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Talk about getting up close and personal

As to be expected with a girl oriented project, there are some moments that support this idea.

  • Gwen/Glory: Even though Gwen only interacts with Glory in one short, their interactions are pretty meaningful. For example:
    • When band rehearsal is finished, Glory asks Gwen if she's still okay given Kevin's death. The flashback shows she's not okay with it, but acts all cool and goofy to cover it up, yet her dialogue is pretty much flirtatious.
    • When Glory says that Ghost Spider killed Kevin while Gwen says otherwise and wants to avenge him, she then says that even if that were true, she still can't go this alone. You can feel the heaviness in her heart like that of a spouse. Plus, unlike everyone else until the end, she's the only one who thinks Gwen could be right.
    • The two then hug each other, while she jokingly calls her speech annoying. Glory's casual reaction is along the lines of "Well, that's Gwen for you", as if she's reading her heart.
  • Ms. Marvel/Squirrel Girl: Both Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl have some really good chemistry with each other due to their shared love of heroism and their opposites attract vibe. To give some examples:
    • Our first scene involves Doreen (Squirrel Girl) waiting to share some cupcakes with Kamala (Ms. Marvel). It's pretty much a date.
    • When fighting Ghost Spider, they're in perfect sync with each other, with all kinds of creative attacks at play. They also have a tendency to compliment each other in battle.
    • When Gwen shows her true identity to them, they both immediately, and without hesitation, choose to help her out.
    • "Kamala Khanfidential" is a series of short files that Ms. Marvel put together profiling the other heroes. In the file about herself, she speaks rather modestly about how she got her powers, while Squirrel Girl steps in and pretty much gushes over how awesome she is, all in a flirtatious way. She even tells her she could be better than Captain Marvel. In turn, Ms. Marvel is equally gushing of her in her Kamala Khanfidential file, to the point that she says she's blushing. Kamala even makes room to talk a bit about Tippy Toe just for her despite the fact she already has a file of her own.
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    • The movie takes it Up to Eleven. Let's elaborate.
      • After the opening scene at school, we then see Kamala and Doreen hanging out at the park training with Tippy Toe, talking to each other about some of the hardships they have with being heroes. It's very personal.
      • Much of their bickering feels right in place with a romantic relationship, but this is really noticeable with the scene where they're trying to save people from a collapsing building. Kamala simply brushes off comments other people make about Inhumans, but is offended when Doreen accidentally makes a remark, and actually snaps and almost flattens her. A later scene has Kamala throw her phone away when she sees her calling, and she's almost on the verge of tears.
      • During the fight with Exile, who's working with Hala, Kamala tries stopping him, but ends up being taken away. Doreen saw the fight from below and immediately tried to help, but was too late. She too is on the verge of tears.
      • When they finally meet up in the climax, they both say sorry to each other over what happened, and embrace each other for at least a full minute.
      • One of the last scenes of the movie has them walking together to meet the others. They both talk about how, even with both of them at fault, they still inspire each other. Some YouTube commenters even said JUST KISS ALREADY!.
  • Ghost Spider (Gwen)/Quake (Daisy): Gwen and Daisy are quite similar in how they both have a no-nonsense attitude and somewhat rebellious nature. Here are some notable instances:
    • "Marvel Rising: Initiation" shows this near the end. When Daisy and Rayshaun bring her to the police station, she notices a forlorn look on her face. She's able to piece together that Gwen really was framed all without her saying anything, and was willing to put her reputation on the line to help her out. When talking to her alley, Gwen does not hesitate to unmask herself, unlike with Doreen and Kamala, and there's this real sense of trust between them.
    • "Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts" also shows this quite a bit. In private, Gwen sounds somewhat jealous of Daisy being on the Secret Warriors team, due to not wanting to lose someone who shows complete trust in her. She also gave an interesting expression with her fingers, and the ending where Daisy encourages her to talk to her father feels very reminiscent of a dating conversation.

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