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I'm going down to Mabase/Townsville/Elwood/Springfield, gonna have myself a time!
South Park has been running for over 20 years, so it's only natural that the show would be referenced a lot in pop culture.

  • FLCL has at least three of these. One comes in the form of a 30 second Art Shift, though the other two aren't as blatant.

Film — Live-Action


  • Animorphs: In The Solution, Rachel has a dream in which she morphs into an elephant in a crowded mall. She crushes a kid in an orange jacket, prompting someone to say, "Oh, my God! She killed Kenny!"

Live-Action TV

  • The Amanda Show: In the "Blockblister" sketches, one of the movies seen on the "New Releases" board is South Pork.
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  • Boy Meets World does this a lot in Season 5. The most memorable example is when a character named Kenny is killed, leaving another character to yell out, "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!".
  • Mad TV: A 1998 episode featured an animated sketch called "South Parknuts", a mash-up of Peanuts and South Park.
  • Student Bodies: In "Snowed In", when Emily and Mags bring the injured Flash into the office, Victor cries out "Oh, my God, they killed Flash! You bastards!"
  • iCarly does this in the episode iBust a Thief during the short cartoon "Bitty Big Heads."

Video Game

  • Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman has the titular hero battling a sub-boss called Push-Man. After defeating Push-Man, the Queen Servant who summoned him then exclaims "Oh my god! He killed Push-man! You bastard!"

Web Video

Western Animation

  • Arthur: In "The Contest", Buster's story is a parody of the show, specifically an alien abduction story like in the first episode.
  • Drawn Together:
    • In "A Tale of Two Cows", Live-Action Cow rampages through South Park and kills everyone... except Kenny.
      Spanky: Now this place is funny. I bet if we lived here, more people would watch.
    • In The Movie, Suck My Taint Girl is animated in the South Park style.
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Bigfat", Quagmire invites Peter to join him on a trip to Canada, and Peter says he wanted to go there before South Park beat him to it (referencing "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" and "It's Christmas in Canada").
    • In "Emmy-Winning Episode", South Park appears on a library computer of shows that have won many Emmy's.
    • In the opening credits for "V is for Mystery", Brian and Stewie discover Kenny's corpse.
    • In "Family Guy: Through the Years", Peter states that Family Guy has underwent many hardships over the years including a "pretty good ribbing by those South Park guys", referencing the "Cartoon Wars" episodes where South Park did a parody of Family Guy.
  • Futurama: In "Bender's Big Score", Cartman's head can be seen in the head museum.
  • Logorama: The South Park sign can be seen after the oil erupts from the oil rigs.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998): In "Imaginary Fiend", the titular character knocks Blossom into a pile of coats and she comes out dressed like Cartman, saying "He tripped me, seriously".
  • Robot Chicken: In a sketch from "Boogie Bardstown in: No Need, I Have Coupons", Chef is a contestant on MasterChef Celebrity Showdown, where he has to cook with the thing he fears most: thetans.
  • The Simpsons:
    • At the beginning of "The Bart of War", Bart and Milhouse watch an episode of South Park before Marge turns it off, saying it's "not life-affirming".
    • In "Homer the Whopper", one of Comic Book Guy's online chat buddies has the username "IKilledKenny6475".
    • The chalkboard gag for "The Squirt and the Whale" has Bart writing "South Park — We'd stand beside you if we weren't so scared", referencing the terrorist threats and subsequent censorship over "200" and "201".
    • In "Gorgeous Grampa", Mr. Burns' Villain Song has him rattling off various pop culture villains (complete with his shadow morphing into their silhouettes), including Cartman.
    • In "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?", Bart and his friends talk to each other at the bus stop while dressed as the boys, complete with them facing front; Bart is dressed as Stan, Milhouse as Kyle, Nelson as Cartman, and Ralph as Kenny. Ralph is then struck by the school bus and goes flying.
      Otto: Oh my God, I killed Kenny!
      Milhouse: Ralph.
      Otto: No, I killed Kenny yesterday. What'd I do now?
    • At the end of "Treehouse of Horror XXV", many different versions of the Simpsons appear, including one clan animated in the South Park style.
    • The Couch Gag for "The Cad and the Hat" has Homer going through the sets of different cartoons, including a South Park parody full of kids spewing Cluster Bleep-Bombs.
      Homer: Is this a TV show, or did I walk into a third-grade shoebox diorama?
    • In "The Heartbroke Kid", after gaining weight from eating lots of junk food, Bart gets sent to a fat camp run by coach Tab Spangler. One exercise was the patients pulling Tab on a chariot while he whips them, making them answer how they gained weight.
      Bart: Bart Simpson, I'm just big-boned.
      Tab: No such thing.
      [cracks whip]