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The Smurfs have been a mainstay of popular culture since their creation in 1958. Originally a Belgian comic strip, The Smurfs by Peyo, it quickly became a Cash Cow Franchise in the following decades, culminating in the 1965 animated film Les Aventures des Schtroumpfs, the 1976 animated feature The Smurfs and the Magic Flute and Dutch singer Vader Abraham (Father Abraham)'s 1977 hit single The Smurf Song, which was a top 5 hit in many countries and was translated by him in many other languages, including Japanese. After Hanna-Barbera turned the series into a Saturday-morning children's TV cartoon series, The Smurfs, in 1981, the Smurfs became a global phenomenon in all other parts of the world too, including the USA. In the 2000s, the CGI live-action Smurfs films revived interest in the franchise.


Naturally, this has led to countless shout-outs, references, spoofs, homages and other winks to the franchise.


Comic Books

  • On the first page of the Flare story "Dolf and the Crunchbird", one of the Smurfs appears on two TV screens behind Olga and Teresa.
  • De Kiekeboes:
    • Posters of the Smurfs can be seen hanging in a children's bedroom in the album De Spray Historie.
    • In Afgelast Wegens Ziekte Kiekeboe and his son decide to buy some new backgrounds for their comic strip. They go to Plagiarism Land where stock backgrounds from well known comic strips are being sold. One of them is the Smurf Village, where a sign ironically says: Only used once!
  • Benoit Brisefer: In one album, Lady Adolphine is given a present which promptly explodes in her face. Afterwards she looks knowingly at the reader. This Smurfs reference was especially obvious since both Benoit Brisefer and The Smurfs were made by Peyo.
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  • Urbanus: In De Hittentitten Zien Het Niet Meer Zitten Urbanus is attacked by some Smurfs, but they are picked up by two representatives of the Hanna-Barbera studios (namely Fred and Barney from The Flintstones) to take them to Hollywood.
  • In an issue of John Byrne's run on Superman, Mr. Mxyzptlk turns a billboard of Dorfs (Smurfs Expies) cartoons into living creatures that attack Superman.

Comic Strips


  • Back to the Future Part II: At the Cafe 80's, several TV screens behind the counter are playing various series from the 80's, one of them being the Hanna-Barbera Smurfs cartoon.
  • Donnie Darko has a scene where Donnie and his friends speculate about the Smurfs' sexuality. Donnie debunks his friends' perverted theories with his surprisingly detailed knowledge of Smurfs lore.


  • Umberto Eco once wrote a pun essay called Schtroumpf und Drang (a pun on Sturm Und Drang) about the use of the word smurf in speech.
  • The Nac Mac Feegle in Discworld are mostly a Violent Glaswegian pun on "Pict" and "Pixie" with hints of a hive structure. But the fact this has resulted in a society of little blue men with only one female is not a coincidence.

Live-Action Series

  • In the Flemish sketch show Buiten De Zone The Smurfs were a frequent Running Gag.
  • In How I Met Your Mother, Ted compares the blue french horn he stole for Robin to a "Smurf penis". There's also this exchange between Lily and Barney:
    Lily: No, friends make each other feel good. They build each other up and support them. That's what being a good friend is about.
    Barney: Yeah, if you're a SMURF.
  • In the first episode of The Orville, when Captain Ed Mercer was arguing with his ex-wife Commander Kelly Grayson about the extra-marital affair she had with a humanoid alien that ended their marriage, Mercer said that she was "banging Papa Smurf".
  • In the first episode of Supernatural, Sam's girlfriend Jessica wears a shirt with a Smurf and the Smurfette. Dean comments that he likes it.


  • Dutch singer Vader Abraham (Father Abraham) became filthy rich in 1977 after releasing The Smurf Song, which was translated in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese, all sung by himself. This was followed by many other Smurf-themed songs.
  • There have been some other unofficial Smurf themed records released in other countries, which all form the same pattern. Take a current hit single, replace the vocals with some Smurf related lyrics and sing everything in a helium voice. The Other Wiki has an entire article about it: [1]
  • The Beastie Boys reference a dance called "The Smurf" during "The New Style" and "Posse In Effect" on Licensed to Ill.

Web Original

  • In the Rifftrax video intro, Gargamel is seen chasing after a couple of Na'vi from the movie Avatar.

Web Video

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons:
  • Robot Chicken:
    • In an early skit, parodying the movie Se7en, Brainy Smurfs investigates the mysterious deaths. The culprit is Jokey Smurf.
    • In one skit, Smurf Village is victim to a flood. Gargamel finally manages to capture some of the drowned Smurfs and eats them. However, waiting for so many years turns out to be a disappointment, because they don't seem to taste well. After only one bite, he throws the rest of his meal away and orders some Chinese food by phone.
    • In another episode, the Smurfs are at war with The Snorks.
    • The Bitch Pudding Special has Bitch Pudding being befriended by the Schlorps, purple-skinned parodies of the Smurfs.
  • South Park:
    • Smurfs are seen as background characters among other fictional beings in Imaginationland.
    • In "Dances with Smurfs" Cartman tells a tale in which he went to the Smurf village and was accepted by them to live in their midst. He tries to sell the movie rights but is furious when he learns somebody else already beat him too it: James Cameron's Avatar (by the way: this episode aired before the film had premiered.)
  • Family Guy: One cutaway gag had two Smurfs talk about one of them scoring with Smurfette and using the word Smurf as a substitute for the word fuck.
  • In the Animaniacs episode "Valuable Lessons": two network censors think the Warner siblings are too violent so they show them a cartoon called "The Cute and Fuzzy Snugglers" in an attempt to soften them up, the cartoon features purple Smurf-like creatures who look up to Papa Snuggler, a Papa Smurf parody.
  • Duck Dodgers: In "The Green Loontern", the title character refers to one of the Guardians of the Universe as Papa Smurf after he receives a Green Lantern Ring and joins with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa.
  • MAD had a spoof of Mama involving the Smurfs, called "Papa".
  • In the short, "Working Pig" from the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, "Career Oppor-toon-ities", when Hamton gets a job at the ACME Mall's toy store, some of the toys he tries to sell to Elmyra are of the "Muffy Smuffs".
  • One post-opening sequence line from Garfield and Friends was, "The Garfield Guarantee: No giant robots or annoying little blue people."
  • In the Rugrats episode, "Together at Last", Larry and Steve get jobs painting Phil and Lil's house. When Phil accidentally causes a can of blue paint to fall on Steve, Larry says, "Oh, dude! You look like a Smurf!"
  • In the Milo Murphy's Law episode "Star Struck", there's a cutaway to the Show Within a Show Milly and the Menninkainen, which is drawn in the style of The Smurfs and also parodies the show's title cards.


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