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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "The Shell", after Gumball kisses Penny, it clicks: what does it take to buy a Gumball? A Penny!
  • In "The Fridge" why does Nicole try so hard at making Gumball into a winner? Because throughout her childhood and adolescence she has always been called a loser (mostly by Miss Simian, who made fun of her from her first steps to her wedding day). So once you think about it, she just wants Gumball to not suffer the same thing she suffered from back then.
    • This would also explain her hyper-competitive nature and her willingness to even INJURE AND/OR BERATE others for being losers. She even tell Anais (The one she considers to "have all the good genes") to "learn how to be a good loser". Those people she mentioned in "The Fridge" who "bonded in the hospital" were victims to her monstrous will to compete with others and win by any means necessary, whether it involve hurting others or risking lives or not. AND THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME SHE'S SHOWN THIS KIND OF SCARY BEHAVIOR EITHER!!
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    • Ironically enough, she is also doing what her own mother did to her (though Nicole had it much worse).
  • Why was Gumball so caring towards Kenneth in "The Microwave", even though he was a repulsive monster? Because he was an ugly baby! He knew exactly what it felt like to be ridiculed for being born odd-looking, and so he wanted to keep Kenneth from experiencing the same thing.
    • Or, that could be the way that parents always see their babies as beautiful because they're their babies, no matter what they look like.
  • It seems weird that Clayton (the red ball of clay) would be a bad liar who only does it to make his life more interesting, but it actually makes sense when you realize that clay can be molded into whatever the sculptor wants it to be, but it's still clay no matter what.
  • In "The Flower" during one of Gumball's tirades about Leslie he calls him a "Self Pollinator." If you know anything about reproduction in flowers and plants, he basically just called Leslie a jack- (or jerk-) off.
  • Juke's dream involves him speaking English instead of the usual noises and music he uses to "speak". He says "I can communicate again!"...which makes perfect sense when you remember Juke is canonically an immigrant to Elmore. This whole time, he's been speaking the language of his homeland, and it just sounds like sound effects and music to us.
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  • In "The Void," Darwin and Gumball suggest that Janice might have left Mr. Small as opposed to disappearing. Mr. Small seems to freeze before laughing maniacally and stating that Janice can't go anywhere without him. Given what we discover in the Void that Janice is a van and not a person, Mr. Small's statement becomes more literal and less crazy. She literally can't go anywhere without him.
  • Overlaps with Fridge Horror, or perhaps Harsher in Hindsight: In "The Nemesis," Gumball and Darwin follow Rob, their nemesis around all day trying to make him a better villain. Their efforts—loudly making up his theme song behind him on the bus, following him and throwing out obnoxious new villain names—result in only mild annoyance on his part. So what makes him snap? The last two "names" they suggest consist of "Doctor," followed by annoying static sounds ("Doctor KSSSHHHHHHHHHH"). Given how sensitive about his new, staticy Void-body Rob is, of course he'd flip out. The thought of being constantly reminded of his "broken body" (as he puts it) is completely unbearable. It'd be the equivalent of calling someone covered in accident scars "Doctor Scar".
    • You're probably right, but it's not like Gumball and Darwin knew this. They can't remember who Rob was or what he looked like before, so it's not like they knew that his static was a result of being disfigured.
    • That brings up another good point about "The Nemesis": Rob was already annoyed on the bus, but the reason he suddenly shouted when Gumball and Darwin got his name wrong in his theme tune ("It's ROB!")? They never remember him or even his name—even back in his first speaking appearance, they didn't get it right. It's basically a Berserk Button for poor Bob.
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  • When Darwin completely owns Gumball in an exhaling contest by releasing a constant, endless stream of air, why wouldn't he need to stop exhaling? He's a fish! The air was just continually flowing through his gills, so he would only need to breathe normally to continue breathing out.
  • In "The Club", the Wattersons have the Rejects' Club tied up at the back of their car for their scheme against Gumbal and are contemplating what to do to them: tell on their parents, spray them in honey and leave them at the zoo, or strip them naked and leave them at the mall, the club members, who are tied up and silenced, happily agree to the last one. It becomes fairly evident they realized this was as close to non-punishment as possible since they're mostly undressed to begin with.
    • In the same episode, Gumball tries to join his dad's Fantasy club and gets rejected. Why? Because he missed the point of the club; he was supposed to pretend to be a fantasy character like a wizard or an orc (it's not called a "fantasy club" for nothing), but Gumball had no idea what his dad was talking about when he asked "Be you orc?" and "Be you dwarf?" and just kept replying with "No". The fact he tried to join Anais' Physics club right before trying to join this one probably helps, as Anais points out "multiple types of intelligence" and says she thinks Gumball doesn't have any of them.
  • Nicole is at home by herself, Richard having gone to work and the kids to school. She cleans the entire house, waxes the car, 'bleached the fruit', all 5 hours before everyone gets home. Bored and frustrated, she pushes over a vase in order to have something to clean. Nicole is a cat.
    • In the same episode, why does Richard have such a hard time getting to his job? Because as seen in "The Job", if Richard were to get a job, the universe would collapse on itself. It doesn't just seem like the universe wants him to be late-it actually does.
  • In the music video for the Japanese theme of the show called "Yes/No Continue?" by Moumoon, We see the female member of Moumoon Yuka as a marionette performing the song while Gumball and Darwin dance. Why she's portrayed as a marionette? Well one reason is because she's a performer, and second because at the release of the music video, humans did not exist in Elmore until the season 2 episode "The Sweaters".
  • If ElmoreStream and ElmorePlus are their versions of Youtube and Facebook, shouldn't they be global websites? So why are they named to imply that they're just for Elmore? Because as shown in "The Internet", The Internet lives in Elmore. Seeing as he's incredibly narcissistic, he probably has extreme Creator Provincialism.
  • Remember in "The Tape" when Gumball tells Darwin that all he needs to do is be cute? What's the #1 thing people love most about kittens?
  • In "The Joy", Miss Simian mistakenly thought Tobias was one of the infected, since he was so colorful. This is probably why he wasn't jumped by the other infected earlier in the episode. They also thought he was one of them.
  • Lots of Fridge Brilliance about Penny comes into play once you learn that she's actually an Empathic Shapeshifter encased in a peanut shell. First, that you get a glimpse of her true form early in "The Shell" (she'd obviously get self-conscious about herself as soon as she sees her "scar" and promptly change form as seen from inside her eyehole) and it also makes a lot of sense that she'd admire Gumball for daring to be himself in "The Gi".
  • Why was Darwin immune to Jealousy in "The Flower" and yet was jealous in "The Burden" over Gumball dating Penny? It's because he already has Gumball as both a brother and best friend who's always around and is enough to make him happy. Judging from his behavior in "The Burden", this will escalate in "The Bros" because he feels nothing without Gumball.
    • In fact, this may be why in "The Sidekick" he's always feels that his sidekick and in his shadow. Gumball did asked him if he did this to himself, well subconsciously... he might have.
    • Then his fear of abandonment makes sense that Darwin was a pet before he was adopted into the family. He might have feared that if Gumball pays more attention to Penny... he would be abandoned by him like how a family gives away their pet out of loss of interest. That means Darwin might still think of himself as a pet and not as a welcomed family member. Maybe he might have experienced or seen something like this before as a pet fish.
    • This is supported even more in "The Origins" when he watched his family try to replace him after he went missing. That's probably where his abandonment issues came from.
    • It would explain why he still calls his parents "Mrs. Mom" and "Mr. Dad". That semi-formality suggests he doesn't feel entirely comfortable being less formal with Mom and Dad.
  • In "The Skull", even if Clayton wasn't lying and the shock collar was turned on, it wouldn't have worked anyways since clay is an insulator.
  • In "The Burden", when Darwin is talking to the clump of Principal Brown's hair that he thinks is Chris Morris, Darwin angrily yells, "You don't get to judge me, Chris Morris! You're not one of my dads!" He could either be referring to his biological father (a fish) and Richard (whom he calls Mr. Dad) or, since he is a fish and most fish species reproduce by having the female lay eggs and the male swim by and fertilize them, any of the male fish that fertilized the egg he came from.
  • In "The Password" it turns out Anais changed the password. This makes sense, considering that in "The Goons" Richard explicitly states that his favorite child was Darwin.
  • In "The Night" Darwin dreams that he is sleeping in a bigger fish bowl than the one he's already in. In "The Roots" (a couple of episodes later) Darwin tries to get a bigger fish bowl (or rather, a fish tank) in the pet store.
  • In "The Stories", Principal Brown pretends to be pregnant with the nurse's baby. This actually sort of makes sense when you remember that Principal Brown is described as a "furry slug", and that real life slugs are hermaphrodites.
  • At this point it's really no secret that the whole universe (Not just individual planets but the universe ITSELF) is sentient and able to do things such as dumping things it considers mistakes into the void. So, wouldn't it get bored? It might, seeing as it's apparently intelligent. The Rule of Fun and Rule of Funny events AND the various mishmash of artstyles, people coming out of lethal situations alright (even if they didn't survive, like everyone's favourite cartoony piece of toast) might just be the result of the world itself being bored and allowing for willful suspension of REALITY just to see how much fun it would be if, for example, the Watterson family had a street race... WITH IMAGINARY CARS!
  • It makes sense that in "The Gift" the kids would think Masami would try to ruin their lives seeing how she acted in "The Storm" when she couldn't get Alan to be her boyfriend and how she sometimes turns her nose at people for not being rich no wonder they'd think she'd overreact for not getting her the perfect gift.
  • Based on the evidence given in "The Sweaters", "The Slide", "The Uploads", "The Nuisance", "The Extras", "The News", "The Scam" and the characters of Sussie and Kip Schlezinger. I have come to this conclusion on how humans work in the The Amazing Wold of Gumball there are 4 (technically 5) types of humans:
  • In "The DVD", Gumball can be seen sitting around in his underwear at the beginning of the episode. Later, it's revealed that he lost his pants, explaining why he wasn't wearing them.
  • In "The DVD", while going back and forth with his mother, Gumball makes a note that, despite all the times she complains about spending money on the kids, they were still kids that Nicole chose to have (which causes Nicole to punch a hole in the door). However, come "The Choices", you learn that this wasn't entirely the case. A flashback implies that Nicole and Richard had a shotgun wedding because of Nicole becoming pregnant with Gumball, so technically she didn't choose to have Gumball and he was an accident.
    • Although, in a brilliant sort of way, Gumball remains right. Even though his conception was more than likely an accident, Nicole DID technically choose to have him, rather than having an abortion.
  • In "The Vase", it's revealed that Richard dropped Gumball on the ground when he was a baby, and in "The Treasure", that he had a disfigured face at some point. Also, in "The Origins: Part Two", Sussie was intelligent but became dumb after being dropped on the ground. It's possible that Gumball was smart as a baby (we rarely see him as a baby anyway), but being dropped resulted in his face being disfigured for a while, and caused brain damage.
    • This in itself may imply that being a child prodigy would run in the family, and Anais is the default child of the family. Gumball is seen to be fairly creative and clever, he mostly lacks Anais's book smarts. Were this the case, it means that, had the hypothetical dropping not occurred, Gumball may have turned out as smart as Anais. (Darwin, of course, doesn't count seeing as he's technically adopted/was a family pet, and not a blood related Watterson child. But even he kind of counts as he's incredibly intelligent for a goldfish.)
  • By the end of "The Schooling", Gumball and Darwin learn that they should go to school and get a good education so they aren't stuck in deadend retail jobs like Larry, who didn't finish school. This seems out of character for the hardworking Larry, until you remember he used to be Lazy Larry, the laziest person in Elmore. His laziness probably caused him to get bad grades, meaning he couldn't graduate. Assuming he wasn't too lazy to go to school at all, that is.
  • In "The Singing", Dolphin Man and Spray Paint Bottle are randomly at the schoolyard, which seems weird at first since they're adults and don't work there. However, in "The Cage", it's revealed there are prisoners being kept at the school, and both have been seen as prisoners in some episodes.
  • At the end of “The Inquisition”, it’s revealed that Rob was trying to save everyone from the Void, which was going to (and eventually did) consume the world. Why was this happening? Because the series was ending. Without any new episodes, there was no reason for the show’s universe to exist anymore. So, it was sucked up like similarly irrelevant mistakes found inside the Void.
  • Director Evil doesn't appreciate Ms Simian's attempts to flirt, for a couple obvious reasons (this is Ms Simian, after all). But even if it was another teacher trying it, it wouldn't work on the director who is actually Rob. As a teenager at the oldest and a former student of Elmore Junior High, he has more than enough reasons to reject Ms. Simian based on sheer age-gap Squick factor.
  • The reason because the class of Gumball voted him for be the leader of them instead Anais in 'The Canditate', because the heat was starting to make them mad.
  • Sal Left Thumb is arrested in almost all his appareances, but he appears again, considering how incompetent that is the police of Elmore is logic that an inmate can scape.
Fridge Horror
  • In "The Phone", Mr. Small fell asleep in his office while meditating and the candle he left burning set the room on fire. He most definitely would have died horribly in a fiery blaze if Gumball hadn't been there with the fire extinguisher.
  • In "The Mustache", Gumball and Darwin get rid of their black hairs they begin sprouting by removing all of their fur with tape. Sure, it doesn't sound so bad with Gumball, but Darwin is a fish, and he does the same thing.
  • All those times Gumball has popped Alan? Sure, it's funny until you realize this means Gumball has been trying to murder Alan for being "too perfect".
  • In the beginning of "The Fan" Gumball and Darwin are running to stop the Rainbow Factory from exploding... which is where their mother works. It does explode and there's no mention of any fatalities, but they may have not known that beforehand.
    • It is even worse, maybe the building WAS NOT empity, we only know that Nicle and Mr. Yoshida weren't there, but it doesn't mean that nobody was there. Also if the building was not empity, or they didn't know that was empity means two things
1: Gumball, even if later get worried and remorseful was during a time dispossed to explode a building with people, what other atrocities could he do impulsively and be too late to stop it when get remorseful?2: Two childrens, or maybe only a chinld, because is probably that Darwin hasn't helped Gumball with it; are capable of enter in a fabric and make it explode, but the fridge horror is that if one or two childrens can do it what can do a group of adults (and more experienceds) terrorist?
  • In "The Limit" Nicole's rage was obviously nightmare fuel. But while watching the episode this thought wandered into my head. Gumball is a blue cat just like Nicole and he's her son. So there's a strong possibility he inherited that ability... Yeah.
    • Though "The Vacation" shows that if anyone inherited her Unstoppable Rage, it's probably Anais.
      • Combining that with Anais's intelligence... her inheriting her mother's rage is probably WORSE.
      • But Gumball has done many things his mom also did: He kicks his house's door during the Ketchup Rap, like Nicole kicked the office's door during the Employee of the Month Rap; he aged Idaho in "The Worst" like Nicole did to the guard from "The Limit"; He bends a metal spoon in "The Sorcerer", similarly to how Nicole bent a steel bar in "The Authority"; In "The Sale" he and Darwin get very angry and grow their teeth, and with deep voices that Nicole did many times before; he becomes the Hulk in "The Society" like Nicole in "The Finale" and "The Money", and the entirety of "The Downer" shows how he is when he's in a bad mood, he makes people explode in "The Traitor" in his fury, etc... So he does probably does have his mother's anger and strength, but he's too scared and lazy to fight other people (like in "The Copycats")
  • In "The Choices", Nicole imagines what life would be like if she hadn't met Richard. In two of her alternate paths, she marries Banana Bob and Harold—despite both men having sons in the present day, at no point does Nicole imagine having children with them. If Nicole had never met Richard, up to three children—Anais, Gumball, and either Tobias or Banana Joe—would have never been born, with a fourth (Darwin) doomed to be a pet fish forever.
  • In one episode it's revealed that the reason Anton is Made of Iron is that his parents keep remaking him in a toaster. So... what happens to the original Anton?
  • The events of "The Void": now that Molly is freed from that world, where will she live since her house and locker were folded into space? And how would we know she wouldn't be erased again?
    • Adding onto that, remember Rachel, Tobias' older sister? Considering that the staff of the show hated her and that she hasn't been seen at all since her first appearance, there could be a possibility that she's in that world as well..
      • Teri remembers her kissing Darwin in "The Matchmaker", so she's most likely not in the void.
      • An episode of Darwins Yearbook reveals that she is gone to college.
    • To a certain extent the "world" even affected us, the viewers. When the world fixes a mistake everyone forgets about it. Plenty of viewers really had completely forgotten about Molly, meaning the world affected some of our memories of them as well.
  • In "The Nobody", Rob says he has no family even after he escaped the Void. This may have just been because he was still suffering from Identity Amnesia, but given the aforementioned point about Molly's house/locker/etc. still being gone, it seems the Void takes whole families at once... or that people sent there never have families to begin with.
  • At the end of "The Bros" we see the Fitzgerald house was caught on fire, but the family members managed to get out. So where's Mr. Cuddles?
  • Richard finds the Anton clones in "The Recipe" and prepares to eat them without even knowing anything about their origin. This basically implies Richard is so gluttonous that he would cannibalize children if he thought they tasted good.
    • This is also supported by "The Crew" when he licks a jerkified Gumball and Darwin (ItMakesSenseInContext) and he says that he doesn't know if is more sad that he fact he was gonna to eat them, or the fact that he can't. By the good side Richard is not enough inteligent how to do it succefully
  • Gumball and Penny's relationship has been compared to Richard and Nicole's on certain occasions. Does this mean Gumball will grow up to be a manchild like Richard? (even without an overprotective mom).
    • They were compared in reverse as well: Gumball to Richard and Penny to Nicole in "The Gi", but Gumball being Nicole and Penny being Richard in "The Shell". Gumball might be like Richard at times, but at least he inherited Determinator tendencies like his mother.
  • In "The Wicked," it's shown that Margaret is a very malicious Karma Houdini and that Mr. Robinson knows this and that there is no Freudian Excuse for why she is this way. She's also Rocky the janitor's mother, which begs the question: Has Rocky been abused by her? If not, how did he manage to escape her wrath?
  • In "The Choices", if Nicole got a motorcycle ride from Sal he crashed and she died because she wasn't wearing a helmet. Sal also wasn't wearing a helmet, so he must have been horribly injured, because we know he's not dead.
  • With Nicole's personality, it's not hard not to see her as a flat out Abusive Parent towards her children, especially how they ran away in fear of her in "The DVD", her implied physical threats in "The Egg", all of her behavior in "The Hero" and it can almost seem she's grooming Anais to be just like her too.
    • This one is almost subverted, when she do any physical threath, at least to members of her family, she always stob and apologizes them. The times she is hard trying to teach the childs something, it is only because she was raised by a similar form, and probably she doesn't know another form. She can trick his family sometimes, and the rest of the Wattersons also, it is a standard behavior in her family.
  • In "The Bus", Rob made progress as a genuine threat to Gumball and the others. Just how much he can be even a bigger threat? We may find out in "The Disaster".
    • It gets pretty bad.
    • And now the world isn't even TRYING to suck him back into the void... Which means that it considers Rob important enough to keep around. And if Gumball hadn't given him the idea to BE their nemesis in the first place, he might not have been around anymore. I don't know which is scarier, the fact that if you won't actively try to ruin someone's life, you'll end up having yours taken away, or that it will happen AGAIN, OR that once you manage to accomplish it you will have outlived your usefulness.
  • One skit in "The World" shows Gumball not hearing his fries and burger screaming as he eats them. Except that other jokes in the same episode and others make it clear that the anthropomorphic objects in Elmore can communicate with and understand the non-anthropomorphic ones. So... that means Gumball actually can hear his food begging for help as he eats it, and so can the rest of Elmore's population, and everyone just has to learn to tune it out to avoid starving to death. Holy crap.
  • In "The Money", Nicole says Gumball tried hunting his own food and Anais responds with "He broke down when he had to chop the baby carrots." At first it seems like a joke about how Gumball is so wimpy he couldn't even cut some carrots. Then you remember how Elmore works...
  • "The Joy's status is pretty well established but it can go further when you remember that all the episodes are apparently cannon even after the credits reset. Which means that Alan experienced the whole thing first hand and and as of "The Vision" still thinks it's a good idea to implement.
  • In "The Signal" whatever was the entity with seemingly malicious intent that was screwing with the TV signal was never really resolved. It apparently wasn't Rob since he generally takes credit for his schemes and only seemed to stop or have been stopped when Gumball and Darwin found out about what it was.
  • In "The Rival", Baby Anais repeatedly tries to outright kill Gumball and Darwin. At the end Baby Anais is about to push Gumball and Darwin into an incinerator, but blows it because of her baby-talk. What would have happened if she didn't say anything? Or even worse, what if Mr. and Mrs. Watterson came to the dump at the exact moment when she pushed?
  • In "The Misunderstandings", the Hobo thinks he is on a date with Gumball. While that was just a Ho Yay joke, Gumball is 12 and the Hobo is an adult. The Hobo could be a pedophile, and that's why he wanted to go in a date with him...
  • In "The Parents" during Gumball's song, Nicole's parents drive away from the Wattersons' household, but decide to stop the car, go back and make peace with Nicole. However, during the song, we see the car approach a crossroad, where a large lorry, with no intention of stopping, speeds across it. If they had decided not to make up with Nicole, they would more than likely have been in a fatal car accident, having never reconciled with their daughter.
    • The parents would have had to had blown the stop sign (or at least not look before they started forward again) for that to happen.
  • In "The Transformation", Penny and her entire family would be willing to seriously harm Gumball if he makes the wrong choice regarding on if the rest of the family should come out of their shells or not. This is a depressing thought once you remember that with all of Gumball's screwups with their relationships in past episodes, Gumball and Penny will be in an unhappy and abusive relationship once they get older. Think Nicole and Richard, but much, much worse.
  • Gary has two pets: a blue dog with one eye, and a white cat. Where were they when his house blew up in "The Neighbor?" Especially considering that they haven't appeared all season.
  • The Future has several:
    • Banana Barbara is revealed to be able to alter reality with her paintings. Then you remember what Banana Joe said about the paintings they were selling in The Oracle, that the paintings of the Wattersons she made had been made years earlier. Suddenly the question is raised: how much free will does anyone in Elmore have if Barbara's been painting these things years in advance and reality conforms to what she paints? Does choice exist if the citizens of Elmore are slaves to a painting?
    • The reason Rob kidnapped Barbara was so he could predict the future, but all Barbara painted was static. She then later says "There is no future". If Barbara can literally rewrite reality with her paintings, what does that mean? Is whatever is coming something not even she can change? Or is she the one making sure there is no future?
    • Go back to the episode The Vegging, and recall that a message was sent to Gumball and Darwin, specifically saying: "This is a message from the future. The strange things that happened today were for a reason and it was all the work of —" before it gave up once Gumball and Darwin stopped paying attention. Now recall that Barbara tried at several points to alert them and Joe about her location by altering the location they were at in the hopes they'd pay attention, before giving up and just making a portal once she realized they weren't paying attention. The implication is that someone tried to warn the past about this by using Barbara to alter the past, only to give up themselves once Gumball and Darwin refused to listen. The questions are then raised, who was it that sent the message? How long has the lack of a future been known? How many times have their been chances to avert the future only to fail due to Gumball and Darwin not caring? Just what is going on?

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