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Awesome moments for the Belgian Comics:

  • In "The Weather-Smurfing Machine," Hefty Smurf lassoes a huge log and keeps it in place to serve as an improvised bridge for the other Smurfs.
  • Brainy acquires an all-knowing book that can make him as important as Papa Smurf since he has all the answers Smurfs asks and made sure only he can use it thanks to the book telling him how (however the book seems to be a Jerkass Genie and omits long term consequences of his answers). During a flood Brainy is stranded on a rock with Baby Smurf and the book, incapable of swimming with both or save in time as the omniscient book explains. The book gives a Cold Equation stating that since he holds the whole World's knowledge he is the only valid choice, which disgusts Brainy who tosses the book in the water and swim with Baby Smurf back to shore.
    Brainy: You Monster! ! If you're so smart how about you save yourself!

Awesome moments for the Hanna-Barbera Animated Adaptation:

  • In "Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure," Jokey Smurf used one of his explosive presents to stop some mooks.
  • There's a moment for Gargamel in the opening credits, using footage taken from a special episode from the previous season of the show
    Gargamel: (with Power Echoes while standing on a mountain) Ravage the land as never before! / Total destruction FROM MOUNTAIN TO SHORE!
  • In "The Purple Smurfs", Papa Smurf needed one of the titular Smurfs every time he had a possible cure for The Virus causing the transformation, something not easy due the purplified Smurfs becoming stronger under its effects and Hefty being the second Purple Smurf. In the second attempt, the three Smurfs who Got Volunteered managed to overpower and bring him Smurfin' Hefty.

Awesome moments for the 2011 Live-Action/CGI Film:

  • Neil Patrick Harris with a crowbar.
  • Clumsy, gets special mention later in the film. Throughout the film, he's stayed at the Winslow home with Grace while the other smurfs looked for a stargazer, and later the spell they need. But, after he finds out Papa Smurf has been captured by Gargamel. Gutsy and the other smurfs tell Clumsy and the Winslows that Papa told them to save themselves. Clumsy, says "No, we can't leave Papa behind!" and "No, No, No We can't!" He then tells, "There is no way, we're leaving without Papa."
    • Later, Brainy says the incantation, which opens the portal to Smurf Village. Then, Gargamel heads outside and hears Grouchy, Clumsy and Brainy saying.
    Grouchy: You have our Papa, prepared to get Smurfed.
    Clumsy: Yeah, what he said.
    Brainy: Hey Gargamel, make that three little smurfs. (lights up a firework signaling the other smurfs to come out) And, I went home and brought a few friends!
  • After Gargamel hears what Brainy says, he hears hundreds of smurfs from smurf village humming the theme song of the franchise, while banging forks, and various objects with this music playing while their getting ready to attack Gargamel.
  • Smurfette verses Azrael. Smurfette wins.

Alternative Title(s): The Smurfs A Christmas Carol