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Funny / The Amazing World of Gumball

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Waiting for Gumball

  • Frank, Howdy and Grady (along with the rest of Imagination land) got up to some odd things while waiting for their owners to return. Watching these shorts after the respective episode can really take an edge off the nightmares.
    • Grady barging into Howdy and Frank's two-piece jigsaw assembly to tell them the worst thing imaginable has happened:
      Frank: Oh my goodness, no! WE'VE RUN OUT OF MARZIPAN!
      Grady: What? No... The house spoon is not in its designated holding place! Could someone tell me how I'm supposed to see my reflection all silvery and handsome and egg-shaped without it?
    • Frank being bored and bothering the other two about it, going on a series of activities and yet still being bored, until Grady exasperatedly asks how he can still be bored after everything from puzzles to skydiving:
      Frank: Hold on a minute! Not bored, that's not what I meant! What's the one where you feel like you wanna go to sleep?
      Howdy: Sleepy!
      Frank: Yes, that's the one! I'm not bored, Grady, Howdy, I'm sleepy!
      Grady and Howdy: Then GO. TO. SLEEP!
      Frank: Oh, okay! *Instantly passes out*
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    • Grady gets significantly less unnerving when you learn his idea of ideal entertainment is a show about mud.
      Grady: Had you ever thought that if it wasn't for mud, nothing would ever get muddy?
  • Of course, Darwin and Gumball get up to some weirdness themselves, now that they can enjoy Imaginationland properly.

Darwin's Yearbook

  • In Principal Brown's message to Darwin saying that he's putting him in charge of the yearbook, we see that he can't spell to save his life.
  • When Darwin doesn't have any usable pictures of Carrie for the yearbook, she encourages him to just draw her despite his insistence that he can't draw. The finished product leaves a lot to be desired.
  • When Darwin texts Sarah asking for input on which photo of her to use in the yearbook, she actually types "Squee!" Darwin's reaction:
    Darwin: Oh, so that's how you spell it.
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  • Sarah is revealed to have been texting from Darwin's room the whole time.
  • After finally finishing the yearbook cover, Darwin tries to save it, but a computer glitch erases all his hard work. How does Darwin deal with it?
    Darwin: Whatever. I'll just have Gumball do it.
    Gumball: What the WHAT?!


  • The tweet Ben Bocquelet put up a few hours before "The Shell" aired.
    I'm hiding in a bar cos I'm worried you guys are gonna go nuts on twitter and murder me.
  • One of the show's writers noticed Gumball was playing in the background of photos from the White House and an ISIS militant.
    I think I can safely say that we’ve got the widest audience of all kids shows on Earth.
    When we say it’s a show for everyone, we mean it.


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