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All gay moments in My Gym Partner's a Monkey. Note that in actuality, there never was any LGBT themes in the series, and that this whole list was compiled solely for fun and is not meant to be taken seriously in any way, whatsoever.

Male and Male

  • In "Inoculation Day", Adam, while filled with monkey testosterone, mistook Principal Pixiefrog for a girl, after seeing him wear a mop wig, and he fell in love with him and even kissed him.
  • In "Animal Testing", Jake briefly popped out of a bush, wearing a sailor outfit, while spelling the word "nautical".
  • In "Lyon of Scrimmage", Adam and Jake got into the same shirt together.
  • In "The "A" Word", when Jake broke off his friendship with Adam, he played it off more like a break up, than anything. Jake's heart literally broke and he was in tears, when dumping his ex-best friend.
    • Let's not forget to mention how Jake was fawning over a celebrity that promoted "Grrrrl Power".
  • In "Me Adam, You Jake", Jake tricked Adam into stripping down to his underwear in front of him, ... and the entire school, ... and Adam's old school, ... including Kerry. Later on, Jake would shave himself naked, to level the playing field, and go up against a loincloth wearing Adam, in a competition for who gets to play "Jungle Guy" in the school play.
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  • In "Amazon Kevin", there's the homoerotic nature of Adam's favorite show, Amazon Kevin's Wild Animal Takedown, what with Kevin getting shirtless and wrestling with a man, dressed as an alligator.
  • In "Up All Night", Jake confirmed that he was not in love with Adam, when Adam ended up kissing Jake, while dreaming of kissing Kerry, and Jake said to him. "Don't get me wrong Adam, I like you and all, but not that way." Since this denial happened, basically everything on this entire page is pretty much worthless.
  • In "Kerry to Dance?", Jake planned on going to the prom with Adam, but was devastated to hear that Adam wanted to go with Kerry, mostly because of the fact that Kerry was a girl. He spent the entirety of the episode, trying to break up Adam and Kerry, so that Jake could spend the night, dancing with him. In their prom picture, Jake was photographed, hugging Adam, and it was clear he saw him as more than a friend, when Jake made a heart shape with his tail, and Adam noticed.
  • In "Cheer Pressure", we learned that Dickie was the only male on the cheerleading squad. Add to that, Jake was jealous of him and wished he could join the squad. In the long run, Adam was forced into the cheerleader outfit.
    • Actually, the character of Dickie, as a whole. He should have his own page. I know this whole page is supposed to be nonsense, but there's no way the creators didn't make Dickie gay. Dickie is an effeminate, flamboyant, pansy, who cheers on the Jungle Squad, and adores musicals.
  • In "Disregarding Henry", Jake invaded Henry's privacy, while he was taking a shower.
  • In "The Magic Fish", we were introduced to David Coppertrout, a pink, nicely dressed fish with a high-pitched voice, who left behind a trail of rainbows, whenever he flew. He should also have his own page.
  • In "Ain't Too Proud To Egg", Adam and Jake were paired up as gay dads for their babysitting egg project. Jake was ecstatic to be the "mom", and spent the episode acting very effeminate and maternal. This included him getting very emotional and having mood swings, while the egg was still unhatched.
  • In "The Two Jakes", Adam and Jake's naked adult clones looked very homoerotic.
  • In "Carny Crazy", Adam had a secret collection of Princess Ballerina Snowglobes.
  • In "Making the Grade", lovingly stated he had "Straight Rainbows" on his report card. He also reminisced about how he wished he had a unicorn.
    Jake: Well, a boy can dream, can't she?
  • In "That Darn Platypus", Jake expressed jealousy of Rick, when he saw him "wrestling" with Adam. Jake said he wanted to wrestle with Adam, tore off his shirt and said in a suggestively deep voice, "I am so ready."
  • In "Flesh Fur Fantasy", Windsor posed naked for an art class. He also joined the cheerleading squad.
  • Windsor's shirtless scene in "Don't Noc It, 'Til You Try It".
  • In "The Frog Principal", Adam and Jake were horrified when all the girls in the school were in love with them and trying to kiss them. As was Principal Pixiefrog, when he realized he had to go on a date with, and kiss a woman.
  • In "My Feral Lyon", Jake was obsessed with his gay-biker-esque leather uniform.
  • In "Robo Frog 3000", Mr. Mandrill washed cars like a sexy car wash girl. Mrs. Warthog also blackmailed the School Board with an embarrassing picture of them, playfully splashing each other in a hot tub.
  • In "Glazed and Confused", there was a very disturbing and drawn out scene of Adam slowly, but surely slathering lotion on Jake's bare naked ass.
  • When Bull got his braces off in "Hygiene Hijinks", he became a whole new person, acting like the absolute epitome of a flamboyant homosexual.
    • As if Bull, himself, wasn't gay enough, Jake also had a brief drag gag, where he impersonated Joanne Rivers.
    • Oh, and let's not forget the scene, where Jake jumped into Adam's pants.
  • In "Lyon's Anatomy", Adam and Jake shared a shirt.
  • In "Four Eyed Jake", at the end of the episode, Slips hugged Adam and Jake, saying "I love you guys." Adam pointed out that he had feelings, causing him to smile and blush.
  • In "Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?", Slips looked into the garage, and saw Adam in his underwear. He told Windsor and Jake. "That dude's totally naked.", which got Jake to freak out in excitement, and scream "Let me see! Let me see!" That dude it a total perv.
  • In "A Very Special Boy", Adam yanked a hippo's towel off, after he got out of the shower. Later, he was showering in Bull Sharkowski's mouth, and Bull just stood there and accepted it, almost as though he enjoyed it.
  • In "Lonely Lyon", one of the male zoogoers pestered The Spidermonkey Family, notably just the male members, and said "Hey, monkey! How 'bout you show us your butt!"

Female and Female

  • Coach Gills, as a character, is sort of like a butch lesbian. Either that or an obvious dude in a lady outfit.
  • In "Up All Night", Lupe and Ingrid had a sleepover and they talked about how annoying boys were. Lupe considered what the name "Lupe Spidermonkey" would sound like and they both laughed at how weird that was.
    • However, Ingrid was quick to prove that she actually did have a thing for Adam.
  • At the end of "Kerry to Dance?" Ingrid, Lupe, and Kerry realized that boys were more trouble than they were worth, ditched their prom dates, and spent the remainder of the prom, dancing with each other.
  • In "Uniformity", due to the dress code requiring for everybody to look the same, and Principal Pixiefrog ordering men's clothing, all the girls were wearing male uniforms in the episode.
  • In "The Cuddlemuffins", Ingrid refused to hug Adam, Jake, Slips, and Windsor, once she knew what they looked like naked. This is especially strange, since she has a crush on Adam, and she should be all about that.
  • Slips' Sister in "Ingrid Through the Out Door", is obviously either a full-blown butch bitch or a transgender woman.
  • In "Lyon's Anatomy", Ingrid and Nurse Gazelle hugged.

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