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"Not only did I not sleep, I may never sleep again."
For a show that has a Y7-rating (in the United States. In the UK, the show has a PG certificate when released on DVD, not just for the sexual innuendo and Ho Yay, but also for scary moments and comedic violence), it has a surprising amount of subtext that could make you raise an eyebrow.

To be fair though, the show title does have a large rainbow behind it.

Gumball and Darwin
  • In "The Responsible", Darwin keeps Gumball from drowning by breathing into his mouth via kiss, similarly to the two love interests in Waterworld. Though, in Gumball's defense, he was visibly against it.
  • "The Third" was essentially a friendship-affair plot, complete with the two "getting back together". Just replace every mention of a game with... other things, complete with "It didn't mean anything!" and "He's playing video games with my best friend!"
  • Gumball has been told "Go to him" twice in reference to Darwin.
  • Darwin falls in love with Gumball when he wears a wedding dress in "The Dress". To the point where he is actually stalking him, collecting sweat and generally being a Stalker with a Crush. This culminates in Darwin confessing his love on a roller coaster. And this is without mentioning the whole "I want more kids!" sequence.
  • In "The Pressure", when Tobias and Banana Joe cut down the treehouse, Gumball and Darwin, with eyes closed, accidentally kiss each other, thinking they're kissing Penny and Masami, respectively. The kicker? They both liked it.
    • In "The Name", it is revealed Gumball and Darwin got aware of that at some point, and agreed to erase that memory from Gumball's head.
  • "The Prank" takes it up just as much as well, as Darwin calms Gumball's hyperventilating by patting his head, then uses his fins to rub around his head, then kisses him on the cheek.
  • During a chase scene in "The Wand", Richard casts a 'love spell' on Gumball and Darwin to try and slow them down. To make Richard believe that the wand actually works, romantic music plays in the background while Gumball wiggles his eyebrows at Darwin. Though in their defense, they were visibly awkward when they proceeded to hug each other.
  • "The Watch" has a sequence of Gumball and Darwin comforting each other by hugging and talking quietly about what to do. Gumball even calls Darwin "bubble-cheeks".
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  • In "The Promise", the ending was a bit... iffy, even for their standards. It sounded more like a declaration of love than of friendship. Gumball said he just wanted to spend some time together with Darwin, but thinks he doesn't feel the same. Darwin tells him to "don't doubt his love" and that he's the most precious thing in his life. Even more than a diamond dipped in gold, sprinkled with emeralds, and wrapped in a big, platinum bow.
  • In the second half of season 2, Gumball and Darwin hug as much as they have in the rest of the series, maybe more.
  • In various episodes Gumball and Darwin have said "I love you" to each other, such as in "The Robot", "The Secret" and "The Voice".
  • In "The Dream", Gumball is mad that Darwin kissed Penny in his dream, and can't help but hate him in real life. Darwin counters with saying that he could kiss the one he loves the most in the world... who is Gumball. It actually wouldn't be that bad, but Gumball takes off his lips and proceeds to kiss himself, as though Darwin had wanted to kiss him.
  • In "The Finale", Gumball and Darwin hyperventilate... into each other's mouths. Note that they're not the least uncomfortable with it, which is strange when you recall their mouth-to-mouth scene in "The Responsible", where Gumball was clearly against it.
  • In "The Recipe" Gumball basically saying that, if he and Darwin were a couple, he would be the one with the pants in their relationship.
    Gumball: We have to do it exactly like they did!
    Darwin: Does that mean I have to wear a mustache and we should, you know, kiss?
    Gumball: Ehh, no. And for the record, I would be the one wearing the mustache.
  • The entire plot of "The Bros" runs on this. Darwin is jealous of Penny for taking all of Gumball's attention and does everything he can to get between the two of them so that he can have Gumball all to himself: Darwin kisses Gumball on the cheek, imagines a time with him very reminiscent of a date, urges him to embrace him and attempts a Spaghetti Kiss on him, and then dresses himself up as Penny, which Gumball finds both creepy and nauseating. The episode ends with a bro wedding between Gumball and Darwin.
  • In "The Petals", when Leslie has a withered Nightmare Fuel face, Gumball and Darwin try to help him look better:
    Gumball: Let's start with accesories; hopefully it will distract from the... everything.
    Leslie: Is that why you carry Darwin everywhere you go? Mm-hm.
  • "The Slap" is a whole episode of Gumball trying to get Tobias to slap his butt. Not to mention that the show opens with Gumball and Darwin testing out alternatives to the classic high-five - including Gumball kissing Darwin's biceps, and sticking his finger in Darwin's mouth.
  • In "The Matchmaker" when Gumball and Carrie try to snap Darwin and Teri out of the love potion by ruining their relationship, their plan was Teri comes to Darwin in panic saying she got cooties and also asked him who else did he kiss. As Teri learns of the kisses he had with the others in the past episodes including Rachel and also multiple times with Gumball much to her bewilderment.
  • In the "Shippening", Sarah gets hold of an all-powerful book which she writes fanfiction in; the thing is, some of it happens in real life. One of the ships is anime versions of female!Gumball/Darwin, which the real counterparts don't take long to comment on.
    Darwin: *cries hysterically upon seeing their anime selves*
  • In "The Mess", Gumball and Darwin are confronted by Tina at a kissing booth they are hosting. Tina's initially in line for Darwin, but Gumball objects on the grounds that only he himself is allowed to kiss Darwin.

Gumball and Hot Dog Guy

  • "The Hug", Dear sweet mother of mercy, there is a huge moment of it between Gumball and Hot Dog Guy when they go to a sleepover and Gumball climbs on top of him in an attempt to move his hand off of him. If you watch this on Cartoon Network's Latin America channel, it was cut so that way Gumball overreacted to Hot Dog Guy putting his hand on him while he slept.
  • "The Awkwardness" pretty much picks up where "The Hug" left off in terms of Gumball once again being stuck with Hot Dog Guy and their interactions being read by most viewers as unresolved sexual tension. However, "The Awkwardness" isn't as heavy with the Ho Yay as "The Hug".
  • "The Cringe" ends up becoming more heavy in the awkwardness and Ho Yay between Gumball and Hot Dog Guy more so than "The Awkwardness" starting with the Potty Emergency scene. Then it gets escalated to the point that when Gumball says that it's time to accept the inevitable, Hot Dog Guy actually reaches in for a kiss only for Gumball to slap him to explain that they just have to go deeper into their memories back then when they encounter each other.


  • In "The Goons", Larry accidentally proposes to Richard (he was talking to his girlfriend when Richard picked him up in a 'dumb race'). Richard replies, "This is so sudden! I'm not saying no, I'm not saying no!" followed by a montage of Richard wandering around the park in thought. It's hilarious.
  • Lest we forget the scene in "The Storm" where Gumball... ermm... "helps" Alan inflate. Cut to a scene where they walk out with Alan happily thanking Gumball and the latter looking disgusted. Does This Remind You of Anything?, indeed.
  • There's a scene in "The Extras" that involves a male bird using an elaborate dancing routine to impress another (presumably female) bird. The bird he's trying to woo turns out to be male as well... and then tells him to keep doing it anyway. Said dancing routine was almost certainly a courtship display. As in, for mating.
  • At the beginning of "The Move" Darwin transforms into the rather nightmarish "Darkwin" in order to make Gumball and Clayton apologize. He then asks them to hug, which they do willingly. In case that wasn't enough, when Gumball is hesitant to comply with his next request of "little kiss?" he turns into Darkwin again and MAKES Gumball kiss Clayton.
  • In "The Saint", Gumball frames Alan for cheating by disguising Darwin as a balloon and having him kiss a load of Elmore Jr High students, including Tobias, Banana Joe, and Leslie. And Leslie seems really happy about it (while the actual shot of the photo of Leslie being kissed by "Alan" was edited, viewers who are quick with the pause button on either their DVD player/VCR/DVR player/computer video player or can playback video frame-by-frame can see a brief shot of the photo when it jumps to the photo of "Alan" kissing the toilet).
  • "The Upgrade": Thanks to a faulty request on his Siri-style voice-activated personal assistant, Bobert marries off Alan and Leslie. Alan doesn't object (even though he's dating Carmen) and neither does Leslie. To top it off, Leslie tells a confused Banana Joe that "You had your chance", before leaving with a smiling Alan.
  • In "The Misunderstandings" Gumball accidently invites the hairy hobo for dinner, having him reply "it's a date". Then later when Gumball is at the mall about to have lunch with Penny, the hobo shows up, fancy dressed, and outright accuses Gumball of "two-timing" him by going out with Penny.
    • Gumball also kisses Fenton. Granted he was frustrated being the Only Sane Man, but he probably didn't have to dip kiss the guy.
  • The premise of "The Ex" is that Gumball, believing that Rob doesn't want to be his Arch-Enemy anymore, tries to win him back.
  • In "The List", when Gumball is doing Nicole's bucket list, one of them was going to the prom with James Johnson. He even states James was a gentleman. He also gets pretty animated about a "ripped" Duke wooing a rich version of his mom.
  • "The Sucker" has Darwin try to hide Julius Oppenheimer Jr. (The Bomb Guy) by trying to kiss him while covering him TWICE when hiding from the cops and hiding him from his girlfriend who took that the other way.
  • In "The Shippening", Larry is about to propose to Karen, but accidentally he ends up proposing marriage to Mr. Small. Turns out he agrees and rips his shirt to reveal a bride dress.
    • The episode also features Gumball X Darwin, Idaho X Ocho, and anime-style Nicole X Yuki as some of Sarah's ships.
  • In “The Box”, Richard, after imagining himself rescuing the president, leans in to kiss him. (It’s later revealed he would actually kiss the criminal instead) Richard also mentions the president “needing kissing” after this imagining.
  • Several times the exercise bacon and oval father are holding hands despite both being men.
  • Hot Dog Guy and Leslie are in line at Gumball and Darwin's kissing booth in "The Mess".
  • In "The Game", Richard gets a dare where he reports a thief to the Doughnut Sheriff where he describes someone whom he gains the attributes of. What does he steal? A kiss.
  • In "The List", Gumball and Darwin mention checking off nearly everything on Nicole's bucket list, including taking Chad Johnson to the prom. Quote Gumball, "He was a true gentleman".

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