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Tear Jerker / The Smurfs

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For the comics:

  • When the smurfs get tired of dealing with "The Smurfette", Jokey leads them in a vicious series of pranks that make her believe she's gained too much weight. The poor girl responds to this by nearly starving herself at dinner (while the others all talk about how GOOD it is and ask why she isn't eating), and is guilt-ridden about taking a single leaf — and after seeing herself in a trick mirror, she shuts herself away for days. And when Papa comes to check on her, he briefly fears she might have been Driven to Suicide. While she hasn't, she still cries that "I want to DIE!"
    • What makes this even worse is that this sort of thing also occurs in real life with far too many.
  • The 'party' in "The Baby Smurf", after Baby Smurf has been taken away by the stork. Even Jokey Smurf is upset.

For the Hanna-Barbera cartoon:

  • Smurfette's Heel Realization moment in her debut episode:
    Smurfette: Oh, I'm so ashamed! I almost led you all to Gargamel's clutches, and you've been all so nice to me! Whatever you do to me, I deserve it. Throw me out of the village, abandon me in the forest, or send me back to Gargamel!
    • It doesn't help the fact that all of the Smurfs cried for that, even Grouchy who says "I hate sad!"
    • The sequel to this episode, "Smurfette Unmade" has this in spades where Gargamel has put her under a spell to turn her back to her original appearance with a malicious personality, something he should have done.
      • If that wasn't enough...
    Papa Smurf: Our Smurfette is lost... forever.
    Smurfette: *cues the My God, What Have I Done? moment*
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  • "Stop and Smurf the Roses," where Laconia the beautiful young wood elf is apparently killed after the evil Chlohydris kills all of the flowers (her life's source). When the Smurfs think that reversing her death-like state is irreversible, they tenderly lay her in a lilypad and prepare to lay her to rest ... until the moment of heartwarming comes when Papa Smurf is able to restore all the flowers to life.
  • Grandpa Smurf's apparent death in "Smurfquest".
  • The episode Squeaky, where Smurfette's pet mouse dies, and she runs away because she doesn't want to see her friends die.
    • Depending on which version you watch it can make it sadder. The original cut has Squeaky die right after saving Papa Smurf from a lab fire and passing out from the smoke. The syndicated version cut this out and just... seemingly has him die one night in his sleep.
  • The episode Clumsy Luck, when everyone believes Clumsy was crushed by a meteor. Even Papa Smurf is in tears.
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  • Let's not forget Crying Smurfs, where Weepy Smurf is supposedly killed off. He's actually alive but the other Smurfs don't know this. Their reactions are heartbreaking.
  • Grouchy (of all Smurfs) going out of his way to save Baby Smurf from being given back to the stork in "Once in a Blue Moon", running into the wilderness, only to eventually end up returning to the village because keeping Baby exposed to the elements would probably end up killing him. In spite of his hatred of everything, Grouchy had come to love Baby Smurf.
    Grouchy: I hate giving up...
  • "Fire-Fighting Smurfs", where we see Snappy lamenting and crying over the damage done to the forest and animals. The guilt he feels tears your heart out so much.
  • The episode Smurfette's Flower, Smurfette meets a talking flower named Petaluma and takes her home to care for her. Petaluma turns out to be incredibly selfish and demanding, only caring for herself and practically takes over Smurfette's home. Nevertheless, Smurfette still cares for her and does what she can to keep the self-centered flower happy. She eventually sees how uncaring the flower is when she returns Petaluma to the forest and is ignored when she gets stuck in quicksand. Fortunately, the other Smurfs, who didn't trust Petaluma followed and rescued Smurfette. Later, winter arrived and Petaluma is outside freezing to death. She realizes she was wrong mistreating Smurfette like she did and calls out for her help. Smurfette hears her flower's cry and goes off to find her. Petaluma immediately apologizes for her behavior, but soon a small whirlwind comes and grabs Smurfette. This time Petaluma comes to her aid and pulls her out of the whirlwind, but unfortunately, the whirlwind grabs Petaluma and carries her off. Petaluma's last words ("Goodbye, Smurfette") and Smurfette mourning the loss of her flower is a heartbreaking scene.
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  • In the Halloween Episode "All Hallows Eve" when Mother Nature gives fall colors around the Forest, she accidentally turns Lazy Smurf from blue to red. When she's unable to change him back at the moment, Poor Lazy is afraid of going back to the village in fear of getting laughed at, and cries alone.
  • The episode "Chlorhydris' Lost Love", where her long-lost fiance returns to her, but he accidentally sits on the arrows of hate she created, and they turn his love for her into hatred, causing him to abandon her once more. Yank the Dog's Chain was NEVER used more cruelly than it was here.
  • In "They're Smurfing Our Song", Gargamel is about to win against the Smurfs and Laconia who he had captured... when Sassette comes to the window of his hovel - prompting Gargamel to approach - and then she declares that she loves him. Surely an old, evil, irredeemable villain like him would brush her off as foolish and capture her as well. But what's this? Gargamel, the mean and cruel Gargamel as we knew him, actually breaks down and starts crying. And he doesn't even show any signs of trying to fool us either, as much of a manipulative liar he's shown to be, and also says no one told him that they loved him. Gargamel basically just opened up to one thing essential for a human being that he's never gotten, revealing in a brief but heartbreaking way that he does possess emotions but is almost unable to properly show them. And in the next scene, with the help of Laconia's woodpipe, he willingly lets his prisoners go and says "he hasn't been his true self" due to living in hate, essentially implying that the only reason he's "evil" is because he's just really frustrated with the world that denies him the love and respect he longs for. It's hard not to feel sorry for the poor guy afterwards.

For the 2011 movie:

For Smurfs 2: