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The loser's greatest achievement, getting the girl of his dreams.

Coming off the heels of a French-English animator, director, writer, and producer who had worked on many commercials for various companies before he even pitched the show, it’s no shocker than Gumball can have moments. Many, many, many awesome moments. So we’re listing all of them here.

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  • Nicole's amazing karate skills. As Gumball states, "the woman's virtually a ninja".

    Season 1
Gumball surviving his Final Destination-esque day.
  • There is Nicole's badass-ness in "The DVD".
    Nicole: Don't you DARE run away from your mother!
  • Even though it was a complete low blow for him, Richard, of all people, manages to pull off a last minute Xanatos Speed Chess at the end of "The Laziest". First, he makes a unfair deal with Gumball and Darwin to find someone lazier than him while the loser has to do Richard's chores, which they both accept without question. Then, when the two of them decide to take on Richard themselves, time passes and when Richard hears Nicole about to come home from work, he deliberately lets Gumball and Darwin win the bet then quickly makes it look like he has been doing the chores all day while the boys gloat about it loudly, successfully manipulating Nicole to force them to do all his chores anyway while he gets away scot-free.
  • From "The Mystery", Gumball's attempts to escape with the entire school pursuing him. He ends up getting off the hook, but the chase scene is still pretty awesome.
  • Darwin fin-smacking a skyscraper sized forest creature during "The Picnic".
  • The song "You Gotta Think Big" in "The Genius".
  • "The Mustache": Gumball gets so fed up with Tina's taunting that he actually catches a dodge ball going at him 100 mph with one hand, then he throws it right back and slams her through the wall.
  • In "The Ape", it's revealed Miss Simian had been picking on Nicole her entire life, labeling her a loser from when she was an infant to when she was an adult. Per her children's request, Nicole decides to give Miss Simian another chance and trust her to be friends with her family, only to discover Simian used her and her kids to win a best teacher award, writing them off as losers immediately after. Having finally had enough with Miss Simian, Nicole decides to drive after her and try to get the nomination paper back, with the entire Watterson family gunning for her. The audience is treated to the awesome sight of two adult women tearing up the highway, almost killing themselves and each other over a piece of paper and a thirty year grudge. The Wattersons fail to retrieve the paper, but they do see Miss Simian fall several stories off a bridge and maim herself.
  • The Final Destination homage in "The Curse" in which Gumball ends up on the highway riding a mop bucket.
  • "The Fight" just shows us why the Watterson children fear their mother. Nicole confronts Tina over her supposed bullying of Gumball and have the two talk before she has a talk with Mr. Rex. However, his roars indicate he wants to settle matters differently; something she wholeheartedly decides to handle. A short while later, an unscathed Nicole thanks Mr. Rex for the talk... cue the large shack collapsing. No wonder the boys thought facing a T-Rex was less frightening than their angry mother.

    Season 2
"I feel so proud of her... yet really scared at the same time."
  • Anais's successful plan to trick her entire family into letting her watch "Daisy the Donkey" in "The Remote." First, she gave Nicole the idea to buy another remote since Richard was hiding it, convincing her to go shopping for the new one. And when she called, she deliberately gave her the wrong name of the remote, then after overhearing her father's very obvious riddle of where he hid it, she takes it from underneath the couch after he falls asleep and her brothers were out of the house. Finally, when they get suspicious of her, she hid the remote inside Daisy and sends them after Nicole for the wrong remote after making it look like she destroyed the old one and locks them all out of the house long before they realize her plan.
    Nicole: I feel so proud of her... yet really scared at the same time.
  • Gumball's insane Colossus Climb during the climax of "The Colossus".
    • Gumball perfectly whistling the music from Hector's music box to calm him down.
  • Gumball surviving the insane paintball match in "The Fridge" and saving the family from being torn apart by Nicole's chart.
  • The Space Invaders-style fight with Ocho in "The Phone".
  • Larry finds out Richard's been eating the pizza he's delivering in "The Job", then saves the universe by firing Richard and makes it look like a freaking exorcism.
  • "The Words" has a whole Street Fighter II scene! Feelings-style.
    Announcer: ULTIMATE COMBO!!!!
  • In "The Authority", Nicole gets an epic one when she stands up to Granny Jojo and uses herself as a motivation to get her family to stop an out-of-control car.
    Nicole: I AM A GOOD MOTHER!!!
  • Gumball defeating the evil virus in "The Virus". When it has them cornered after possessing cars and trying to run them down, Gumball challenges it to come and get him by appealing to its ego. After the virus emerges, Gumball simply steps on him. It's even more impressive because Gumball actually won by being smart for once. The anticlimax of it also makes this a Funny Moment.
    • Gumball being able to effortlessly control parts of his body.
  • Richard gets one in "The Hero" for rescuing Gumball and Darwin from the car crusher in the junkyard.
  • In "The Limit", after Richard was told by the kids to be a man and demands that Nicole do as he says, Nicole responds by giving him a Death Glare so deadly, it blows away all the stock on the store shelves. Truly, it was the Deadliest of Glares!
  • At the end of "The Castle", Nicole forces the people who trashed her house into cleaning up and leaving by using a Penance Stare.
  • "The Tape" introduces the "Anai-hilator".
    She can break anything with her tiny haaand!
    Nothing can resist her! Cars! Trees! Bricks! Houses! Her own face!

    Season 3
"In your face, world!"
  • The song "Make The Most Of It" from "The Kids" counts as two, as it not only shows how awesome your childhood can be, but is also a great send-off to Gumball and Darwin's original voice actors (Logan Grove and Kwesi Boakye).
  • Jamie showing off her impressive acrobatic skills in "The Coach".
    • Later in "The Girlfriend", it's shown that she can deadlift an entire treadmill.
  • Darwin returning to save Gumball from the turtle in "The Puppy".
    Darwin: (in a gravelly older man's voice): You thought you could drag me to the bottom of the lake so you could eat me later. Well guess what punk: I'm a fish—with legs! (kicks turtle).
  • In "The Name", Gumball finally finds something he can beat Zach at:
    Zach: Forget it! I'm the boss of this game, I know all the combos!
    Gumball: But the combos are useless against BUT-TON MASH-ING!
  • In "The Vacation", Anais manages to curbstomp Richard, who she mistook as the guy chasing them.
  • In "The Void": Gumball, Darwin, Molly, and Mr Small escaped from the void via Janice, a van that ramps through the closing portal while shooting out rainbows.
  • As completely, stupidly unnecessary as it was for Gumball to take one of Darwin's super-sneezes just to prove he wasn't going to leave him, you have to admit it's pretty impressive that he managed to hang on during the whole thing.
  • Nicole saving Darwin and Gumball in "The Mothers" from falling off a building by using a hose to swing after them.
  • Anais does a repeat of "The Remote" by successfully pulling off the plot in "The Password". How? She presumably spied on Richard's obvious password on the computer when everyone's asleep, changed it to "Favorite Child" to invoke her brothers' jealousy, causing them to waste their computer time all day fighting with Richard (with Nicole joining in) over the subject to have the computer all to herself. And finally, in case Gumball and Darwin realize her plan, she changed the password again so they wouldn't login after she was done. Clever girl, indeed.
  • "The Procrastinators" introduces Nicole as the TERMOMINATOR!
    • Gumball throwing candy and catching candy in his mouth. Darwin also does this, but the candy takes longer to catch. The awesome part comes from the fact that Darwin catches and eats the candy without looking.
    • Gumball and Darwin making music out of objects and other household materials.
  • Gumball calling out Patrick for making Penny feel bad about her new look after she runs to the woods in "The Shell."
    • To make it even more awesome, Mr. Fitzgerald immediately admits to being wrong, then Gumball tells him not to beat himself up about it.
    • Gumball dropping his usual idiocy, laziness, and cowardice to help Penny, including having himself launched into the air to catch up to her, quickly realizing that he had to be cruel to her to make her small enough to avoid having them get hit by a truck.
    • Even Mr. Fitzgerald gets this, when he makes up for what he said to Penny by slamming his car into the pest controller's truck to protect his daughter from getting shot, and trusting Gumball to get to her.
    • Hell, the episode should be called how Gumball became a man! He came a long way from Season 1, where he was a loser protagonist who had no talent and very shy to Penny back then. Now in Season 3, he showed the determination that would make his mother proud, by showing how much he loves Penny's true form by going through the burden of coming for her and showed his true love as they kissed. He even gets Patrick to approve their relationship! The kid's not so much of a loser now, huh? Heck, it's even added as the main image of the page!
    • On a meta-note, of all the beloved animated kid's shows that came out in the 2010's, when compared to the protagonists of Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Regular Show (as Finn was subject to a pair of ship sinkings that sparked widespread outrage and massive shipping wars, Dipper was let down gently by Wendy due to the obvious age gap, and Mordecai struck out with Margaretnote  and CJnote ), Gumball is the only male protagonist who got the girl he wanted during the run of the show and stayed in a healthy romantic relationship (despite some hiccups that would be erased before the start of the next episode, as seen in "The Romantic", "The Disaster", and "The Mess"). Gumball is also the only one of those who didn't just date or try any girl he knew (despite episodes like "The Storm" and "The Girlfriend" showing him with different female characters, though those were part of love-related schemes that fell apart during the course of their respective episodes) showing what a nice guy he is. And he's younger than any of those other characters. This kid is amazing!
    • Penny coming out of her shell (literally) is without a doubt pretty awesome. As it shows Penny wanting to be/no longer wanting to hide from herself, and as Gumball puts it, she looks Extraordinary
  • The very old pet hamster, Chris Morris from "The Burden" proves to quite a badass when out-tricking Gumball and Darwin.
  • Nicole citing "Survival of the fittest" and taking out Mr. Small and the other members of the apocalyptic gang (who were about to eat them) in "The Pizza."
  • From "The Question," Sussie (the same one whom Miss Simian called a freak and was such an outcast that her father once tried to pay Gumball and Darwin $1000 to stay at her birthday party) giving Gumball and Darwin her take on what the meaning of life is: that the search for the meaning of life is actually a search for how you choose to enjoy it.
  • Gumball, Darwin, and Anais taking out the police officers surrounding their house via "Home Alone" Antics in "The Friend."
  • Nicole handing Felicity her ass several times in "The Egg"—especially after Felicity's "The Reason You Suck" Speech, which itself is actually pretty awesome in its own right. She calmly but brutally cuts Nicole down about how she dropped out of college, married young, had three kids she tries to live vicariously through, and is only befriending someone like Felicity so she can feel special and move up in the world.

    Season 4
Richard vs. Mr. Rex
  • Richard going through hell and high water to get Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to school before Nicole notices (and actually succeeding) in "The Return."
    • Special mention goes to his ability to hot wire a car just by impaling his key through the ignition.
  • In "The Others", as Gumball and Darwin were ready to concede Clare's point on how the world has bad things happening, they see Banana Joe and are quickly reminded that people like him shows that the world IS amazing, and go to stop Clare from leaving Elmore. They try to get Clare's attention, by riding on Bobert but only to crash, rode on Clayton as a horse but crashed into an open truck, and finally was able to stop Clare's bus by riding on Tina Rex and tilting the bus over! You don't see that everyday in real life!
    • Not to mention how they manage to fix all of the problems that prevented Clare from staying in Elmore.
  • The entire invisible-car chase scene in "The Check" is both this and CMOF.
  • You have to admit the way how Anais took Billy out in one hit in the ending of "The Pest" even when he decides to turn a new leaf, was really something. She basically used the running start to concentrate all power in one kick. According to Billy, he was left three bends on his arm. Lesson: Don't mess with Anais.
    • Gumball also gets his for calling out Billy for being mean to Anais just because she rejects him, while he according to him, had everything else good going for him. Worth noting that Gumball already has a girlfriend and didn't point that out to him, showing how Gumball can be mature.
  • Richard is the 2nd Watterson after Nicole to come out of Mr. Rex's wrath unscathed in "The Routine", with the help of his car being in the dump who was thought dead when it sank in the tar. And, unlike Nicole, who beat Papa Rex with brute force, Bumbling Dad Richard actually outsmarted the beast.
    • Heck, the entire episode shows Richard as a total badass when going on epic quest to get mayo. Mundane Made Awesome indeed.
  • In "The Comic": Nicole punching out the shadow man who mugged Gumball in the park, not because she heard about it, but because she caught him trying to steal the hubcaps off her car.
  • In "The Romantic" when Gumball finally got Penny angry enough to fend off the beasts in the forest by telling him how the quest was started in the first place. (It was over one heart Emoji instead of three.) Penny turned into her dragon form and when the beasts advance on them anyway, we cut back to a fiery explosion and their pathetic whimpering.
    • Gumball actually arranging the love treasure hunt. Despite it going wrong, it shows that his heart was in the right place, and he managed to get people who have been established not to like Gumball or his family (like Felicity Parham and Larry the rockheaded clerk) to go along with it.
  • Mrs. Robinson's Laser-Guided Karma in The Wicked: she pins the event on the boys again and drives off in her car, but a streetlight she crashed the Wattersons' car into topples, causing her to crash into a billboard, an electrical pole, another car, and a hydrant. The water from the hydrant launches her into the road, where her car gets crushed between a tire truck and a gas tanker, the latter of which gets punctured, creating a pool of gas, and a wire from the electrical pole ignites it. The resulting explosion launches her into the air, where she gets hit by a plane, before hitting the ground. The episode ends as it cuts to Gumball and Darwin recoiling when the ambulance backs up into her (itself a Call Back to "The Mystery").
  • Darwin gets points for making that entire journey home in "The Origins: Part 2", the majority of it being done without legs.
  • The entire plot of "The Bus" was all set up as not by accident but just as planned. Thanks to Rob/Dr. Wrecker of all people! The fact he came very close to succeeding in not just taking the money but blowing up everyone in the bus is alarming. Not So Harmless anymore...
    • Gumball vs. Dr. Wrecker battling each other with briefcases in bus and top of an airplane's wing!
    • Richard gets one for knowing which briefcase Rob took that was actually a bomb because the briefcase carried the money thanks to him picking it up by his teeth before.
    • Special mention goes to the airport worker managing to part the oncoming flow of speeding vehicles barrelling down on him lightning fast.
  • The full-on anime styled fight between Nicole and Yuki in "The Fury"! Even when Yuki trained hard in her life, Nicole is fighting evenly with her as she explains:
    Nicole: I have been through the most grueling training on the planet!
    Yuki: Which school was it that taught you?! Was it Hokuto? Konoha?! Or was it... Mr. Miyagi?
    Nicole: No, it was the school of life. I have raised three kids and one husband!
    • Earlier, Yuki harasses Richard just to tick Nicole off into fighting her until Anais had enough and punches her in the leg to get her to stop.
      • Even earlier was Nicole getting her kids to school by carrying them and running at full speed to Elmore. Which included her singlehandedly and effortlessly taking down a bank robbery.
  • "The Disaster" has Rob in control of the Universal Remote that allows him to take control of the universe and once he reminds himself of how he became a villain, he decides to personally destroy Gumball's life. He uses it to systematically ruin Gumball's life by making Darwin run away from Gumball, Nicole and Richard break up, Anais all lost and alone, and Penny about to fall to her likely death. He effectively made Gumball all alone and paused at the precise moment to display his Darkest Hour all around him. The kicker to how effective he is as a villain? He's not in his Dr. Wrecker persona OR using his evil voice!
    • Gumball gets a moment when he fights back even after he was told about how his world is not likely real and that Rob is going to eject Gumball into the Void so he can take control of HIS life.
    • At the end, Rob has won by sending Gumball into the Void and the credits roll. Leaving no chance of a Reset Button to undo the damage. However, Gumball reached the remote on time while falling (Rob threw it into the Void thinking the batteries are dead) and press the Rewind Button to go back into the beginning of the episode. Gumball has another chance to set things right in "The Re-Run"!
  • The kids calling out Felicity on her hypocrisy in "The Blame" by putting on a musical number explaining why everything she criticizes about video games applies just as much to the classic books she tries to get them to read.

    Season 5
  • Gumball, with the knowledge of what happened in "The Disaster", goes to undo the events in "The Re-Run". He manages to convince Darwin that Rob is trying to trick him and fills Anais in on what's happening. However, Nicole and Richard haven't broke up but they are de-aged into babies... causing the kids to fade away from existence!
    • Anais won't let being faded away into nothing stop her from stopping Rob.
    • Gumball, alone again after witnessing the deaths of Anais and Darwin via Ret-Gone and Penny falling to her likely death again, fights back against Rob and this time manages to defeat him by having him be ejected into the Void before making a clever one liner (even when he accidentally muted himself the first time).
    • Gumball being the one to rescue Rob even after everything he's done to him and even risks getting Ret-Gone just to go back into The Void. This act of heroism eventually touches Rob to not actually kill him with the remote just as he was given the opportunity to finally defeat Gumball and instead... he spares Gumball and rewind back to before they enter the Void.
    • In the end, Rob undoes all the damage he has done in the remote by winding back to the beginning before destroying it for good. While Rob has good in him, he'll continue living his life as a villain even when Gumball wants to be friends with him again and he has knowledge of the world that may come to play in the future.
  • In "The Choices" we finally get to see Nicole's parents in a flashback.
    • Less awesome in that they are pretty terrible parents. However, apparently, Nicole having pursued martial arts would apparently have resulted in her eventually CONQUERING THE WORLD. Turning evil, sure, but that's impressive.
    • Nicole leaving her Abusive Parents to live with Richard.
    • More awesome is the implication that Richard, of all people, was the one that made their small house look decent and actually is the one to keep it from collapsing.
    • Nicole showing that she was just as athletic, skilled, and strong even at 12-years-old.
    • "You know what? I wouldn't change a thing."
  • "The Vision" retroactively makes all of Alan's appearances into one for managing to convince everyone for four whole seasons that he was the embodiment of Incorruptible Pure Pureness, all the while secretly plotting to Take Over the World and create a dystopia where Happiness Is Mandatory.
    • Gumball gets one for popping Alan at the end immediately after overhearing his plans and this time he did it for good reasons!
  • "The Test" has Gumball unleash his verbal tirade on Tobias in the form of venom to take back his role in the show especially after witnessing him trying to take Penny. Whatever was said in Gumball's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Tobias, it was so scathing it melted through Tobias’ face! Benson, eat your heart out.
  • "The Matchmaker" has Darwin finally getting together with Carrie as an Official Couple as Gumball watches on happily
  • Everything about the Copycats. It's basically one big Take That! to Miracle Star, a Chinese goat milk brand that stole scenes from Gumball to use in their commercials (consisting of a goat family and frog):
    • The Watterson's final plan to get rid of the ripoffs? Doing everything humanly possible to kill themselves. Including...
      • Gumball blindly diffusing a bomb strapped to his alarm clock.
      • Richard drowning himself while chained up, with a casual expression.
      • Nicole driving the car with the right half off the ground.
      • And Richard puts them all to shame by juggling three chainsaws, blowing up the house, then donating a kidney.
      • Points to the copycats for managing to do all this too, especially ripoff!Richard who not only donated his kidney, but also received Richard's and donated it again.
    • Anais, after feeling left out of the episode for not only having no ripoff of herself and her family performing risks without her to stop the copycats, not only displayed why she's the Smart Girl and Only Sane Woman of the family but is also the key factor in taking down the copycats by not only saving the family but also do it in the way the ripoffs can't copy from.
    Anais: Guess they should have kept the little sister.
  • "The Cycle" has Richard showing he's not totally useless and finally getting his revenge on Mr. Wilson for years of bullying by using a fake cheque to trick him into ruining his own life. But what really crowns it is the moment at the end where Mr. Wilson is about to blow up his own house mistakenly thinking he has the money to buy a new one, and Richard shows up and tells him they need to talk in private. Richard's about to explain to Mr. Wilson what happened, but he made skywriting that called Richard stupid, so he told him to stash the dynamite closer together to get a bigger explosion.
  • "The Grades" has the final test, which Gumball aces in five minutes without needing to cheat.
  • "The Best" has the EPIC Take That! to extreme Leftist views summed up in Gumball and Carmen's lunchroom fight scene. Ending in Gumball being defeated by Carmen, who decides to forgive him for hurting her.
  • A meta one: "The Worst" manages to explore the difficulties of being a man, woman, child, and adult, without diminishing any group's problems. Adult men have to hide their weaknesses to a dangerous fault and deal with health issues. Women have to deal with rampant sexism both in and out of the workplace. And children have to endure monotonous school days at the mercy of tyrannical teachers.
  • For most of the series, Richard is often seen as the Bumbling Dad, Fat Idiot, and The Ditz, especially when in comparison to Nicole. In "The Deal"? He manages to show an unorthodox, but effective parenting style to their kids. And when they go feral without his guidance, he manages to get them all back to normal without even raising his voice or threatening them.
  • The sequences in the puppet world from "The Puppets" are a meta-example just for being so genuinely frightening. Not surprising, since the writing staff partnered with Becky and Joe from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared to make it.
    • Darwin defeating the puppets by pulling on loose threads, causing them to fall apart. Double subverted when both Gumball and Darwin note that it's kind of an underwhelming way to defeat such a frightening villain, but then they realize they're in an imaginary puppet world, so they use their imaginations to make the whole thing blow up before leaving.

    Season 6 

  • In "The One", Tobias has an assassination montage targeting all of Gumball's other friends and taking them out in creative ways so he can be Gumball's only friend, complete with a metal soundtrack. Even if it was mostly imaginary, it's still the coolest part of the episode.
  • In "The Vegging", Gumball manages to save Nicole, Anais and Richard from falling off the expressway simply by putting his legs on the car and holding it. He was on a chair the whole time and didn't even need to get out of it.
  • In "The Anybody", Darwin using his fins and all his strength to save Gumball who is really Clayton, and the real Gumball nearly gets nommed by an alligator from falling into the pit of water.
  • The usually cynical and nihilistic Gumball restoring Alan's faith in humanity through a song about how the world sucks, but it's the faith for a better tomorrow that keeps everyone going.
  • In "The Transformation", Gumball coming up with a brilliant plan using his silver tongue to its fullest extent to resolve a dispute between Penny and her parents. For context, Penny thinks everyone else should get out of their shells like she has, while her parents think she should get back. They have Gumball to make the decision, each except her sister giving him some sort of cryptic threat. Gumball's in agony over the decision at first, wanting to please both sides and worrying for his own life. So eventually he comes up with a plan, telling a story, which was a recurring tactic used by both sides throughout the episode. Gumball's story is more or less recounting the situation and the circumstances leading up to where he was then, only to have the character stand-in for Gumball in each story digressing into another story to resolve the dispute. This goes on for a while before Penny and Patrick get pissed at him for repeating the same argument over and over, which doesn't get anywhere and only angers Patrick. He then realizes that that is exactly what they have been doing up to that point with each other. Gumball ingeniously made them realize exactly what their problems were for themselves, and came to a solution that satisfied everyone. Or rather, made them all realize it on their own. Not bad for a sarcastic Lovable Coward blue talking cat. Penny even remarks on how smart his tactic was, only for him to make a break for it right after they resolve themselves.
  • "The Awareness" has Gumball pulling some seriously satisfying pranks on Leslie after being manipulated by him prior.
  • Richard proving once and for all that he is master at being lazy in "The Slip" by tricking Mr. Gruber into giving him is package (one that was late and that he had to pick up at the depot) — by buying the same package a second time. Gruber can only give out a Big "NO!" after losing their feud.
  • The book war in "The Buddy".
  • Richard managing to reunite the family in his own weird way in "The Master" through a classic D&D game session.
    • Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Nicole, defeating the giant monster throught the power of teamwork. Darwin sings a song to lift everyone's spirit, Nicole heaves Gumball towards the monster, Anais casts a wind spell to push him closer to the beast and Gumball strikes the monster, killing it.
  • In "The Silence", the whole family freaks out when Darwin goes missing. However, Gumball knows him so well that he effortlessly locates where he is (inside a locked car in the dump).
  • In "The Future", Gumball, Darwin, and Banana Joe defeat Rob by erasing him from reality.
    • Made even better is that Banana Joe, one of the show's biggest Chew Toys, delivers the final blow.
    • The entire scene is action-packed. It features Rob making Banana Barbara draw all sorts of obstacles to get in Gumball's way and he manages to dodge them all, including a bus and a man-eating shark!
  • Darwin gets his last one in "The Decisions". When a massive uncontrollable riot occurs at Elmore Mall, along with a flood, Darwin manages to save the day without the assistance of Gumball or Alan. He is able to swim underwater to the mall's basement and opens the drain, defusing the riot and releasing all the water.
  • "The Inquisition": Gumball and Darwin changing everyone at school back to themselves by reminding them of who they are. Banana Joe stopping the Superintendent Evil, who is revealed to be Rob, from escaping. Tina finishes it off by beating Rob up because he did deserve it for what he did to the students and staff.

    Meta and non-canon 
  • Ben Bocquelet turning his rejected commercial artwork into one of Cartoon Network's most memorable 2010s shows (and the first — and so far, only — successful original program to come from Cartoon Network's United Kingdom studio).
  • This anime-style Shot-for-Shot Remake of some scenes in "The Tape".
  • "The Fury": The animators being able to do a near-perfect imitation of Akira Toriyama's art style for a flashback sequence of Nicole and Yuki's backstories. It looks just like early chapters of Dragon Ball.
  • Cartoon Network having a character (Gumball) that was conceived out of wedlock is pretty awesome to see.
  • This remix and cover of "Goodbye", from "The Uncle".


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