his side; despite all the mean jokes she's been making, he never objects and remains perfectly willing to help her out. Most likely he wasn't even planning on telling her why he was doing it, let alone expecting to get anything out of it.


  • Despite the near-irreparable damage Superman caused to the League's reputation and Lexor City, all of which were based on his sheer paranoia and jealousy, and having a massive Jerkass Realization that leaves him downhearted, Batman is the one to comfort and sympathize with him, understanding how he was set up.

Hunter's Moon

Question Authority

  • The Question, despite his cynicism and conspiracy theory tendencies, is willing to take a bullet for Superman and the rest of the League by taking down Lex Luthor to avert a potential Bad Future. As he tells Luthor, "I'm a well-known crackpot. The Justice League's reputation will survive my actions...and Superman's legacy will remain intact."


  • When Huntress has rescued a battered Question and taken off his mask:
    Huntress: Not in my eyes.
  • Once Superman has defeated Captain Atom, who had been ordered to side with CADMUS, comes up to the fallen captain when the CADMUS techs try to help.
    Superman: Don't you touch him! He's Justice League.
  • The exchange between Green Arrow and The Flash when several civilians find out that the Watchtower's BFG fired on their city, and refuse their help:
    Green Arrow: I'm not even sure what I'm doing here anymore...
    Flash: People need us. We help them.

Panic in the Sky

  • Before Supergirl's clone Galatea goes to lead the attack on the Watchtower, she turns and hugs Professor Hamilton, saying "Goodbye, Daddy." Touching partly because it's the only sign that the borderline-psycho Galatea has a softer side.
  • When the founders of the League turn themselves in an effort to prevent a war with the government, the agent accepting their surrender refuses to have them manacled. While he acknowledges that restraints wouldn't hold them anyway, there's clearly some genuine respect behind the gesture.

Divided We Fall

  • After Flash beats the crap out of a Brainiac-powered Lex Luthor and disappears into the Speed Force, the remaining original Leaguers' desperation to pull him out and their delight as he returns safe and sound really pulls at one's heartstrings. And just take a moment to think about this here: six people have just dragged somebody back from a force with the power to defeat Lexiac. Granted, they were all superheroes, but still...
    • What was really touching was Batman at the end of the line, visibly pulling as hard as he could. He might not have had as much strength as Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Martian Manhunter, but damn if he wasn't going to give it his all to help save Wally. And considering that pulling someone out of "Heaven" and back to the mortal realm may be as much about heart, who's to say it wasn't Batman who made the difference?
  • It's wrapped up in the terrible moment of Flash's apparent death, but when Luthor jokes about killing Flash, Superman lifts him up in a chokehold and, terrifyingly, his eyes start to glow. And then they fade as Superman lets him down. After practically an entire series of Superman being doubted by the Question, by Batman, by Cadmus, as to whether he'd become like the Justice Lord version of himself, Superman proves once and for all that he isn't going to. He's not a Justice Lord, he's The Man of Steel, dedicated to Truth, Justice and the American Way. He's Superman.
    • The best part? Batman, who, true to character, has been one of the more suspicious members of the League, stops Wonder Woman when she runs forward to try and stop Superman. In the end, no matter his suspicious nature and willingness to look at all options and possibilities, he does trust the other half of the World's Finest.
  • Green Arrow's speech to Superman at the end of the episode:
    Green Arrow: [...] If you're quittin' because you think you've already done your fair share, fine, we'll throw you a parade. But if you're quitting because it's easier than continuing the fight, then you're not the heroes we all thought you were. The world needs the Justice League. And the Justice League needs you, Superman.
    • Particularly notable if one remembers back to the first episode. Green Arrow wasn't exactly jumping to join the League.


  • Batman saving the day not by using the weapon he'd been given but simply by sitting next to Ace (of the Royal Flush Gang) and keeping her company as she was dying.
    • Not only that, he discards the weapon offhandedly, having never intended to use it on Ace.
    • Also the way this reaches clean around to the very first episode of Beyond, turning a simple Mythology Gag in the name of old man Wayne's dog into something much more endearing.
  • The end with Terry and Bruce as well, where the old man has gone through all the trouble of making soup for Terry (may not sound like much, but you have to remember Bruce is in his nineties here and has a heart condition). Terry likewise tending to the old man shows that same care is returned in kind.
    • This scene was also very reminiscent of the times when Alfred would try and make sure that Bruce's health was in good order. Now Bruce does the same for Terry, and it is perhaps the clearest indicator that the younger man has truly EARNED the role of Batman.
  • Given what happened to two of Bruce's previous proteges (falling out with Dick Grayson, Tim Drake effectively getting mindraped) and Batgirl (left him and moved on), the fact that Terry is still around with both of them having a functional (and sometimes) vitriolic relationship really cements the heartwarming aspect of the two working and staying together through all those years.
    • Just to add to the above: Consider that Terry is still dating Dana who not only knows about his secret but is also fully willing to stay with him, making that one of the rare heroes who has a normal significant other that works, despite Terry's own fear for her safety.
    • Terry helping Bruce open his bottle of medicine for him, addressing all of old man's concerns with a simple statement: "I've got it covered. Always.", which is all the viewer needs to know that Terry will always be there for Gotham, and he'll always be there to look after the elderly Bruce.
  • Amanda Waller's closing speech to Terry McGinnis.
    Amanda Waller: But when you're making a Batman, genetics is only part of the story; the rest is tragedy. Stop me if you've heard it before. You're eight years old. Your parents have just taken you to a rousing adventure film, a grand time is had by all. But unknown to you, a mysterious figure hides in the shadows. My plan was simple: the killer would leap out at you and kill your family. The trauma would put you on the path to becoming Batman. One problem: my assassin wouldn't pull the trigger. I argued with her, but deep down, I knew she was right. People say Batman's obsessive, that he'd do anything to achieve his goals, but he'd never resort to murder. So if I was to honor all he stood for, neither could I.
    Terry McGinnis: And yet my dad wound up getting murdered anyway. Don't you get it? No matter what you did or didn't do, I was gonna end up being Bruce's carbon copy. It was fate.
    Amanda Waller: You know, the Lord's been a great comfort to me all these years. Try not to look so surprised. Yeah, I've got a lot to answer for when I meet Him, but I'd like to believe that for all the harm I've caused, I've also done some good. Maybe the angels need a sharp sword too. Like the Good Book says, He moves in mysterious ways. His plan is a mystery, but here's what isn't. He gave us free will. We choose our own fate, for good or ill. I've known Bruce Wayne for over fifty years, and I've been keeping an eye on you your whole life. You're not Bruce's clone, you're his son. There are similarities, mind you, but more than a few differences too. You don't quite have his magnificent brain, for instance; you do have his heart though, and for all that fierce exterior I've never met anyone who cared as deeply about his fellow man as Bruce Wayne, except maybe you. You want to have a little better life than the old man's? Take care of the people who love you. Or don't. It's your choice.
    • Even more heartwarming if we consider how antagonistic Waller has been in JLU Cadmus arc, in a Well-Intentioned Extremist grudge against the League. The way she, after the fight against Brainthor, came to be respectful to the League (even trying to demote Eiling from his extremism in "Patriot Act") and genuinely admire Batman is really heartwarming.
  • Waller's would-be-assassin, the one who refused and eventually convinced Waller, was Phantasm.
  • It's one giant Earn Your Happy Ending for Bruce. Batman Beyond did a lot to give Bruce a Downer Ending, starting off the series with no connection to many of his former friends, retired from the superhero life, living alone and with most of his company taken over. By this time, he's found someone to continue the fight, reconciled with the friends he has left, got his company back, and has found a son in Terry both figuratively and literally. Given that this is Batman, he might hold on just long enough to see his grandkids.
  • Really, this exchange is the most perfect way possible they could've closed the book on the two.
    Bruce: You're a stubborn piece of work, you know that.
    Terry: [warmly] Just like my old man.
  • A meta example: the ending of this episode is a deliberate homage to the opening of the first episode of Batman: The Animated Series, which aired over 10 years before 'Epilogue' was made. It really puts that amount of time into perspective, to see how far the creative team came since that simple beginning.

I Am Legion

  • A small bit where Shayera is worried where Flash went after Fire dropped him to help the former. Flash shows up and manages to "fly" by spinning his arms like a helicopter before crashing down to the ground in a comical fashion. Shayera scolds him for scaring her like that. Considering that Flash nearly died in "Divided We Fall", Shayera is very concerned about his well-being.
    Flash: She loves me. She's like the big sister I never had. Only, you know, short.
  • At the end of the episode, Shayera and the last surviving Blackhawk paid their respects to the deceased members. When Fire asks why they have to protect Blackhawk Island - which she describes as a "musty old museum" - instead of going after Lex, Flash tells her that saving the island is worth it, considering that the Blackhawks helped the League restore history during "The Savage Time".

Shadow of the Hawk

Chaos at the Earth's Core

To Another Shore

  • Diana is worried about J'onn isolating himself up in the Watchtower for two years and tells him to go out for a while and have some fresh air. At the end of the episode, J'onn decided to go on leave from the League for some soul-searching. Before leaving the Watchtower, several of the members gather around to say goodbye and Flash gives him a hug. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.

Flash and Substance

  • The Flash coming back to his hometown also has a CMOH when Flash, Batman and Orion go into the Bad-Guy Bar looking for the Trickster. After convincing Orion not to use the Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique, Flash actually sits down with the Trickster, asks him if he's off his meds (he is), tells him he's in his costume (he was apparently not aware), and then manages to get him to turn himself in, all while keeping a friendly tone. The total kindness Flash shows in the scene, coupled with the music, really sells it.
    • The best part of that: After the "interrogation", Flash asks the Trickster to turn himself in after he finishes his drink. The Trickster's response? He raises his glass and says "Got me again, Flash!" And Flash then walks out, confident that Trickster will do so.
    • He also manages to pull the Trickster out of his sulk at being snubbed by the other Rogues.
    • For added points, the Trickster shares his voice with another DCAU villain - but the interaction between them and their nemesis couldn't be further apart.
    • Meta-example, but Mark Hamill voicing The Trickster is a sort of Role Reprise from The Flash (1990), and elements from the that show were added to The Trickster's design.
  • All the Leaguers save people on a regular basis, but Flash remembers their names. And their health conditions.
  • When Flash shows Batman and Orion (respectively one of the richest men on Earth and a literal god) his modest apartment, which he's almost absurdly pleased with ("Get this; there's a laundry room on the same floor!"). It's a surprising and touching revelation of just how humble the boasting, seemingly-self-absorbed Flash really is.
    • It gets even better when you realize that as the fastest man alive, a laundry room being on the same floor is no real problem for him, but he doesn't even realize this.
  • Flash spends the entire episode simply gushing about his hometown. He knows the name of damn near everyone there and works as a simple forensic scientist. He's one of the few Leaguers to catch bad guys in both identities. He's also incredibly considerate and respectful to Linda Park (his canonical Love Interest) in stark contrast to his usual behavior with the opposite sex.
  • Even better, Flash is always willing to slow himself down to have a conversation with a civilian. No law-abiding citizen sees him as anything other than a really great friend and dependable protector. He even helps them out with more personal problems, like complimenting some fishermen, checking up on an elderly woman's medical condition, and just generally knowing the names of everyone in town. In other episodes, he takes it a step further, actually making time to visit an orphanage on Christmas. What other superhero in the League does that?
  • Flash tries to convince Batman to come to his award ceremony...and he actually does. It was sweet beyond words, further proving that Batman is cold on the outside but he genuinely cares about his friends. Especially Wally, who's basically a walking heartwarming moment anyway.
    • The reason he asks Batman is because he wants some of the other Justice Leaguers there too — not to see him honored, but because he views it as an honor to all of them.
  • Orion attempting to sum up Flash's personality:
    "Dude. The bad guys went down, and nobody got hurt. You know what I call that? A really good day."
    • You can actually see Batman smiling after Flash delivers the above quote.
    • That actually ends up qualifying as a CMoH in and of itself. With a single, honest statement that sums up the kind of man — indeed, the kind of hero Flash is, The Fastest Man Alive gets a genuine smile out of the Dark Knight. How many people in the DCAU can say they've gotten a real smile out of the Batman?
  • Orion was actually questioning before why Flash was so adored to the point of having statues and museums. Flash, a guy who has been shown to be a jokester, flirt, and actually cordial with his enemies like the Trickster. You can hear the disappointment in Batman's reply to this exchange.
    Orion: Central City builds statues to this...fool. Who makes bad jokes, who concerns himself with pitiful men like the Trickster. I don't understand.
    Batman: No, you don't.
  • In the museum itself, if you look closely at the pictures of Flash's Rogue's Gallery, they are in action poses, smiling. They are being shown at their best, which indicates a respect for his opponents that you do not see in every hero.
    • Perhaps more incredibly, given that they are all posing in those photos, it's possible that his Rogues' Gallery posed for all of those pictures, taken for the express purpose of appearing in the Flash Museum...indicating that level of respect, for the majority of them, is mutual.
  • A small one is when Flash finds the little girl in the club. Sure, it was a hologram, but Flash was very kind to her (it?) before he knew.
  • A more meta one, but one of the things destroyed in the museum is a statue of the Turtle Man, a.k.a. the first supervillain the modern Flash ever faced. Mind you, that was the Barry Allen version and not the Wally West version, but it's a nice callback to the character's origins.

Dead Reckoning

Patriot Act

  • Amanda Waller trying to demote Eiling from his extremism in the beginning of the episode. Considering that she was a Well-Intentioned Extremist herself against the League in the Cadmus arc, it's nice to see her being the most reasonable part of a conversation. Eiling didn't change his mind, but at least she tried.
  • During the parade:
    • Riding the float with Metropolis's firefighters and police officers, one of them takes a moment to thank Green Arrow for showing up, and express how sincerely "honored" they feel for having the "mighty" Justice League take notice of them; Arrow heartily returns the handshake, and tells the man it's the least they could do, since they are the real heroes, and the parade is for all of them;
    • Vigilante, after hearing some in the crowd mumbling on how "none of the good ones are here", improvises showing off all the trappings of his team, and planting the seeds of change in showing how despite not being Superman, they still have flying horses and magic staffs.
      Stargirl: (Impressed) Wow, you really know how to work a crowd.
      Vigilante: Shoot, if I'd brung my guitar I'd have 'em eatin' outta my hand!
  • The ending. The non-powered heroes get beaten around something awful and were underappreciated right before the incident but the moment the old woman walked up to Shining Knight and took his hand, this episode inspired one of the best CMOHs in the series.
    • Furthermore Shining Knight, about to be taken to hospital, insists that he first be allowed to thank the woman who saved him.
      Old Woman: No need to thank me, son. You just get yourself better. World still needs protecting, you know.
    • Even seeing how the opinions of the children had changed after all was said and done could put a smile one your face. For all their complaints about wanting to see Superman around the start of the episode, they start playing as Shining Knight and Vigilante by the end. It really goes to show that it's not the powers that make the hero.

The Great Brain Robbery

Grudge Match

Far From Home

  • We learn early on that the historical records in the 31st century indicated that Supergirl was never heard from again after her 21st birthday and that only two members of the Justice League returned to their own time, thus suggesting that Supergirl was going to die. So after a battle with a mind-controlled Green Lantern, it appears Supergirl is dead and we're going to have a Tear Jerker moment. But we soon see that Supergirl's all right — and that the reason why she doesn't return to her own time is because she chooses to stay in the future, in part to pursue a romance with Braniac 5!

Ancient History

  • When the Shadow Thief reveals he's the incarnation of Carter Hall's deepest desire, he gives Hall the opportunity to fulfill his destiny and kill John Stewart, as in their past lives, he was having an affair with his wife Shayera. Carter instead save and frees John and finally defeat Shadow Thief.
  • In the end, Shayera goes to Batman, wanting to know about her future son. What makes it even more heartwarming is that she trust Batman enough to tell her the truth.


  • The teamwork between the heroes and villains qualifies. There are lives saved by both sides toward the other (Shining Knight goes out of his way to save Star Sapphire), and while it's not real surprising the heroes will make an effort to save even the villains, the other way around is pretty heartwarming. These guys all hate the League, and could easily chalk up a hero's death as happening in battle, but there are least a couple of instances shown where the villains are not just fighting the enemy, but actually go OUT OF THEIR WAY to save one of the heroes. One that comes to mind, Hawkgirl, whose wing has been speared preventing her from flying, uses her mace to destroy the power core of one of the Apokolips drill machines. She receives a powerful electric shock in the process, then falls to the ground, weakened, and start to faint, only for Atomic Skull to catch her and carry her to safety, throwing a warning to Commander Steel on the way. It's capped off by a funny heartwarming moment as Atomic Skull yells "Yeah!" to celebrate the team's victory when the drill machine goes kerblooey.
  • J'onn finally getting used to his Earth life, finding someone to love and joining the fellow Leaguers in the fight against Darkseid. Diana is overjoyed when J'onn helps out and she hugs him.
    • Not only that, J'onn seems totally different from how he used to be in the show. His speech patterns are more relaxed when he greets Diana, and he seems more casual in conversations. In fact, in his last scene, he's on a cell phone to his wife, telling her he'll be home for dinner and finishing, "I love you too." Prompting an utterly boggled Flash to mutter, "These are the end times."
  • When Luthor gives Darkseid the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid stares at it entranced and asks him "It's beautiful, isn't it?" and Luthor seems to agree "Yes, yes it is". But as he says that, he looks away from the equation. He's not talking about the equation, he's talking about the world.
  • Luthor handed one of his sidearms to Batman. While Luthor only did this out of pragmatism, it was still a nice gesture from him.
  • The moment the League decides to give the Legion a five minute headstart. After Atomic Skull notes they helped save the world, Batman looks over at Superman who just gives a shrug. Then, Batman, grinning, tells them they get a head start. The way it’s played, it’s almost as if Batman just wants to play tag with the Legion of Doom. when Giganta gives up some of her "escape" time to give Flash a kiss. While a bit out of left field, it was still very cute.
  • As the Justice League runs towards the camera for their final shots they are groups based on their comic-accurate teams, including Justice League Detroit and the JLI. It is a final moment for fans of those series to know that THEIR Justice League was a part of this show.
  • The fact that the series ends with a shot of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.
    • Furthermore, the last conversation Superman and Batman have on the show just proves how the two have gone from vaguely antagonistic rivals from their first meeting to genuine friends capable of ribbing each other.
    Superman: A head start? You’re getting soft in your old age.
    Batman: [warmly smiling] Don’t you have a tall building to go leap?