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Tear Jerker / Smetto Quando Voglio Masterclass

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  • No matter how hard he tries, there's always something keeping Pietro to be with Giulia when she needs him.
  • Arturo confessing he felt more useful working with the team for some months against small drugs than in his twenty-four years of work. Remember, he was the one who already had a job in his field, and kept it despite the low pay, who went back to it happily, who is shown to love it several times. It's a reminder that, funny as it is, this movies are born to criticize just how poorly Italy rewards its graduates and researches.
    • The whole scene counts as one. Giorgio also reminds Pietro that they had meaningless lives before that, and Alberto then calls Pietro out on being the only one who has someone caring for him, and dragging them in several different messes to save and see Giulia. After all the commedy, it reminds you how tragic their situation actually is, and how broken they are.
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  • The police arresting everyone in the ending, just after the team succesfully stopped sopox's production. The worst is Pietro, taken away just as he's about to see his son, who was just born, and when he was about to reconcile with Giulia.

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