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"I swear! By the moon and the stars in the sky! I'll be there, Kyle!"

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     Stan/Kyle (Style) 
South Park has many jokes concerning Stan and Kyle's deep friendship. And even when it's not part of a joke, a lot of their deeper moments simply reek of Ho Yay. "Style" is the most popular slash pairing in South Park fanfiction.
  • Early on, in "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub", Stan's father tells Stan he should hang out with Kyle less because people will think they're "funny".
  • In "Cherokee Hair Tampons", Stan was willing to give up his kidney to save Kyle. He also said he "didn't want Kyle to die until he did."
  • "Guitar Queer-O" plays like a break-up/make-up love story between Stan and Kyle, complete with Stan declaring "I need you." to Kyle at the emotional climax.
  • At the end of "Super Best Friends", Stan and Kyle announce their super best friendship, to which Cartman responds:
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole:
    • Stan and Kyle's respective superhero alter-egos Toolshed and Human Kite have a lot of Ho Yay moments, such as Human Kite wanting Toolshed to come back to re-join Coon and Friends when Toolshed and some other former members leave the team to form the Freedom Pals.
    • Cartman continues to mock them as his superhero alter-ego, the Coon:
    Toolshed: Excellent use of your kite-based powers, Human Kite!
    Human Kite: Thanks, dude!
    The Coon: Jesus, you two, get a room.
  • "The China Probrem" features the most blatant Ho Yay ever: Stan and Kyle, sobbing in each others arms after Indiana Jones' Canon Defilement, outright saying "I love you!" to each other while caught in the moment.
  • The episode name is "Follow That Egg"; in it, Stan and Kyle are the reason gay marriage gets legalized in Colorado, with the interactions between Stan and Kyle basically functioning like "Guitar Queer-O" in some parts. "Nice hat," indeed. It's complete with lines like:
    Mrs. Garrison: How 'bout our gay couple: Stan and Kyle?
  • In "The Jeffersons", when Stan hears a knock outside of his bedroom, he immediately assumes it's Kyle. And in "Crack Baby Athletic Association", he is completely unfazed at finding Kyle is in his bedroom past midnight, leading to the assumption that this is fairly common.
  • In "Smug Alert", Stan is crushed when he realizes that Gerald is forcing Kyle to move to San Francisco, and declares that he'll find a way to get everyone to drive Hybrid cars just to have his friend back. The rest of the episode is him trying to contact Kyle and fretting over his safety. Not to mention the hug Stan gives Kyle when he returns to South Park that definetly gets an "AW" from the fangirls.
  • In the beginning of "The Return of Chef", Stan and Kyle hug and watch the sun set together.
  • The two can be seen hugging or sleeping on each others' shoulders many times throughout the series.
  • In "The Death Camp of Tolerance", while Mr. Garrison is spanking Mr. Slave, the whole class looks on in horror... with the exception of Stan, who is staring at Kyle.
  • According to Word of God, Stan and/or Kyle were considered "most likely" to grow up to be bisexual/gay, particularly with the former, since he's most sensitive of the four boys.
  • Kyle has a picture of him and Stan smiling while holding each other that he must often keep with him.
    • We see this in "Asspen": after Stan tells Kyle he's going to ski down a dangerous slope, Kyle is later seen staring at the picture with a worried expression on his face.
  • In "The F Word", Stan and Kyle pose for a picture by holding hands when they get the definition of the word "fag" changed from an insult toward homosexuals to instead mean annoying Harley riders.
    • Also earlier in that episode, when the adults think the kids meant "fag" as a slur against gay people, Mr. Mackey expresses his shock that Stan and Kyle in particular would show any intolerance toward gay people.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth Stan repeatedly calls Kyle "My Lord". It's worth noting too that their respective roles as a Knight in Shining Armor & The High King are very common among romantic couples in fantasy settings.
  • In "Quintuplets 2000", Stan and Kyle try to imitate circus performers by trying to do somersaults while dressed in only their underwear. They tumble together and crashland with Stan right on top of Kyle.
  • "Ass Burgers" plays out like a love triangle between Stan, Kyle and Cartman. Stan's alcoholism worsens when he thinks Kyle has picked Cartman over him. Drunk, Stan stumbles over to Kyle to tell him "I love you," several times.
  • In "Clubhouses", Bebe hands Stan a note to pass to Kyle. Mr. Garrison makes Stan read it out loud. Stan ends up describing the many things he (in actuality, Bebe) wants to do to Kyle's ass.
    Stan: (reads note) "Dear Kyle, you have got such a great ass. I could sleep for days on those perk cheeks, let me tell you. I'd like to live with you and wear your ass as a hat for all eternity." Whoa, dude!
  • Towards the end of "Go Fund Yourself", when the main five are relaxing at the Washington Redskins headquarters, it looks an awful lot like Stan is taking a few fleeting glances at Kyle's ass.

     Cartman/Kyle (Kyman) 
Cartman can be a little too obsessed with Kyle. A lot of his antics involve humiliating Kyle sexually in some way. And while it sure ain't a healthy relationship, the interaction between these two rivals does get very intimate sometimes.
  • "Imaginationland's" subplot consists of Cartman trying to force Kyle into oral sex.
    • Averted, in the DVD Commentary for that episode Trey Parker and Matt Stone make it clear that Cartman trying to get Kyle to lick his balls isn't sexually motivated and he just wants to humiliate Kyle. However, that doesn't stop the context from being written in large, bold letters.
    • At the end of Part I of the trilogy, Cartman takes out a photo of a sweet, innocent-looking Kyle and lustfully traces his finger across Kyle's lips, while saying, "Make no mistake, Kyle. Before this is over, you WILL suck my balls."
    • Though it's a The Only One Allowed to Defeat You thing (Kyle can't die until he sucks Cartman's balls), Cartman nonetheless looks distressed that Kyle might actually die, leading to him crying and screaming when trying to revive him, and laughing with joy when he succeeds. Even if it’s for the sake of his testicles, it’s a wholesome moment.
      • It also shows that if Cartman would go as far as to save Kyle's life solely to humiliate him via ball sucking, he definitely has some sort of sexual fixation with him...
      • The scene is amped up by doing a quote on quote parody of an emotionally charged scene from The Abyss, where the main character frantically attempts to resuscitate his estranged wife.
    Cartman: Goddammit, Kyle, you never walked away from anything in your life! Now fight! Fight! Fight! Right now! [begins to break down] Fu-hight! Fu-hu-hight! [pounds Kyle's chest hard] Fight!
  • In "Fun With Veal", Kyle comes very close to kissing Cartman's ass to save some baby cows. Of course, this is just so Cartman can fart on him.
  • In "Cancelled", Cartman got another anal probe which leaves a satellite inside his rectum. When they went to the scientist for help, the scientist asked them to activate the satellite... which requires someone to put his/her hand into Cartman's rectum. Not too surprisingly, Cartman insisted that Kyle must be the one to do it. Sure, Cartman was just trying to humiliate Kyle (as he proceeded to fart in Kyle's face seven times). Regardless, Cartman seemed a little too enthusiastic about having Kyle's hand in his ass...
  • In "ManBearPig", when Cartman brags to a sleeping Kyle about how he's going to sneak the treasure he found while the boys were caved in, he hovers so close to Kyle's face, it looks like their lips could touch at any moment.
  • In "Le Petit Tourette", when Kyle ruined Cartman's chance to go on a national TV show (not knowing that Cartman was in fact desperately trying to avoid doing so), Cartman gave Kyle a hug, saying “I love you man!” out of pure relief in being spared from public humiliation.
  • In "It's a Jersey Thing", we get this.
    Cartman: You saved my life, Kyle. Deep down inside you're a monster. (pinches Kyle's cheek teasingly) But you're my little monster.
    • Not to mention that it's Cartman getting sexually assaulted by Snooki that triggers Kyle's Jersey transformation in the first place, despite other boys suffering the same fate before him. And after getting saved, Cartman even gives a tearful thank you to Kyle.
  • Throughout "Smug Alert", Cartman expresses nothing but joy that Kyle and his family no longer live in South Park, and he uses Butters as his "Jew Substitute", but quickly comes to realize that without Kyle to actually react (Butters simply takes the bullying and doesn't respond back, making him boring), then his life is empty and hallow. This prompts a Status Quo Is God through Cartman saving Kyle and his family (including Sheila, the woman who he thinks of her as a "big fat bitch," got a V chip implanted in his brain, and would probably be the heaviest person to carry) from the smug storm and returning them to South Park.
  • In "Tonsil Trouble", Cartman gives Kyle AIDS and the two must travel together crosscountry to find a cure. Kyle will angrily and frequently remind or tell people that it was Cartman's fault that he has HIV, and is met with many, many Mistaken for Gay jokes. Not to mention the massive amounts of Foe Yay.
    Kyle: "Oh please, no reason! I got AIDS from him!"
    Airline Worker: "Oh, so you boys are like that, huh?" (makes lewd hand gestures)
    Kyle: "NO!"
    • And during the ending:
    Announcer: "These brave friends..."
    Kyle: "Oh stop! We're not friends! He's the one who infected me with AIDS!"
    Announcer: "...These brave lovers..."
    • And every time someone makes this mistake, it is Kyle alone who gets angry about it. Cartman is eerily silent in contrast to his reaction to the Mistaken for Gay moment with Butters in "Super Fun Time". Though it could be because he enjoys his rival's frustration, Cartman being Cartman.
    • When Kyle and Cartman were on the plane to visit Magic Johnson, Cartman tries to hold Kyle's hand on the plane, but lets go after Kyle's angry "Don't. Touch. Me."
      • This scene notably gets paralleled a couple episodes later by Kyle's parents.
    • Oh and this little gem:
      Butters: Wow, you really know what you're doing.
      Cartman: Yeah, I sneak into Kyle's room lots of times.
  • In "Kenny Dies", Kyle sees Cartman crying and hugs him while the two cry together. At the end of the episode, when it turns out it was just a scheme, Kyle says "I actually hugged you... I held you in my arms and cried with you."
  • In "Funnybot", the translation for part of what Cartman says to convince the Germans about Kyle (when attempting to get him captured or worse) is:
    Cartman: A handsome soft Jew. He's fresh. And beautiful, beautiful.
  • In "Crack Baby Athletic Association", Cartman and Kyle sit together naked in a hot tub full of KFC gravy. While eating french fries. (They could be wearing swim trunks, but the naked implication is justifiably plausible.)
    • Kyle attempts to explain to Cartman his plan to build a crack-baby orphanage out of their profits. Cartman is so happy with the idea (because it will get the public on their side) that he pulls Kyle into a hug. Kyle finds it slightly worrying.
    • When Kyle tells Stan about the Crack Baby Athletic Association, Stan is initially shocked and appaled, only for Kyle to try and justify their purpose and how ethical it actually is. When Kyle asks what's unethical about the Crack Baby Athletic Association, Stan sums it up in one sentence which shows how much Cartman's plan is rubbing off on Kyle:
    Stan: You sound like Cartman.
    Kyle: ...Ooh! ...Dude, the thing is, we're not the ones who made them crack babies. That's their moms' goddamn fault!
    Stan: Yeah, I'm sure that's what Cartman would say too.
    Kyle: I do not sound like Cartman, goddamnit! (frightens himself and glances at Stan, then look away) Okay, so... see ya. (goes out the front door and closes it behind him)
  • Season 16 hasn't been dubbed by fans as "The Kyman Season" for nothing:
    • "Jewpacabra" is yet another episode focusing on Cartman's usual antisemitic antics, with Kyle taking on the role of the exasperated straight man once again. What's different about this episode, however, is that despite having the perfect opportunity to watch Cartman get his just desserts, Kyle decides to save him. And get him a blanket. And tuck him into bed. At the end of the episode, it's shown that Cartman's antisemitic antics are because he actually believes that Jewpacabra is real and that Cartman finally accepts the Jewish for who they are after having a nightmare about how they suffered, even proclaiming to Kyle that he's converted to Judaism as well. Even Kyle realizes that Cartman wasn't making up the whole story about Jewpacabra; he genuinely believes in Jewpacabra and admits that Cartman wasn't lying... while implying something from an earlier argument that the only people who believe in such mythology are either lying or extremely stupid.
    • "Cartman Finds Love" taking both the trope and his racism to the most extreme. Cartman becomes obsessed with the prospect of Token and Nicole- two black students -getting together. When Cartman attempts to set the two up, he finds out that Nicole has a crush on Kyle rather than Token, much to his dismay. His tactic on keeping Nicole with Token? To pretend he is in a gay relationship with Kyle. He later manages to convince Nichole to go back to Token by not only giving a long winded speech, but even serenading Kyle in front of an entire basketball game while a heart forms around them on a jumbotron, leading Kyle to leave, humiliated.
  • "Obama Wins!": continues the trend with Cartman (regarding Kyle) saying "Run now, Little Firefly", reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter talking to Clarice Starling (whom Hannibal became obsessed with and stalked, watching her sleep and touching her hair).
  • "Ass Burgers" plays out like a love triangle between Stan, Kyle and Cartman. San gets angry at Kyle for picking Cartman over him. Kyle even says to Stan at one point, "I'm with Cartman Burger now", referring to their business. Of course, this all ends with Status Quo Is God and the two become rivals again.
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth:
    • One of Kyle's battle quotes is "By the moon and the stars in the sky, I swear we will destroy you!" which is awfully similar to the lyrics of "I Swear", the song Cartman sang to him in "Cartman Finds Love".
    • One of Cartman's defeat quotes if you choose to fight him has him saying "Tell Kyle to suck my balls."
    • One of his battle quotes is "I wish there was a spell to make Kyle suck my balls."
  • Season 20, so far, has had Kyle's subplot coming off as him being Cartman's jilted lover.
    • Much of Kyle's dialogue in regards to Cartman in the second episode directly mirrors Wendy's dialogue in regards to Stan and he mourns Cartman's "disappearance" and crying over it in the montage where the boys are being dumped.
    • He joins Butters' Weiners Out cause only after he finds out Cartman is dating Heidi and the two speak directly about how "Kyle doesn't like Heidi" (Cartman's words), though it could be because he was annoyed with their relationship as everyone else is, and initially shocked at someone like Cartman being in a relationship.
  • There's been some similarities between Kyle's parents and Cartman and Kyle. One is a brunette who can be a rather vicious and sexist troll (to the point everyone really thought that Gerald's internet persona was Cartman). The other is a Fiery Redhead with a higher moral compass than the other and end up instigated a war with Canada during an attempt to censor Terrance and Phillip.
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole:
    • Despite their rivalry Kyle decides to stay on the Coon and Friends side, due to him being benefited by Cartman's super hero franchise plan. They still argue every step of the way however, and Kyle ends up regretting his choice in the end.
    • Timmy's franchise plan has a Cupid Me webseries that is connected to both The Coon movie and The Human Kite movie.
    • Cartman's journal has several drawings of Kyle in sexual situations, including a picture of two Kyles having sex with each other, surrounded by hearts.
  • In "A Boy and a Priest", Kyle is immediately goaded into telling Butters to make Father Maxi leave Clyde's birthday party simply by Cartman growling a stern "Kyyyyyle" when Cartman backs up Clyde. Many fans joke about how "whipped" Kyle must be.
  • There are a few Kyman moments throughout "Tegridy Farms":
    • Cartman punching Butters for selling a vape pen to Kyle's brother Ike saying: "This is for Kyle". Though it’s later revealed that Cartman only did this to keep suspicion away from him.
    • When Kyle does learn of Cartman's involvement in the vape business, Cartman tries everything to prevent Kyle from reporting him, including lying that he'll stop and using threats to force Kyle to stay with him, similar tactics that he used to keep Heidi from leaving him last season. (Although, season 21 is noted as the season where Cartman falls out of love with Heidi, compared to his romantic infatuation with her in season 20.)

     Cartman/Butters (Buttman) 
  • Cartman once performed oral sex on Butters (hence the Pun-Based Title "Cartman Sucks") while he was passed out from cold medicine, took a picture of it, and even had the balls (sorry) to say that Butters was the gay one in that situation. The other boys quickly corrected him. Then Cartman attempted to have Butters reciprocate the not-so-blatant blowjob to remedy the situation.
    • And how could we forget the scenes before that? Cartman showed Stan, Kyle and Kenny a series of pictures of how he messed with Butters when the latter is sleeping. Set aside the implications (i.e., Cartman either sneaked into Butters' room a lot or had frequent sleepovers with him), many of the photos involved Cartman doing some really sexual things to Butters. E.g., rubbing his ass cheeks against Butters' face is just one of the many.
  • And then there's the time he walked in on an "indecent" Butters in the bath during "The China Problem". Even holding his hand... while he was still inside the tub.
  • Near the beginning of "Tonsil Trouble", Butters kisses Eric in front of a room of people to show him that he's not afraid to touch him.
  • "The Death of Eric Cartman" has this vibe throughout its duration, especially when paralleled with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost.
  • "Super Fun Time" involves Butters spending an entire field trip escorting Cartman by hand. As this basically plays out like the two of them are on a date, that appropriately invoked very predictable responses from some people.
    • When they first arrive at the arcade Cartman says if Butters doesn't let go of his hand, people will think they're gay, and Butters is completely okay with that.
    • They also share an ice cream together, even using straws to sip from it. During this, Butters angrily reprimands someone for staring at them. Cartman clearly notices this, but has a big smile on his face the whole time.
  • When Cartman crashes and ends up in the hospital in "Poor and Stupid", Butters stays by his bedside well into the night (you have to wonder whether he told his parents where he was). When Cartman says he may as well kill himself because he can't be a NASCAR driver, Butters gets upset and sternly tells him never to say something like that again.
  • Of all the townspeople, Cartman is the first—and most eager—to try Butters' "creamy goo" in "Sarcastaball". As in, his semen that occurs during his nocturnal emissions.
  • Cartman is the first person to notice Butters has gone missing in "The Last of the Meheecans". In the context of the episode, it's not much (Cartman just wants to win the game) but given that Cartman and Butters have a fairly deep friendship in other episodes...
  • In "Proper Condom Use", Butters is putting on a condom, and Cartman watches him.
  • More or less, the entirety of "AWESOM-O". Special mention goes to Butters having AWESOME-O (Cartman) put in his rectal suppository for him.
  • In "Casa Bonita": "Eric, you're the best friend in the whole world. I-I love you..."
  • Butters and Cartman wrestling at the beginning of "W.T.F". This trope is lampshaded.
  • At the end of "Lil' Crime Stoppers", Butters extracts his first semen sample by thinking about Stan's mother's breasts. In "Pre-School", the boys were unwilling to get an actual picture of her breasts, so they took a picture of Cartman's ass with nipples drawn on it instead. So if Butters had never seen her actual breasts, then that means Butters decided to improvise for the sample.
    • However, this could be Jossed, as Parker and Stone stated in the episode's commentary that they felt that he lied about providing a sample due to his age.
  • In "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", we have this gem: "All that time, we didn't understand what a unique and magical ass it was." note 
  • Cartman hugs Butters after Butters gets his first kiss.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Butters refers to Cartman as "my king".
  • In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, before Butters even had a name, we get this absolute gem:
    Cartman: Yes, I saw the Terrance and Philip movie. Who wants to touch me? [Beat] I said, who wants to fuckin' touch me?!
    Butters: *pokes at Cartman, clearly interested* Ooooooh.
    • Cartman clearly smiles when Butters does that.
  • Butters gives Cartman a hickey in "The Ungroundable". He was actually attempting to suck Cartman's blood after becoming a member of the Vamps, but the context is still there.
    • Not to mention Cartman doesn't seem to mind Butters being attracted to him.
  • Butters comforts Cartman after Token and Nichole's breakup in "Cartman Finds Love".
  • In "Going Native", Cartman is extremely jealous of Kenny when Butters claims that Kenny is his best friend.
  • In season 18's "#REHASH", Cartman (in his "CartmanBra" persona) calls Butters his bitch because the latter finds everything the former says funny. Butters just laughs at that.
  • In "Stunning and Brave", Cartman attempts to have PC Principal framed and fired from the school, so he comes up with a plan that involves Butters' underwear. That is suspicious, but when Cartman confronts PC Principal, he takes out Butters' underwear to explain his plan to frame PC for pedophilia... and sniffs the underwear to determine that the underwear belongs to Butters. His immediate comment ("Why, this is Butters' underwear") makes it official that he has upgraded his status to "underwear sniffer", and that is highly disturbing.
    • Butters, himself, didn't seem that disturbed in having to give Eric his own underwear.
  • When Cartman is waking up from a nightmare, he immediately starts calling Butters' name. Butters, having stayed behind to watch Cartman while everybody else left, grabs Cartman's hand and asks if he is all right.

     Butters/Kenny (Bunny) 
Kenny and Butters have had a number of moments themselves throughout the show, as they are shown to be very close. Considering the two were a very popular pairing in the show's slash fandom long before they had any significant interaction, it's plausible this could be Ascended Fanon.
  • Butters shows affection for Kenny in "Major Boobage" by holding him, and is the only one to show sympathy for him when Kenny is high off cat urine, acting more like he's on heroin.
  • Butters states that Kenny is, as of "Going Native", the only person at school Butters likes.
    • This causes Cartman to respond with "You guys gonna make out, Kenny?" He later tells him to "go rescue Butters so he can lick your balls some more."
    • That episode in general is full of Ho Yay moments between them, including multiple scenes where they're holding hands.
  • Butters drew a picture for Kenny of him and Kenny together in an airplane in "Kenny Dies".
  • Kenny is both physically and emotionally sweet and comforting to Butters in "Lil' Crime Stoppers" while playing "Good Cop".
  • Kenny and Butters hug each other while everyone else just high fives when Stan and Kyle reach 100,000 points in "Guitar Queer-O".
  • Butters was really upset when he found out Kenny had a girlfriend in "The Ring", and even called Kenny's then-girlfriend a "total slut." Ouch.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth (which is considered canon to the show), Butters even admitted to having a crush on Princess Kenny. Even though Kenny was roleplaying as a chick, it wasn't as if Butters didn't know it was just Kenny wearing a dress.
  • In "A Boy and a Priest", after Stan denies that he invited Butters to their game night, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman all knowingly/suspiciously stare at Kenny.
    • Butters can be seen wearing the same birthday party hat that Kenny wore in "You're Getting Old."

     Craig/Tweek (Creek) 
  • On Tumblr, when responding to a photo post involving Kyle saying "But the point is, there’s nothing about it that means Tweek and Craig are actually gay at all.", the South Park Digital blog responded, "Are you SURE?", implying that they actually do feel for each other. The blog also posted a gif from "Tweek x Craig" and tagged it with "creek is canon".
  • In the Season 19 Bluray commentary, Matt and Trey have addressed Craig and Tweek as a gay couple.
  • In "Fort Collins", if you look closely at Heidi Turner's emoji tracking bulletin board, you can see that Craig and Tweek apparently send each other hearts and rainbows. Upon closer inspection, the hearts and rainbows are actually just stickers on Heidi's wall, (as hearts of identical shape and colour can be spotted on other parts of the wall). However, the placement was clearly intentional on both Heidi and the animators' part.
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole:
    • While we don't know the circumstances behind Tweek's outfit choice (besides clearly being in a hurry), he is wearing what is either Craig's clothes or something that looks almost exactly like Craig's clothes as his superhero costume.
    • Tweek's superhero name is Wonder Tweek while Craig's is Super Craig, which is a play upon Wonder Woman and Superman. Wonder Woman and Superman have been a canon couple many times in the various continuities of DC.
    • In some of the notes for the game, it is stated that Craig only cares about his guinea pig and Tweek. The same notes say that Tweek is paranoid about everything except Craig and describes their relationship as "dating, but fighting".
    • Tweek and Craig banter quite a bit in a pre-alpha demo battle for the game, with Tweek apologizing to Craig for attacking him and them arguing Like an Old Married Couple when Craig takes his time making a move. They also argue before the battle proper about how they were supposed to be a duo.
    • One of Tweek's attacks is an ice-elemental attack that takes the form of him blowing a kiss. While he can use it on anyone in the game proper, guess three times who he usually uses it on in the demo battle.
    • They basically have joint custody of Stripe #4, who Tweek bought for Craig.
    • If you collect all the Creek yaoi fanart, you get an achievement that depicts Tweek resting his head on Craig's shoulder.
    • In the downloadable wallpapers from Uplay, you can see Tweek's silhouette in Craig’s wallpaper and vice versa.
  • "Put It Down" is basically "Tweek x Craig 2". The entire episode revolves around Craig trying to help Tweek through his panic attacks and encouraging him to find productive ways to deal with his fear. Craig calls Tweek pet names like "honey" and "babe" multiple times despite being completely alone with no one else around to impress. And at the end they sing a duet in front of the entire school!
  • "Super Hard PCness" has Craig holding Tweek's hand while running together twice in the hallways during the episode, during Cartman and Heidi's fight and later during the evacuation of the school. He also briefly puts his hand on Tweek's arm when the kids are watching Terrance and Phillip together.
  • In "PC Principal Final Justice", Tweek and Craig casually walk down the hallway holding hands while absolutely no one is paying attention to them.
  • In "Buddha Box", Craig claims to have become anxious over Tweek constantly wanting his attention, and when he begins to wear the titular box and ignore Tweek, the latter becomes quite concerned for him.

    Jimbo/Ned (Jimbed) 
  • Jimbo and Ned both live in a single house for no important reason and are unrelated. They also have hospital visitation right to see each other if one of them gets hospitalized. Both of them are at the very least Ambiguously Bi.
  • In "Jakovasaurus", Ned is seen walking around wearing nothing but zebra-striped underpants and a short red bathrobe in front of Jimbo and Jimbo seems perfectly fine with this.
  • In "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub", Randy and Gerald admit that they both masturbated in a hot tub at the same time during a meteor party and they get worried that it made them gay. Jimbo and Ned admit that they did the same thing and Jimbo goes on to say that "everyone is a little gay".
  • In "It Hits the Fan", Mr. Garrison claims that anyone who says the word "fag" without getting bleeped is a homosexual. Randy and another man try to say it but get bleeped. Then Jimbo protests Mr. Garrison's claim and says the word fag without getting bleeped, which implies Jimbo to be gay and Mr. Garrison mocks him for it. Ned does not say anything in this scene though but he fails to defend Jimbo from Mr. Garrison's mocking.
  • In "A Ladder to Heaven", when Randy says that the boys are building a ladder to Heaven to see Kenny (at that point Killed Off for Realnote ), everyone starts crying at how sweet that is and as a result couples start comforting each other by wrapping their arms around their partners' backs; during the process, Ned does so as Jimbo starts breaking into tears.
  • Towards the end of "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka", after Ned has been put into a semi-comatose state, Jimbo claims showing him some hardcore porn will snap Ned right out of it, suggesting they've enjoyed porn together quite often. Notice Jimbo never specifies the type of porn...

  • One of the embarrassing secrets Cartman would have admitted, in "Le Petit Tourette", was an experimental homosexual act he committed with his cousin.
    Cartman: My cousin and I touched weeeEEEE...WEEN-ter is a very cold time of year!
  • The throwaway lines about Cartman which includes him acquiring semen by orally pleasuring a man. Or his obsession with Mel Gibson. Or that time he whacked off Ben Affleck...or Kenny's dog... or Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • There are significant moments for Cartman and Clyde Donovan. From "The Death of Eric Cartman":
    Cartman: Clyde, can you feel me? Feel me, Clyde!
    • In "Make Love, Not Warcraft", during the meeting to form a plan against the player who keeps killing them, we get this dialogue.
    Cartman: When Hitler rose to power, there were a lot of people who just stopped playing. You know who those people were? The French. Are you French, Clyde?
    Clyde: No.
    Cartman: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Clyde? (Do you want to sleep with me, Clyde?)
    Clyde: All right, all right, I'll do it!
    • Clyde hugging and affectionately squeezing Cartman at the end of "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000".
  • In the beginning of "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", Bebe is shown holding Wendy's hand as she takes her to see Paris Hilton in person.
    • In "Something You Can Do With Your Finger", Wendy chooses Annienote  to fall for her in the boys' Fingerbang band and as a result Annie is shown touching/rubbing on Wendy, clearly interested.
  • In Season 19's "Truth and Advertising", Cartman states that one time Clyde was joking around and asks Token to give him a blowjob.
    Cartman: Yeah, yeah, so, so, Clyde says to Token: "Why don't you open a bank account with your mouth so I can deposit my dick in it?" [The boys laugh]
  • The embarrassing tape of Cartman dressing up as Britney Spears and dancing with a cardboard cut-out of Justin Timberlake shown at the end of "AWESOME-O".
  • In "Goobacks", all the men in South Park are trying to stop the Bad Future from happening in order to solve the time traveler immigration problem. Their solution? Gay orgy.
  • "Tweek vs. Craig" is full of Ho Yay quotes. You can even see some in Tweek and Craig's overall behavior in the episode.
  • "Le Petit Tourette" had Craig showing some admiration and affection towards Thomas, who has Tourette's Syndrome, which caused him to insult Dateline's Chris Hansen to his face.
    Craig: Wow, you're the coolest kid in the world. If I could call Chris Hansen an "asshole-licking dickfart" to his face, I would be so happy.
    Thomas: ...You would?
    Craig: Can I just, like, hang out with you sometimes? Like, do your laundry maybe?
  • Randy Marsh (Stan's dad) and Gerald Broflovski (Kyle's dad) masturbate together in a hot tub in the titular episode "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub". Afterwards, Randy is visibly uncomfortable while Gerald is especially clingy and wants to talk about it.
  • From "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus":
    Terrance: That Scott really hates us.
    Phillip: Yes, perhaps he's homophobic.
    Terrance: But we're not gay, Phillip.
    Phillip: We're not?
    • In "It Hits the Fan", Kyle mentions that the first male-on-male kiss on television was on none other than The Terrance and Phillip Show.
  • In "Fat Camp", Kenny gave Howard Stern oral sex (off-screen).
  • Bradley and Butters in "Cartman Sucks" (in addition to Cartman and Butters, as mentioned above).
  • Mysterion, later revealed to be Kenny, seeks out Kyle for help by sneaking into Kyle's room through his window.
  • Stan and Kenny have their share, too. In "Kenny Dies", Stan is the most upset about Kenny's illness, and later Kyle tells Stan that Kenny's last words were "Where's Stan?"
  • "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining". Kenny gives the other three boys herpes. He constantly insists that it's a cold sore, which it possibly is.
  • In "T.M.I.", Cartman very meticulously measures the penis sizes of the entire male student body. You know, so he can "make sure they're accurate". He even compliments Butters on his size. Yeah...
  • Butters is more than happy to share his "creamy goo" with all the "Sarcastaball" players in Colorado.
    • When Randy drinks it, he's able to immediately identify it as cum. Somehow.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth, when the New Kid meets Karen at Kenny's house, he instantly becomes Facebook friends with her while she states that her "sister", Princess Kenny, thinks that the New Kid is cute.
  • Matt and Trey themselves have a few moments during the DVD forward for "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe".
  • Cartman and "Mr. Jefferson" in "The Jeffersons". Stan even has a dream about them almost making out!
  • Cartman and Scott Tenorman, especially in "201" when Tenorman begins grabbing Cartman... and getting awfully close to his face. This quickly goes into uncomfortable territory when it's discovered that Cartman and Tenorman are half-brothers.
  • "A Million Little Fibers" has Gary and Minge. Yes, Oprah's asshole and vagina. Minge is fiercely protective of Gary, Gary calls him "Mingie", they try to run away to Paris together and end up Together in Death. It should not be as endearing as it is.
  • Satan. The logic is clear. If being gay is utterly obscene in the eyes of God and the Church, then the Devil himself must clearly and self-evidently be an Up to Eleven muscle-mary outrageous Camp Gay. Satan's relationship with the manipulative jerk Saddam Hussein is a Running Gag throughout the series.


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