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Funny moments for the Belgian Comics:

  • In "The Flying Smurf", the first (failed) try of the eponymous Smurf to fly is to steal a hen's feathers to make himself wings. Throughout the story, a Smurf appears seeking for his hen. Near the end, the Smurf finds the hen and says "There it is! That's my...! No, mine had feathers."
  • In "King Smurf", when the King's Smurfs are searching for the rebels, it's suggested to dig holes to make the rebels fall in them. After digging a hole, one Smurf goes to hide and wait, to fall inside the hole other Smurf had dig, so that Smurf goes to protest for ruining his trap and falls in the hole dug by other Smurf, and so on.
    • The King Smurf's commander comes up with the idea to simply toss his halberd and medal so the rebels thinks he is one of their own, with obvious results.
    Commander: Let me go! I'm your commander!
    Smurfs: Nice try. Our commander is Hefty Smurf.
    Commander: I'm Hefty Smurf!
    Smurfs: Prove it!
    [Hefty beats them all down]
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  • In Smurphony in C, Gargamel tries to catch Harmony Smurf in his house while plugging his ears with his fingers. Without any free hands, he only succeeds in trashing his house comically.
  • In "The Egg and The Smurfs", one Smurf (possiby an unnamed Early-Bird Cameo of Flighty Smurf) is undecided to what to wish to the egg, and the one waiting behind him tells "if you can't decide, then go to hell". Cue the Smurf surrounded by flames and close to a goat-legged being.
    • And when Papa Smurf undoes all the wishes, he re-appears with a pitchfork in his hand, looking astonished and telling the others: "You won't believe where I have been."
  • In "The Smurfs and the Howlibird", when the Smurfs are repairing a crossbow to use against the Howlibird, Papa Smurf needs a nail and calls a Smurf. When he notices he called Dopey Smurf (who always brings the wrong thing when asked), Papa Smurf is knew that if he asks for a nail, Dopey Smurf will bring him a screw, so he asks him for a screw... and Dopey Smurf brings him a nut.
  • In "The Weather-Smurfing Machine":
    • The bit where the weather house figures fight each other.
    • During their fight over the weather changing machine, Poet and Farmer are fighting with snow around them:
      Poet: Sun! Sun! Sun!
      Farmer: Rain! Rain! Rain!
      (both stop)
      Poet & Farmer: Snow!?
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    • Brainy trying to open the umbrella only for it to stop raining just as he opens it. When he closes it, the rain starts again and Brainy can't get the umbrella to open again.
  • In "Smurf Versus Smurf", when a Northern Smurf makes a dividing line between the halves of the village, he marks it inside the house of a Smurf. The poor Smurf must adapt to the idea of crossing the line (and changing his speech patterns accordingly) to do the most mundane tasks.
    • In the cartoon special "The Smurfic Games", a dividing line separating the east end of the village from the west end gets painted right over Clumsy.
  • In "The Smurflings", the de-aged Snappy Smurf passes close to Grouchy Smurf:
    Snappy Smurf: AND I HATE BIG SMURFS!
    Grouchy Smurf: Uh? but I haven't said anything yet!
    Snappy Smurf: But you were about to, weren't you? I could tell.
    Grouchy Smurf: How did he guess? (In thoughts) I hate Smurflings.
  • In "The Black Smurfs", one of the titular Black Smurfs painted himself blue to not get targeted with the cure... And gets promptly bitten by another Black Smurf trying to spread The Virus.
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  • In "Smurf the Hero", Brainy, Hefty and Handy accidentally throw a fireworks at a bunch of bats. The funny comes from the footnote: "No bats were smurfed in the making of this panel".
  • When the Smurfs go into the forest to find Grouchy Smurf and Baby Smurf, one lone Smurf runs into Gargamel who's about to catch him. The Smurf angrily yells at Gargamel to leave him alone as they have enough problems and Gargamel isn't even involved in the story. Garmagel apologizes and leaves, until he realizes he's been fooled and return to catch the Smurf who was already gone.

Funny moments for the 1976 Animated Movie "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute":

Funny moments for the Hanna-Barbera Animated Adaptation:

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    Season One 
  • Gargamel's evil plan to attack the Smurfs in "Romeo and Smurfette" is... starting a Ship War!
  • In "Foul Weather Smurfs", the bit where the weather house figures fight each other.
    • During their fight over the weather changing machine, Poet is on top Farmer (at arm's length), flailing both arms and legs with snow around them:
      Poet: No! Sun! Sun! Sun!
      Farmer: Rain! Rain! Rain!
      (both stop)
      Poet & Farmer: Snow!?
    • Smurfette complaining about her laundry getting all wet because of the rain at the beginning of the episode. Clumsy decides to help her but slips on a puddle, getting mud all over her who she thanks sarcastically. Cue Brainy making a comment:
      Brainy: Now did you see that! Isn't that the smurfiest thing you ever-
      (bucket lands on his head and he falls back)
      Brainy: Gosh, it's coming down in buckets now!
    • The expression on Handy's face before suggesting going for a dip in the lake.
    • Brainy trying to open the umbrella only for it to stop raining just as he opens it. When he closes it, the rain starts again and Brainy can’t get the umbrella to open again.
    • Each time Poet begins his "Ode to the Sun," he sticks his nose up.
    • The scene where it's completely foggy during the Smurfs' walk back to the weather machine:
      Smurfette: My goodness! It sure is thick!
      Clumsy: Uh yeah...
      (walks right into tree and rubs nose while smiling sheepishly)
      Clumsy: A real pea-souper!
    • Also, during the Smurfs'note  walk back to the weather machine, the weather changes three times in the course of nine seconds:
      (heat wave)
      Vanity: Oh, I'm soo hot...
      Vanity: Mm-mm now I'm c-c-cold...
      Vanity: And now I'm so-
      (Lightning flashes and boom of castle thunder causes Vanity to jump in Smurfette's arms)
      Vanity (high-pitched): SCARED!
    • At the end of the episode, Poet decides to write "An Ode to the Rain":
      Poet: How am I supposed to finish my new "Ode to the Rain?"
      (Jokey, who's sitting on a tree branch above, pours water on top Poet's head with a watering can)
      Jokey: That better?
      (Everyone but Poet laughs with Jokey)
      Poet: Well, at least it's ecologically sound! Hmph!
  • In "The Magic Egg", Hefty says he'll crack open the egg with an axe "or I'm as smurf as sausage". The egg's magic then turns him into a sausage. See it here.
    "Help, I'm a sausage! I'm a sausage!"
  • Something similar happens in "Bewitched, Bothered, and Be-smurfed" when Smurfette is walking around with a locket that (unbeknownst to her) grants wishes. At one point, she visits a sick Greedy Smurf and, after leaving, wishes that he was "out of that bed and fit as a fiddle". The locket reacts appropriately, and suddenly a fiddle with legs and Greedy's hat and napkin runs out of Greedy's house screaming for Papa Smurf; playing music wildly all the while. The dumbfounded expressions on the Smurfs Greedy passes by is just the icing on the Smurfberry cake.
    Hefty: This is terrible! Not only is Greedy a fiddle, but he's also out of tune! (covers ears)

    Season Three 
  • Hogatha not noticing that she's wearing a fake beard until she looks in the mirror and sees it when she casually says, "I have charm, I have beauty, I have a beard..." in "Hogatha's Heart Throb".
  • In "Chip Off the Old Smurfs", Handy and Painter are arguing over Baby Smurf's future when Poet Smurf walks in to find Baby Smurf singing a song to himself, in baby talk, and rhyming the last syllable as he sings. Poet's response? "Why, listen to that, free verse!"

    Season Four 
  • Smurfette's idea of a honeymoon with Hefty in the cartoon special "Smurfily Ever After".
  • In The Smurfomatic Smurfolator, Gargamel receives a package containing "diabolical seeds" from his mother, along with a letter explaining that it will help him get rid of the Smurfs. Gargamel plants the seeds and nothing happens. He then reads the rest of letter and it says: "You forgot to water them you idiot."

    Season Five 
  • At the end of "Queen Smurfette", after nighttime finally befalls Smurfs Village in due to it being a very long day, everyone is in bed, tired and exhausted. It doesn't take long before the sun rises again as the Shade of Night rolls itself back up, and the Smurfs are treated to an unwelcome wake-up call by Harmony:
    Smurfs: Aaw, smurf it off, Harmony!
    • Also, when the Smurfs are singing Smurfette "happy birthday", it suddenly gets dark. The Smurfs notice and quicken the song to finish it.

    Season Six 

    Season Seven 
  • In "Poltersmurfs", after the titular prankster little spirits are let out, a trio of poltersmurfs are playing music off key in Harmony’s house just as badly as him... in which the tone deaf Smurf is tapping his foot, commenting that it has a smurfy beat, enjoying it instead of freaking out like the others. It's then when he asks if they can dance to it is when the spirits start throwing things at him. After one of them slams an oversized tuba on him goes running out asking for help.
    • Also, while three of the poltersmurfs are trashing Painter's house, one is having a sword fight with Painter, but with paintbrushes:
      Painter: Take deez... an' deez (steps into bucket of green paint) It iz no uze! (jumps out of window) Everysmurf fer himself!
    • When Brainy and Greedy, who's been eating the "joke candy" on the way to Dark Castle where the titular spirits came, close the slab of rock trapping the poltersmurfs once more. Greedy begins talking, emitting his garlic and onions breath onto Brainy:
      Greedy: That was close!
      Brainy: (waves hand in front of face) Eew... you're too close!
      (Greedy clamps hand over mouth)
    • At the end of the episode, after Jokey apologizes Brainy starts getting into a lecture about something scaring him, only to stop when he hears moaning. Thinking it's the poltersmurfs, Brainy hides behind Papa Smurf. As the moans get louder, the camera gets to a faraway shot of Papa Smurf, Grandpa, Jokey and Clumsy looking at Greedy sitting on a bench, retching in pain for eating too much joke candy.

Funny moments for the 2011 live-action adaptation:

  • The most humorous character by far in an otherwise Strictly Formula film must be Narrator Smurf, who is a literal Interactive Narrator — that is his actual job. In the Final Battle with Gargamel, he lampshaded the fact by declaring in his "announcer voice" that he cannot stop talking like this.
  • Gargamels puppet show at the beginning of the movie. We can't tell you the entire thing but we'll give you a sample.
    Gargamel: "La la la la la la, sing a happy song. La la la la la la, this is so wrong."
  • Gargamel expresses surprise at Azrael being a male, for which Azrael snarls at him. How could he not have known his own cat's gender? note 
  • Gargamel and Azrael look for a laboratory in New York City, and try one out in a port-a-potty. They don't even last 15 seconds before they frantically burst out.
  • Gargamel, ensconced in Rikers, attempts to pull a Gandalf ploy by commanding a moth to bring him mighty eagles so that he might fly out of there. Shortly thereafter he's being menaced by some other prisoners when his ticket out returns... with a swarm of flies. For extra bonus funny, once he gets over the initial disappointment he doesn't seem to mind that much. Not to mention that it works.
  • Gargamel asking several people on the street about the Smurfs, all of which are talking on their phones:
    Gargamel: You there, you there! Fancy pants! Have you seen any little blue men?
    Businessman: Absolutely, what price are we talking about?
    Gargamel: You're selling them?
    Young woman: Have you looked in the drawer, sweetie?
    Gargamel: Wait, what drawer?
    Young woman: In the kitchen, Lily.
    Gargamel: Who is Lily?
    Guy in plaid shirt: Are you kidding? She's like the hottest girl in my apartment!
    Gargamel: Please, please. Please, young woodsman. What does the temperature of this Lily have to do with the finding of Smurfs?
    Guy in plaid shirt: Take your meds, man. (walks away)
  • Gutsy Smurf doing the Marilyn Maneuver.
  • What might have been a disturbing moment when Patrick finally snaps turns into this:
    Patrick: Stop saying 'Smurf' for everything! What does that even mean?! Smurf, smurf smurf smurfedy smurf smurf!
    Smurfs: (gasp)
    Gutsy: There's no call for THAT kind of language!
  • The Smurfs' answer to Patrick's question on their names (were they named when they're born or at some point in their life based on their personalities): "Yes."
  • Pretty much all the moments involving Vanity.
    "Cut! CUT! It's a dance — not dominoes!"
  • Azrael meowing a clearly understandable "Oh, no!" when Gargamel announces he'll use teleporting magic on them at the beginning.
  • Gargamel stops Azrael from passing through the invisibility shroud near the Smurfs' village, because he doesn't know if it's safe. How does he check? Chucking Azrael in, of course. He does it again with the portal to New York.
  • "Kiss my smurf!"

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