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Ho Yay / The Smurfs

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This page covers Ho Yay in The Smurfs.

  • Before Smurfette, there were no female smurfs, but the smurfs already had the concept of romance.

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  • In “Doctor Smurf,” Dopey comes out of the doctor’s office, naked and asking if he can get dressed yet. One smurf starts laughing, Smurfette covers her eyes and looks away... and Brainy blushes, conspicuously staring at Dopey’s lower body.

     80s Cartoon  
  • In episode 1x33, two smurfs dance together with roses in their mouths. This is usually a romantic thing.
  • In episode 2x31b, Brainy kisses Lazy on the lips.
  • 6x26b introduces Gourdy the genie. Gourdy's affection to Farmer, his ”Master,” results in him kissing Farmer several times.

Brainy Smurf and Clumsy Smurf

  • Clumsy is Brainys only friend, so its inevitable theyll have a lot of Ho Yay moments.
  • Episode 4x18a has a lot of this.
    • Brainy keeps a framed photo of him and Clumsy on his mantlepiece, and stares at it longingly while regretting their “friendship breakup.”
    • Clumsy is willing to sacrifice his life and his freedom in order for Brainy to escape, but Brainy refuses to leave without him.
    • The entire ending scene.
    Brainy: You go on ahead, Clumsy. I don't want to keep you from your friends.
    Clumsy: Oh, I don't want to be with my friends, Brainy. I'd rather be with you!
    Brainy: Y-you would?
    Clumsy: Sure! I- I love you, Brainy!
  • Episode 5x11:
    • When Brainy says Clumsy showing up is ″a dream come true,″ Clumsy smiles happily.
    • Clumsy repeatedly tells Brainy several times throughout the episode
    Clumsy: I'll be beside you every step of the way.
    • This episode is one of the very few times Brainy admits he's wrong, saying, “I'm sorry I got mad at you for being clumsy, Clumsy. I just didn't understand.”
    • This line:
    Brainy: You know, Clumsy, I never thought I could trust anyone this much. I actually trust you with my life, Clumsy.
    • At the end of the episode, once he puts his new glasses on and sees Clumsy, he smiles and hugs him, saying ”Ah, Clumsy. Just the smurf I wanted to see.”
  • Episode 5x18a has Chlorhydris cast a spell explicitly stated to make each smurf only love themselves. When Brainy- unaffected by the spell due to where he had been when it was cast- returns to the village, Clumsy happily tells him he's glad for Brainy's return.
  • In a second example of magic being unable to fully erase Brainy and Clumsy’s connection to each other, Brainy loses his memory in episode 6x19b, but when he first sees Clumsy he states that Clumsy looks familiar. Clumsy is the only smurf he recognizes in this way- with his memories missing, Brainy is unable to recognize any of the other smurfs, even saying ”Who's Papa Smurf?”
     Live Action Movies 
     Lost Village 
  • During a montage over which the song “Blue” by Eiffel 65 is played, the line “I have a girlfriend, and she is so blue” plays over a scene where Smurfette and Smurflily are the only smurfs onscreen.
  • In a picture in the credits, Vanity’s reflection comes out of the mirror and kisses him.
     2021 Cartoon 
  • In Episode 1x08, Scaredy kisses Brainy three times.

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