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Drinking Game / The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Drinking Game for The Amazing World of Gumball includes Regular, Hardcore, and I Spy Mode.

Regular Mode:


  • Down a drink whenever Gumball or Richard cross-dresses.
  • Take the label off your drink whenever Gumball is naked.
  • Take a sip for Gumball or Richard not wearing pants. That'll teach you for watching episodes in order.
  • Take a drink for every time Gumball is seriously injured.
    • Take two drinks if Darwin gets injured too, three for Anais.
  • Take a drink for every time Darwin squeaks.
    • Take two whenever Gumball or Darwin's voice cracks in Season 2.
  • Take a drink if Gumball drops his spaghetti at the sight/thought of Penny.
  • Take a drink if Gumball says "What the what!?".
    • Take two if it's a variation on the phrase, down it if it's said by another character.
  • Take a drink if you spot some Gumball and Darwin Ho Yay.
    • Two drinks for a kiss.
    • If this can't be done, down it all.
  • Take a drink every time Gumball or Darwin come up with a dangerously bad plan.
  • Take a drink whenever Darwin's naïvety annoys someone.
  • Down a drink if Anais sighs, says 'Oh boy', slaps her forehead or makes any other indication that she thinks she's Surrounded by Idiots.
  • Take a drink whenever Richard acts like a complete idiot.
  • Slowly begin to drink if Richard begins to yell 'NOOOOOOO'. Keep drinking until it stops completely.
    • Warning: You will have to drink for more than twenty seconds on more than one occasion.
  • Take a drink every scene Richard eats something. Take another if he eats an unrealistic amount at once.
  • Take a drink whenever Richard comes up with creative and lazy ways to do everyday activities.
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  • Take a drink every time Gumball comes up with a witty snark.
  • Take a sip for each melodramatic line from Gumball, Darwin and/or Richard. This is gonna hurt.
  • Take a drink whenever Nicole becomes violent.
  • Take a drink whenever Nicole breaks a law or acts suspicious.
  • Take a drink every time Tobias tries to seem "cool," but ends up failing, and another if it's from his flirting.
  • Take a sip if a plant character has a Ho Yay moment.
    • Take another if it's not Leslie (the flower).
  • Take a drink whenever Larry is working at an establishment.
    • Take a drink every time he complains or shows regret about it.
  • Take a shot whenever someone gets Rob's name wrong.
    • Take two if they get it right.
  • Take a drink every time Billy says "Mother".
  • Take a drink every time every time Ocho gets angry. Take another if it's directed toward Gumball.
  • Take a drink every scene where the sun or a planet speaks.
  • Take a drink every time an animation error incorrectly shows Penny with her shell on after "The Shell."
  • Take a drink every time you're watching a Season 6 episode and the blue-haired, orange-skinned woman shows up.
  • Take a drink whenever a character makes “The Face” in Season 4, 5, or 6. Two if it's not Gumball, or if it's in a Season 3 or 2 episode.


(Not tested, nor recommended)

  • Take any amount of LSD before you begin watching.
  • Take a hit of marijuana during episodes involving Mr Small.
  • Put a sock in your mouth at the critical moments in "The Kiss", or whenever Gumball is in the sewer or needs to put something disgusting on/in his mouth.
  • Add a light pinch of salt to your drink if Gumball or Darwin cries.
    • Add a light pinch of sugar if Nicole makes proud tears of happiness.
  • Toast the Irish folks at Boulder Media at the start of every Season 1 episode, then down a drink for each non-CGI character you see.
  • For those watching on-air, take a drink for each obviously-censored scene. As with any censorship drinking challenge, if you live in the Australian region, keep an ambulance on speed-dial
  • Take a drink every time a character blinks but is not otherwise moving. This might kill you.
  • Splash your face with your alcoholic beverage of choice if Gumball in a thong attempting to swim appears in the episode.
  • Fill your drink with marshmallows and down it if Gumball does something bad to Anais or the other way around in an episode.
  • Take a sip every time something silly happens during an otherwise dramatic moment.
  • Take a drink every time Bobert takes something literally. Take another if it puts people in danger.
  • Get a pack of your least favorite alcohol. Drink one sip of it every time Gumball gets dirty to emulate his disdain.

I Spy Mode:

  • Try to find or create all possible characters in your household. Do not attempt to spray-paint a kitten blue; just stick to the inanimate objects. Drink for every character you can't create.


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