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  • According to the Kamala Khanfidential stats, between all the original team members, Ghost-Spider, and Captain Marvel, the one with the highest intelligence… is Tippy-Toe.

2018 comic

  • In order to build up the speed needed to punch through Ember's giant robot, Squirrel Girl has Ms. Marvel spin and throw her like a bolas.
    Squirrel Girl: [being spun] Tttthhhiiiissss iiisss wwwwhhaaaattt hhheeerrrooiiisssmmmm llllooooooookkksss llliiikkkeee
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  • After America returns from getting booted out of reality.
    America: I… I've seen things. Wonderful things. Terrible things. On the other side. Like falling through time and space into something deeper.
    Ms. Marvel: …Really?
    America: No! It was like staring at a blank TV screen!
  • When Ember traps them in the video game dimension.
    Ms. Marvel: This is an MMORPG dimension! We're trapped in an MMORPG! Yessss!
    America: What you said was just letters, Ms. Marvel.
    Inferno: I thought they were called "Muhmorpegs."
    America: What you said was somehow worse than just letters, Inferno.
  • Ms. Marvel urges everyone to focus on level grinding. Cut to one hour later: she, Squirrel Girl, and even Tippy-Toe have reached level 60, complete with armor, weapons, and glowing eyes, and they're going hog-wild on rat enemies while Inferno and America sit in the background looking bored next to the giant pile of looted swords the others have amassed.
    Ms. Marvel: Yes—
    Squirrel Girl: —we have severely improved our predicament!
    Tippy-Toe: Chhht!
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  • Ms. Marvel explains that MMORPGs aren't designed to have win states.
    Ms. Marvel: I mean, in the computer-game version of this, you usually just get bored and sad and then quit. Or get bored and sad and start a new character.
    America: And you play these games for fun?
    Ms. Marvel: I'm describing it really poorly, but yes!

2019 comic

  • While Quake is giving her speech about how teams only slow you down, in the background, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel prepare to take a photo with a bunch of fans. Then Inferno and Squirrel Girl (who Quake was giving her speech to) join them.
    Squirrel Girl: Get in here, Quake!
    Quake: Uhhh, no.
    Ms. Marvel: Well then, make yourself useful. [shoves a phone into her face for her to photograph them]
    [Quake grumbles, but takes the photo]

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