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Tear Jerker / The Amazing World of Gumball

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In a show where everybody's weird just like you and me, there’s bound to be moments that make even its most die-hard fans tear up in agony and grief.

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    Season 1
Bobert stealing Gumball's life.
  • Darwin in "The Third", realizing he's almost lost his best friend by being too focused on Tobias.
  • Played for Laughs with Rocky in "The Pressure":
    Gumball: You've had girlfriends before, right?
    Rocky: Oh yeah, thousands of 'em.
    Gumball: Well, how do you get rid of them?
    Rocky: Well, usually I just close my eyes and open my heart! And when I open my eyes again, they're gone...
  • Gumball and Darwin's song in "The Gi" is surprisingly heartwrenching.
    • Gumball starts crying near the end of the episode, realizing that everyone has been making fun of him the whole time.
  • In "The Kiss":
  • In "The Party" when Rachel is crying outside because NONE of her friends showed up. Which can be attributed from they not wanting to go to a "kids" party, to her not actually having friends.
  • "The Robot" has Gumball trying to sleep in his backyard and crying after Bobert, who assumes his identity, has won over his family.
  • Miss Simian discovering that nobody likes her in "The Ape".
    Rocky: Seriously though, no one likes you, Miss Simian, not even me! And I like everybody!
    • Later in the episode, when Nicole gets upset at Ms. Simian for being at her house, the latter takes a hint that Nicole doesn’t want her there and decides to leave. The following dialogue in which the Wattersons express pity for Ms. Simian is just as depressing all while some sad music plays.
    Darwin: (all choked up) It’s so sad.
    Ms. Simian: (arriving at the front door to leave) This is me. On my way. I’m at the door.
    Anais: (tearing up) This is kind of harsh.
    Ms. Simian: (opens the door) I’m turning the doorknob. I’m opening the door.
    Richard: (utterly sad) I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT I’M CRYING!
    Ms. Simian: Gosh it sure looks lonely out there. (She leaves and shuts the door behind her all while the Wattersons (sans Nicole) are fueled with waterworks.)

  • "The Meddler":
    • When Gumball runs to his room after being ignored by his parents.
    • Penny's reaction to Gumball's outburst that he doesn't like her.
      Penny: Well... *sniff* T-thanks for being honest with me....
  • "The Helmet" has a Disney Death of Gumball when he attempted to get his helmet that was about to fall into the "dumpster's crusher". It made Anais scream at the top of her lungs.
    • Similarly, though the circumstances were funny, Gumball's reaction to Darwin's Disney Death in "The Phone" is fairly sad - he drops to his knees and starts sobbing.

    Season 2 
  • This line from "The Fridge".
    Gumball: I'd rather be a disappointment to you [Nicole] than live like this.
  • Teri's (almost) death in "The Virus" is a combination of this and Nightmare Fuel. What's especially saddening is the characters' (Gumball and Darwin) completely heartbroken reactions. It makes it sadder that she's a pretty friendly and sympathetic character, and almost dying in such an horrible way (being decapitated) is quite uncomfortable, even for a kids' show.
  • The fight scene from "The Words" where Gumball hurts Darwin's feelings in one of the saddest moments in the show.
    Gumball: You are not my brother! You are just a pet, who grew legs!
    • The two make up but it's still extremely saddening to see. It reduces the two to tears and it's sad to see two friends who stick by each other through so much cry together.
  • Gumball thinking he murdered Idaho in "The Bumpkin" and crying over it once Idaho's family buries him.
  • Richard's song in "The Hero".
    • When Gumball thinks Richard has fallen to his death.
      Gumball: He's gone... and I was laughing at him. Why didn't I tell him that in spite of everything I was proud, Darwin. I was proud of him! If he were still here I would tell him, if he were still here-*Gumball notices Richard is right behind him* oh, you're here.
    • Gumball was a snarky dick all episode, even in peril, but when he's on a ladder in danger of being crushed, he's terrified and the show quickly flashes between him and Richard now and him as a baby getting encouragement from his dad.
  • In "The Pony", Anais wants to spend time watching a movie with her brothers, but a series of events continually delays Gumball and Darwin from returning home from the DVD store. Anais is at first unamused, no doubt thinking that they've messed up somehow, as per usual, but she eventually begins to consider that they just genuinely don't want to hang out with her and it drives her to tears. She clearly loves her brothers, so seeing her crying because she thinks they don't care about her is heartbreaking.
  • "The Voice" sheds some light on William. Poor guy, all he wanted to do was hang out with Gumball and Darwin.
  • In "The Internet", Gumball reads a book called The Little Platypus Who Took The Wrong Bus. The book's cover is saddening, even more so when Gumball cries about the fact that a platypus needs its mother.

    Season 3 
  • Near the ending of "The Kids", where Gumball and Darwin sing, opera style, about how they are growing up. They get better in the end... though they're not sure if that's better or worse.
    Maybe it's for the better
    No one wants to stay a child forever
    Remember the wonderful times we've had
    Those happy thoughts now make me sad
    They say it's not bad
    It's just a new start,
    So why do I have this pain in my heart?
    Our childhood memories are getting hazy...
  • Though Sarah exhibited eccentric and creepy behaviors in "The Fan", she really just wanted to fit in, and after being chased down the hallway by Gumball and Darwin, she explains that she feels lonely, but Gumball points out that it doesn't excuse her behavior and tells her to leave them alone, causing her to walk away, crying.
  • Darwin trying to exile himself out of fear that his powerful sneezing might hurt anybody else in "The Allergy".
  • Penny freaking out and running away in "The Shell", despite Gumball trying to tell her that he likes her true form. Patrick's reaction doesn't help much as he didn't even bother to tone down his comments to the point of calling his own daughter a monster despite Gumball's best effort to calm Penny down. It's satisfying that Gumball delivered a Calling the Old Man Out speech at him in behalf of Penny.
    • Penny's reaction to her father also did not help make this scene better.
      Penny: Gumball! Please tell my father that the monster is going to live in the forest, with all the other beasts! (flies away)
    • Gumball's risking himself to protect Penny from harm's way even if it means having to break her heart by telling her she's nothing to him... just to prevent her from being hit by a truck by getting her small enough for them to duck under it. Seeing Penny's small form in Gumball's paws after being called nothing to him is saddening to see, even more so that Gumball only did it just to protect her as you can see from his injuries. She eventually knew but that doesn't make it less saddening. As if her father calling her a monster wasn't enough...
    • Even earlier after Gumball was kicked out by Patrick when he found out what happened and got Penny grounded as well when she wants to break out of her shell, Gumball didn't have dinner and goes to his bedroom depressed while Nicole is very concerned about him not eating because of it. When Gumball insists he's fine, he then ends up crying in his pillow as he thinks he won't see Penny again because he accidentally cracked her shell. To see Gumball defeated like that shows how much he loves her and that he may not see her again because he can't convey his feelings to Penny very well that he ended up headbutting her when he was presented the chance. Thankfully, it all paid off in the end for him and Penny when she arrived.
  • As one could see in "The Burden" and "The Bros", Darwin experiences jealousy for the first time and his fears that Gumball's attention went into Penny instead of him. Ho Yay or not, being a goldfish who grew up legs and still naive to the world, Darwin might not know how to deal with such feelings of abandonment and jealousy.
  • In "The Man", Richard reveals about his father that the last time he saw him was that he went out for milk 42 years ago. Richard thought he would come back eventually and even all these years, but even his mother, wife, and kids know that's not the case. In the end, he finally knows the truth and he let his tears out while Jojo comforted him. He actually grew up without a father which explains why Granny Jojo was so overprotective of him, as seen in "The Authority".
    • And if their ages are to be put into consideration, it's heavily implied that Granny Jojo gave birth to Richard when she's very young, and she didn't know what to do and thus went into extremes in protecting her son.
  • The reason why Chris Morris helps Gumball and Darwin avoid getting caught by the police in "The Burden", he doesn't want anyone to experience being caged like he did his whole life.
  • "The Butterfly": Alison telling Rocky that she's been saving herself for marriage for so long that she became depressed, couldn't find a job, had to live in a van under the freeway with her cats, and ate nothing but squirrels and rust.
  • "The Friend": The harmless shark-headed monster was left alone to wander the streets in search of friends after his creator died (or, in his words, "didn't wake up") so Gumball, Darwin, and Anais try to protect him from the police, only for the shark-headed monster to kill himself with cola and mints. (Fortunately, he gets better, but still has to leave town because of what happened).
    • The revelation that Anais has no friends and she threw a party just so someone — anyone — could come. Her sadness in the second season's "The Pony" is justified after all.

    Season 4 
  • Rob telling Gumball and Darwin to forget about him like everyone else has in "The Nemesis". Looks like being in the void really did a number on him.
  • In "The Signature", Richard's long lost father, Frankie Watterson came back to just to betray them by taking the ownership of the family's home for himself until Richard looked at him with a very sad look. As pictured above, Frankie then remembered having to look back at a young smiling Richard who doesn't know he's actually leaving, waving goodbye to his unknowing son. Remembering this causes Frankie to have a Heel Realization and let his family pass through so Jojo and Louie can get married to claim home ownership back to the family.
    • Richard running into Frankie's arms after the Watterson kids bring him home, and the Mood Whiplash of Richard yelling at Frankie for abandoning him and not bringing home any milk and sobbing into his chest.
    • Richard spent decades convincing himself that his dad would eventually come back with milk. Frankie coming back without a carton in hand destroyed any chance that his dad left for a good reason.
  • Gumball has fun being a dumb superhero with Sarah and Darwin, but then they get mugged in the park. He starts crying quietly, throws his costume away and is seen after on the porch hugging his knees to his chest. Luckily Sarah cheers him up and Nicole beats the shit out of the mugger for trying to steal the car.
  • William trying to turn over his test paper in "The Uploads". Poor thing.
  • "The Origins" has a ton of these The entire scene in which Darwin gets locked in a cage in the pest control van is one big tearjerker. First, he came so close to his family only to be snatched away at the last moment, then some poor dog tells him the sooner he forgets about them the less it'll hurt, and he's speaking from experience. Darwin starts crying and repeating the words "I have to get back". Then Gumball gives up on ever finding Darwin and because of their connection Darwin knows that he gave up. He manages to escape and there's a bit of levity until Darwin runs into them at the pet store and sees himself getting replaced. Ouch.
    • Darwin's journey back to Elmore. Seeing the little goldfish succumb to injuries, hunger, and thirst, all while singing an upbeat song (with a tempo that gets increasingly more downbeat as the odds get worse) is very saddening.
  • While Anais's behavior in "The Parasite" can come off as creepy especially after she merges herself with Jodie, it's also a little painful to see just how socially awkward and desperate for a friend she is. The fact that she's a four-year-old in middle school probably doesn't help.
  • The ending of "The Blame". While it's played mostly for laughs, it's kind of sad to see that the parents still learned nothing from this, especially Felicity. First, she has video games banned for being too violent and harmful to children when that isn't the case and then when the kids point out that books can be dangerous and more violent than video games, she agrees and it seems like she might change and Richard, yeah Richard, actually suggests the parents should become more sensible and take better care of their children, which is a great lesson... next scene shows the parents burning books! That's a real Tear Jerker because this does happen in real life and it's never shown if the video game ban was removed, so now the children won't have any video games to play or books to read. It's only a matter of time before Felicity buys a television set...
  • "The Roots" clearly shows how much Darwin means to the Watterson family as they hate the thought of letting him go into the wild.
    • Imagine how Darwin must've felt when the Wattersons left him at a lake. The tragic misunderstanding was clearly taking a toll on him, shown most prominently when he explodes on them:
  • In "The Fury", Nicole putting up with Yuki's torment who wanted a rematch in their fight but refused because she wants to go back to being friends since Nicole already lost her as a friend following their fated match at the Tournament Finals which she won. She even gave up training because of it.
  • "The Stories" reveals that Molly hangs out in the boy's washroom because it's her "dark place", a place to be by herself because she knows her stories are boring and no one wants to hear them no matter how much she tries to engage people.
  • "The Disaster" is when the show is truly at its darkest. Rob uses a Universal Remote, a device that can warp reality to the user's whim, to make word on his promise to ruin Gumball's life. Gumball witnessed everything around him tarnished by Rob before him in suspended animation. Darwin is nowhere to be seen after his heart's broken, Nicole and Richard broke up (she is with Hank while Richard is eating donuts out of sadness), Anais is lost and crying, and Penny is falling to her death after Gumball was controlled to push her off the second floor after she was heartbroken from seeing Gumball accidentally bumping and kissing Sarah! Gumball didn't even know what was going on until Rob makes his appearance known and shows no regret for his actions.
    Gumball: What is this? What's going on?
    Rob: I did warn you... (takes the family photo out of Richard's wallet) I said I would destroy you and everyone you loved. (he rips the photo in half)
  • The last thing Penny sees is Gumball slamming into her and, given the tears in her eyes as she falls, her last thought was likely "My boyfriend just killed me."
  • Rob's monologue about how he never wanted to be the villain. The shocking revelation that he knows about the TV show just adding to the tragedy.
    Rob: You have only yourself to blame. You being the hero of all this means that I have to be the villain. But I never wanted to be the villain! I wanted to be the cute sidekick that gets his own plush toy and a spinoff show!
    Gumball: What are you talking about?
    Rob: You really don’t get it, do you? So happy to star in your "amazing" world. Can’t you see that none of this is real?!

    Season 5 
  • "The Re-Run" continues from where "The Disaster" left off, and while Gumball attempts to avert the disaster, things were made even WORSE than what happened! Nicole and Richard were rewound back into babies, causing Anais to cease to exist and make Gumball and Darwin forget about her even after crying about her death. Then Darwin gets reverted back to being a normal fish to undo the events of how Richard bought him in "The Origins", and because he doesn't have lungs from those events along with his legs, he dies in front of Gumball! Gumball was in tears of his own brother's death and to add salt to the wound, Rob mocked him saying he warned him. Gumball screams and goes to attack Rob... who dodges out of the way and had him Fast Forward into pushing off Penny to her death again! Gumball realized that his attempt to avert the outcome was even worse than the first time, as he lost both his family and girlfriend again, only this time, two of them are babies who have no one to care for them, and the other two are straight-up dead. The only good thing coming out of it is that, this time, he managed to defeat Rob, send him to the void, and being able to put everything back to normal with the remote.
    • The ending of the episode has an element of tragedy to it. Rob has a change of heart because Gumball tried to save him from the void, they even become friends. But that friendship was brief, in order to undo the damage he did, Rob has to rewind time to when the episode began. In other words, Gumball won't have any memories of what happened or of their friendship while Rob will. By hitting the Reset Button, the two will go back to being enemies and Rob has clearly resigned himself to that fate because of what he had done.
  • In "The Choices", we witness how Nicole has a bad childhood due to her parents controlling every part of her life until she met Richard. She eventually told them off before moving out with him, bringing her mother to tears. At the wedding, Nicole was hoping to see her parents attend as they were invited but... they didn't show up. Nicole was saddened from how her parents disowned her until Richard assures her that she still got him around for the future.
    • Just seeing how Daniel usually shows little to no emotion other than anger, while her mother has her life literally planned out for her to the second. Obviously, neither of these attitudes are very healthy. Richard was probably the first person in Nicole's life who didn't care if she was a winner; he just liked her for herself and encouraged her to make her own decisions about her life.
    • Nicole's Imagine Spot of marrying Harold Wilson involves him constantly insulting her under the guise of compliments, even on their wedding day. We're then treated to a Time Skip where Nicole has clearly undergone numerous plastic surgeries (probably because of all the insults to her appearance) and finally snaps and gets arrested for setting the house on fire (and maybe killing her husband). It gets worse when you realize that this kind of situation actually happens in real life.
    • The entire sequence - silent, with a tear-jerking piano piece and no dialogue - of how Nicole and Richard grew to be friends staring at the clouds to awkward teens trying to figure things out after Nicole leaving home to be with Richard (lip-reading showed "I love him!" in there) and Richard being forcibly ejected from his house with his suitcase by his mom as she didn't want him to be a Basement-Dweller. It is plain that by that time, they're in their late teens as Richard still has bad acne. Up to this point the sequence was in 8mm, then Super 8mm. It ends with now-homeless Nicole and Richard, each with a suitcase, walking hand in hand towards the camera. Then a new sequence starts, only now it's on VHS, still silent, same music. We see young adult Nicole and Richard in an apartment that makes Elwood's room in Blues Brothers look spacious, heating instant noodles on a hotplate while they get a Jump Scare from a passing train. We see an inversion of the doctor's office scene in Up - Nicole is pregnant with Gumball. They get married, with Nicole's mom and dad absent. We see Gumball's hand for the first time, grabbing Richard's finger at the hospital. Then we see Nicole and Richard with Gumball and just a couple of suitcases walking up to the house they now live in. It was a wreck, but they fixed it by the time Gumball took his first steps. And finally, we see Darwin's arrival, then Anais's who, as a infant, corrected her own hospital wristband from "Anias" to "Anais" much to the shock of her family. The sequence ends with a typical Watterson family portrait. The entire sequence is almost half the episode and is very reminiscent of the "Married Life" montage in Up, only with a happy ending. We were in tears by the time we realized Nicole and Richard have been living together since their late-teens after leaving their respective homes. The CMOA is Nicole owning up to her choices and decidedly being 100% happy with her current life, as shown as the main image in the heartwarming page. "Actually, you know what? I wouldn't change a thing."
    • A small one, but when Nicole walks away from her parents, her mother looked shocked at her daughter's leaving. She keeps her hands on her face till the last frame that we see her. It may be her disappointment at her daughter's decision(s), but it could well be because she just realized she pushed her daughter away. And from the look of things, forever.
    • For her part, Jojo also kicks Richard out probably because she didn't want him to keep living with her as a Basement-Dweller and didn't want Nicole living with them too. While Jojo reconciled with her son by the time of his wedding, it's clear Richard had to deal with Parental Abandonment again, too.
  • In "The Slide", Brydie brutally rejects Rocky because of everything he did to get her.
  • The ending of "The Outside", Richard loses his father for the second time when the Wattersons unintentionally drive Frankie away and get him sent to prison just after reconciling with his son in the previous season.
  • In "The Matchmaker", Carrie had to suffer the ordeal in thinking Darwin is into Teri because of Gumball seeing Darwin's photo of her (actually Carrie who isn't reflected on photos for she is a ghost) and having to help them via Love Potion even using her own tears as an ingredient for it since she loves Darwin enough to make it work. After Gumball realized his mistake, they both tried to snap them out of it but the potion's effect was too strong to break the two apart... leaving Carrie in tears as she gave up for not being able to be with the one she truly loves. Thankfully, true love found its way with Darwin managing to snap out of it after witnessing Carrie in her sadness.
  • In "The Werido", the treatment of Sussie by almost everyone. Gumball and Darwin genuinely try to help her be more "normal" (mainly so other people will stop picking on her), but fail. When Sussie asks why they are trying to change who she is, Gumball and Darwin respond with this (which, unfortunately, is a very Hard Truth Aesop that is all too common in real life):
    Gumball: People aren't always nice. The world can be harsh.
    Darwin: It can be confusing, heartless, and cruel. It can turn on anything that is different, that goes against the norm.
  • In "The Cycle", it is revealed that Harold has been bullying Richard ever since high school, where Harold tricked him into believing that Richard was the prom king and got him publicly humiliated as a result. This issue has been weighing on Richard since then.
  • "The List" shows that despite being happily married and having a family, Nicole is still down in regards to how the way her life hasn't panned out exactly the way she wanted. While being with Richard and having the kids was part of the dream, she still contemplates about having never gone to college, and getting a better career than the dead-end job she's currently enduring that barely supports her family. What's tear-inducing is that this feeling can be all too relatable today, especially for some people who feel they haven't accomplished enough in their lives.
  • While being among the many Funny Moments, in "The News", seeing the Watterson kids and their mother after escaping a fire from their house can break your heart. Granted, the fire started all because they saw a spider. Gumball and his siblings look genuinely terrified from the experience, which is rather hard to believe considering what occurs in their lives on a daily basis.

    Season 6 
  • The entirety of "The Father". Frankie comes for a visit, being welcomed with a ceremonial song that criticizes every mistake he's made throughout his life (a tradition made up by his ex-wife, who still holds animosity towards him), which only adds to his guilt about abandoning his family and depresses Richard, who makes it clear that he is still not over his abandonment issues with his father. His kids' attempts to cheer him up only remind him of the pain of when Frankie left him, and even when they conclude that Richard and Frankie both need to make up for lost time, Frankie's old criminal habits die hard trying to bond with his son, frustrating him. In the end, Richard was about to give up on Frankie due to the latter's inability to fully change, until Frankie praises him for being a better parent than he ever was and admits to being proud of his son for not ending up like him, leading to a heartfelt reconciliation.
  • "The Parents" as well. When Nicole meets her parents again, they spend most of the episode arguing, with Nicole stating how overprotective they were, and her parents complaining about how violent she was. They reconcile after Gumball sings a heartbreaking song called "If It's Too Hard To Forgive" ( which was actually about the Christmas presents they owe him and his siblings).
    • During their discussion, Nicole and her parents continue to go back and forth about all the events that caused tension between them, only for them to realize that after a certain point, they don't even remember what caused so much tension.
      Darwin: Then why are you still angry at each other? Why can't you just make peace?
      Nicole: We were at peace, Darwin. Separately.
  • In "The Potion" when Hector realizes being small isn't as great as it seemed for him. He gets beaten up and hurt several times, can't walk because he never needed to take more than two steps before, and can't ride a bike because he never learned. He is later seen depressed sitting on a swing at the park, before the 8-bit dog tells him it's his turn, and reveals a line of depressed people.
    • The episode alone is considered a punch in the gut compared to "The Night". Who knows how long Hector has been dreaming about being small, only for it be destroyed instantly. What makes matters worse is the possibility that Hector may have developed some resentment toward normal-sized people, considering what he has been put through.
      Hector: Yeah, I don't want to be insulting, but living down amongst people is like living among gross, selfish, bacteria-riddled cockroaches.
      Darwin: Wow, glad you're not trying to be insulting.
      Hector: Sorry, I apologize-
      Darwin: Thank you-
      Hector: -to cockroaches.
  • "The Understanding": There's something sad about Peter Pepperoni being completely incomprehensible simply because of his parents' incompetence as home-school teachers.

  • While it definitely has funny moments, Gumball's "Reason You Suck" Speech to Mr. Robinson in "The Heart" can definitely count as a tearjerker. Especially considering that after all of the hate he's shown the pair over the course of the seasons, Gumball and Darwin finally reached their breaking point after overhearing his true feelings about them:

    Gumball: (in reference to his friendship with Mr. Robinson) What seemed sweet has turned out to be lethally toxic, like feeding a chocolate cake to a puppy next to the tailpipe of a 4x4 in the middle of an oil spill, while reading Elmore Plus comments. I'm sorry, Mr. Robinson, but you don't love us. You just love to hate us, and if you can't see the difference, then your heart is beyond saving.
  • "The BFFs" reveals that Darwin's jealousy towards Fuzzy stems from his fear that Gumball may eventually abandon him in favor of a new best friend. Made even worse when you realize that Darwin was almost abandoned by Gumball in "The Origins" and it has made quite the effect on him.
  • The final episode, "The Inquisition", has its awesome moments and its nightmare fuel moments. But the fact that this episode is the final episode note  hits every single fan in the chest, especially when it ends on a cliffhanger.
    • William being forced to open a door with nothing but his eye really is gut-wrenching, especially when it's the wrong door.



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