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Heartwarming / The Smurfs

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Heartwarming moments for the Belgian Comics:

  • In The Smurfs and the Book that Tells Everything, Brainy obtained the attention and respect he always wanted, using the aforementioned book to give the other Smurfs easy solutions for all their problems (even though in the end they end up having nasty side effects). When the village is flooded, Brainy finds himself stranded on a rock in the middle of the swelling river with the book and Baby Smurf; unable to swim while carrying both, he asks the book what to do. The book tells him to abandon Baby Smurf to drown, as the book itself is more important than him. Brainy, after a brief Stunned Silence, calls the book a monster and throws it in the river, before swimming to safety with Baby. Even if Brainy can be an insufferable know-it-all, and may cause a lot of trouble, he didn't even think about doing what the book said.

Heartwarming moments for the 1976 Animated Movie "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute":

Heartwarming moments for the Hanna-Barbera Animated Adaptation:

Heartwarming moments outside of the comics and cartoon series:

Heartwarming moments for the 2011 Live-Action Adaptation:

  • Papa and Patrick's talk on the apartment roof about being a good father.
  • Every time Grace holds Clumsy in her hands, it's just so ridiculously adorable.
    • There's also something sweet about Grace's bonding moments with Smurfette; considering that Smurfette's never had a female figure in her life, it's touching to see Grace immediately settle into a kind of 'big sister' role to Smurfette.
  • From the deleted scenes, Papa Smurf's lullaby. It's just so sweet and heartwarming.
  • When Clumsy ends up saving the day, everyone is cheering for him and Papa admits he's very proud.
  • What do the Winslows name their new son? Blue.

For the sequel:

Alternative Title(s): The Smurfs A Christmas Carol