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Nightmare Fuel / The Amazing World of Gumball

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You wouldn't think an adorable, innocent show like The Amazing World of Gumball could give you nightmares, would you?

Well, it does. Season one is relatively kiddie, but from season two onwards, the show's humor has gotten a bit dark and disturbing, but still has that whimsical kids' show charm. While most of it can be taken in good fun, some can cross the line (by TV-Y7note  standards, anyway).

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  • Anton, the toast kid, always ends up getting eaten by birds or similar creatures. It's his body. Now imagine it happening to yours. Possibly worse is something when we find out just how he "survives" all of this.
  • Tina.
    • There's also her incredibly menacing father, who is so tall that he can't even fit the frame of the camera, and apparently eats trespassers.
    • And Nicole can kick his ass with ease when pissed off. There's a reason Gumball is more terrified of his own mother angry than a T-Rex. Even Tina finds Nicole scary.
  • Some of the Uncanny Valley moments can also be somewhat freaky, but still funny.
  • Nicole Watterson can be this at times.

    Season 1
The Debt
  • When Mr. Robinson is trying to clear his throat to practice, Gumball mistakes it for choking. He then proceeds to attempt the heimlich maneuver on Mr. Robinson which causes his heart to come out. Mr. Robinson then weakly tries to put his heart back in by using his tongue. Sure, it's Played for Laughs but it can be quite uncomfortable to some.
  • When Mr. Robinson gets crushed by the platform. Of course he's fine, but it's still disturbing to see someone just get flattened like that.
The Quest
  • When Anais freaks out over the loss of her Daisy the Donkey doll, Gumball reminds her that it's just a toy. Anais pulls off a Nightmare Face and says NO. IT'S. NOT.
    • Can't mention that scene without mentioning this one.
The Painting
  • When Mr. Small wears his skin-tight interpretive dance suit in season one, it's only a little disturbing, but when he wears a similar one in season two, it's a lot disgusting. You don't know whether to scream, puke or give him a sandwich.
    • Well, he stated himself in "The Job" that he was on a diet where he was supposed to only eat sunshine.
      • And this is the most frightening thing of all. In real life there are actually people convinced that they can live off of just sunshine and water.
The Ghost
  • When Carrie possesses Gumball, his design is horrifying and nightmarish. The same can be said for Richard when Carrie possesses him at the end.
    • To add more to this there's the expressions of sheer fear when Carrie is possessing Gumball and the cut off scream when she's finally done.
The Prank
  • Another example in "The Prank", when Richard pretends to snap, nearly crushing Gumball and Darwin with a bucket full of solidified cement and then chasing them through the house giggling like a lunatic, up to the point of bursting through walls.
    • That psychotic Slasher Smile he makes after they are almost crushed is really terrifying.
      PRANK TIME!!
      • Also the line "I'm gonna PRANK YOU...".
The KissThe PartyThe Robot
  • Bobert's Kill and Replace attitude toward Gumball in "The Robot".
    Gumball: When I said you could copy me, I didn't say to steal my life!
    Bobert: But that's the logical solution of this course of action. Observe, assimilate...REPLACE.
The Picnic
  • Half the stuff Gumball and Darwin encounter when they get lost in the forest in "The Picnic".
    • Especially this freaky looking thing.
    • The predators make some really freaky sounds when they're eating each other in the Always a Bigger Fish montage.
The Genius
  • The premise of the episode is bizarrely dire: the government takes Darwin away for testing, apparently including brain dissection, simply because he's too smart.
The Date
  • The terrifying close up of Mr. Cuddles' face in "The Date" probably terrified quite a few arachnophobes.
The Club
  • Before the comedic reveal, the part where Gumball is approached by the reject club in "The Club" is pretty creepy. Especially when the hallway lights begin to go out and Gumball is surrounded by disembodied, mostly unintelligible whispers with only words such as "loser" able to be made out.
The Microwave
  • The episode gives us the blob creature that Gumball and Darwin created, who they call Kenneth, which proceeds to swallow live creatures (like Anais, Gary, a pigeon, etc) whole.
    • And after he is returned to his normal size and everyone is freed near the end of the episode, Gumball and Darwin decide to raise him again, claiming he will not be hostile because they will do it right this time. Cut to Gumball and Darwin standing at the outskirts of the neighborhood with Kenneth, who is the size of a Kaiju, in the background with houses on fire and sirens blaring. The episode ends with Gumball saying that he should have went with Dad's plan to kill Kenneth with a shovel.
  • The very fact that dumb, lovable Richard was even justifiably driven to kill someone with a blunt object.
  • The part of the episode where Nicole comes home. Darwin and Gumball are barricaded behind the sofa, and as she enters they hurl kitchen objects at her. After the boys are done frantically explaining, Nicole goes outside. Gumball and Darwin freak out, screaming "Mom! No!", but Nicole ignores them. As she walks outside, in the misty, pitch-darkness, calling Richard's name, she begins to grow unnerved, as a massive pair of glowing eyes appear behind her.
The Helmet
  • Just how scary Gumball can be when he's obsessed with the Lucky Helmet.
    • Heck, he even hisses at Darwin because of his obsession. That scene is one of the scariest ones in this episode.
  • This episode has a moment where Gumball seemingly jumps off the cliff chasing the titular object. Anais' shouting his name sounds surprisingly visceral and fearful.

    Season 2
"That's not your mother anymore! That's a whirlwind of fury!"
  • The ending of "The Remote". Anais locks the whole family outside the house and she tunes into the Daisy the Donkey show. What follows is a Staggered Zoom towards Anais' dissonantly serene smile, slowly clapping her hands and dancing on the couch as the Daisy the Donkey theme song takes a turn for the worse.
    • How about the fact that almost everything was a cleverly maneuvered plan by Anais just to get the remote/get the family to stop fighting about it. Anais has more of these 'smart people are scary' moments than anyone else. And she's only like four. This entry might be also count as awesome and funny but still.
  • "The Authority" deconstructs the Bumbling Dad trope, with Jo Jo's parenting methods having made Richard too scared to think for himself and do anything but eat. Nicole might have a bad/terrifying temper, but at least she gives her kids agency.
  • In "The Job", things get really creepy when Nicole has a mental breakdown, Richard turns everything into chaos and so on. This is by far one of the darkest and creepiest episodes in the series.
    • In the same episode a couple made of pizza watch in horror as Gumball murders their child in front of their own eyes.
      • When Mr. Small eats a vegetarian pizza (which is just an assortment of grass and bubblegum) he falls to the floor and his pupils disappear from his eyes. The only evidence that he's still alive is a bubblegum bubble that blows out of his mouth.
    • Remember how Richard couldn't get a job to save his life when Anais' principal suggested he do so? "The Painting" episode was just an appetizer. This episode is why. It's entirely possible that the door of the office building not working whenever Richard tried to go through was because the universe was trying to stop him from erasing reality by holding down employment.
  • "Halloween" was very creepy at some points, especially that scene with those ghosts using Gumball and Darwin's lifeless bodies and begin playing with them. Anais comes around the house and sees the lifeless bodies being moved around... it's really disturbing. Sure, it was Played for Laughs, but still.
  • "The Apology" has the scene where Ms. Simian was chasing Gumball in a bout of primal rage.
  • Hector, when Gumball convinces him to let his feelings out. There's a reason his mom tries to keep him level-headed and Hector's mother justifies the enforced of the My Beloved Smother trope.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "The Flower." Gumball, under the effects of Jealousy actually attempts to murder Leslie via a death-trap. What makes this even more horrifying is that he would have succeeded if Jealousy had glued more than Leslie's pot.
    • And then there's the exorcism.
  • Gumball takes "smile with his eyes" to a horrifyingly literal level in "The Photo".
    Gumball: *speaking with a Voice of the Legion due to his eyes being replaced by tiny mouths* This is horrific, isn't it?
    Darwin: Mhm.
    * Gumball starts crying*
    Darwin: Er, are you crying, or drooling?
    Gumball: I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE!
  • Gumball and Darwin when they dehydrate from crying too much in "The Tag".
  • "Dodj or Daar" from "The Game", due to it being a Artifact of Doom that warps the player's reality until they finish the game, especially considering some of the cards one can pull.
    • The worst of them all goes to the Dodj card that prevents all players from breathing for the remainder of the game. What in living hell is it with that board game?!!?
    • Another highlight is when Dodj or Daar is first retrieved from under the bed. Gumball and Darwin already know how dangerous the game is, but Dodj or Daar still wordlessly makes an effort to tempt them into playing again, mostly with ominous Drones of Dread. To reiterate: Dodj or Daar WANTS to be played.
    • Richard's squashed body, especially his face, when he's stuck with the "gravity is your enemy" dodj card.
    • The flashback where Gumball is being chased by a pack of dogs (while wearing a ham suit, of course) who look like they want to maul him to death. Imagine having such an experience in real life. Richard counts too, with a pair of slanted reptilian eyes and fangs and making his entrance by unmovingly sliding in from the top right screen corner for no given reason and attacking Gumball.
  • Nicole when her Berserk Button gets pushed one too many times in "The Limit". The result is not a pretty sight.
    Gumball: What's wrong with mom?!
    Richard: That's not your mother anymore! That's a whirlwind of fury!
    • Particular note for how she was limping this whole time because her spine was rendered crooked.
    • At one point during her rampage, a security guard who tries to stop her ends up being so frightened by her glare that his hair literally turns white (and his eyes) and he ages on the spot. He then faints and has a hard time breathing.
    • There's also the fact that Nicole herself told everyone to run right before she went into her berserk state.
  • "The Promise" has Banana Joe getting smashed under a set of weights. It all gets worse from there.
  • "The Voice": Someone is constantly watching Darwin and Gumball and holding a grudge, but they fail to remember him. They remain oblivious to who it really is, even as the audience sees he's getting angrier and has some sort of incredibly destructive power. The Reveal that it was all a misunderstanding arguably makes it worse: William was getting utterly furious at people who were incapable of realizing why or that he was even mad in the first place. If he hadn't figured out he couldn't talk at the last second, he almost certainly would have murdered them both without either party really knowing why.
    Look at me. I'm talking to you. Look at me.
  • The demonic voice and penance stare Nicole gives Harold at the end of "The Castle."
  • Carrie's Jumpscare in The Tape is this one. Especially to the younger viewers.
  • In "The World", there are a few moments of this:
    • The trees talking while Penny and her family are out camping.
    • The living pillow saying that it likes to listen to your dreams.
    • The scene with the living food being eaten.

    Season 3
"Thanks, guys! I'll file those under 'Never try this again'."
  • "The Fan" shows how terrifying a stalker Sarah can be. Like, in her video, explaining how she's been there through most of the events of previous episodes, sneaks into Gumball and Darwin's room, watching them while they're sleeping and explaining that there's lots of places to hide in their house, and that their windows don't lock.
  • In "The Coach", Gumball and Darwin remember three of the most horrible things Jamie has done to the other characters: feeding Anton (a piece of toasted bread) to ducks, chewing Teri's (a paper doll) leg off and spitting it back in her face, and making a sundae out of Sarah (an ice cream cone) and Banana Joe. They're supposed to be visual gags, but thinking about it from their perspective is terrifying. Even Gumball comments on how horrible it is.
  • "The Joy" starts off with Gumball and Darwin getting some kind of Joy-Causing Disease that makes them seem way too happy. It gets worse when their eyes turn completely black, they start drooling rainbow colored slime and start attack-hugging everyone else, infecting almost the entire school, and all with smiles on their face.
    • The ending where Miss Simian tries to videotape instructions on how to get rid of the Joy, but can't remember the name of the musical piece to use nor can she sing it, and ends up being overcome by the virus, doesn't make things better.
    • Gumball's laughter is absolutely psychotic. So much so that Miss Simian (who seldom feels afraid) is visibly frightened.
    • Let's also not forget Anais standing in the corner. Ms. Simian approaches her, thinking she's uninfected and crying due to the horror of the situation, only for the crying to shift into the same deranged laughter as everyone else. And then she turns around, with a big, wide smile.
    • And when Gumball tried to frown (by tearing off his own mouth and slapping it back on, upside-down) his face contorted and twisted itself to force Gumball to smile again.
  • "The Puppy": A turtle is bent on eating the Watterson kids while making creepy faces the whole time. The worst part is probably when she jumps Gumball who was posing as bait.
    • Darwin's face when he saves Gumball from the turtle isn't much better. It's played for laughs though.
  • "The Recipe" (easily one of the darkest episodes so far) has Gumball and Darwin make a clone of Anton. When they lose the first one, they make an army of clones. Gumball later asks where Darwin's group of clones went, and Darwin mentions that he told them to split up to cover more ground and that they may have taken it literally. The clones are just bread, but they're sentient. There's just something really unsettling about the way the screen pans out on Darwin's face as you see silhouettes of the Anton clones killing each other and screaming.
    Darwin: It was "pastricide".
    • Not to mention he montage of Gumball and Darwin killing Anton (crushing him with a bowling ball, giving him a heart attack by showing him a Screamer Prank video, having Tobias eat him as part of a sandwich, the chemistry explosion in science class, putting him through a paper shredder, exploding while playing a slide whistle, getting slammed between a door, getting hit in the face with a baseball, getting stomped on by Tina Rex, and birds popping out of his locker and pecking him to pieces).
  • Zach in "The Name", and how he tries to rewrite Gumball's memories, hoping to make sure that Gumball lost his identity and faded away, especially with how Crazy-Prepared he was in regards to the family's attempts to stop him.
  • In-universe, the background characters staging a Hostile Show Takeover in "The Extras".
  • As much as it's played for humor, the basic concept of "The Void" is incredibly unsettling: The World of Elmore is apparently sentient enough to toss you into an seemingly infinite empty space if it decides your very existence is a mistake. Everyone, even your close friends will forget about you, and if someone manages to come in after you, the universe will try to trap them there as well. And even though Mr. Small, Darwin, and Gumball escape with Molly, the universe managed to erase their memories of everything, so nothing is keeping this from all happening again.
    • Between this, 'The Job', 'The Finale', and a few other examples, it is apparently clear that the "El" in "Elmore" is short for "Eldritch". The universe will collapse thanks to one lazy man getting a job, it decides when you have to go to a realm of no return and have everyone forget you, negative continuity is a ticking time bomb... aside from Ooo, this has to be the most fantastic, yet very terrifying location in the Cartoon Network universe, which we now know is actively screwing with everyone.
  • "The Boss" was chock-full of this, such as:
    • The receptionist morphing into a purple demon lion thing.
    • Rocky's zombified state, complete with white pupiless eyes.
  • "The Law": Ms. Parham going insane after Donut Cop gets fired, by hijacking an ice cream truck, driving through the town without any regard for whatever or whoever is in the way, and threatening to kill Donut Cop's boss (a sentient bucket of fried chicken).
    • Donut Cop himself had some rather creepy facial expressions when trying to prove that he's cool. It doesn't help that he has teeth but not lips, basically giving him a Slasher Smile by default.
  • The clown in "The Procrastinators" (and later, "The Saint", “The Compilation”, “The Choices”, “The News”, “The Ghouls,” and "The Heart" in the video of him using Alan's parents as balloon animals, singing in the Watterson’s window, driving a car twice, being a ghoul, and stalking Gumball and Darwin for Mr. Robinson).
  • "The Burden": Chris Morris and the pile of hair that's not him (though that's more Squick or Nausea Fuel, considering the opening scene of Principal Brown waxing himself for Miss Simian).
    • The montage of Gumball and Darwin playing with "Chris Morris," where the song keeps jumping back and forth between a feel-good song about friendship to Gross-Up Close-Up shots of hair with a horrible buzzing noise blaring each time. It's disgusting and creepy all at the same time.
      • The jumpscare in between with half shaved Principal Brown. Seeing it worse without the horror context is bad enough.
    • Darwin's time with Chris Morris revealing how he feels about Gumball being with Penny is rather unsettling, flipping from calmly telling Chris Morris about it to going Laughing Mad to making it look like he was curling up in the fetal position but rocking back and forth on a childrens' ride in wide-eyed catatonia to angrily telling him off to crying over it (and briefly stopping to say hello to Leslie the flower), then back to realizing that he should accept the fact that Gumball has his own life and he should be happy for him.
  • How quickly society collapsed all because of how overworked and undertipped Larry was (thanks to the Wattersons) in "The Pizza."
  • The butterfly with the live-action face in "The Butterfly" is a slice of Uncanny Valley, even by this show's standards.
  • In "The Saint" Gumball and Darwin participate in "highly experimentally testing" and turn into horrifically mutated abominations as seen in The Last of Us. Especially Darwin.
    • Gumball selling Alan's parents and showing Alan video footage of Alan's parents being twisted into balloon animals while they scream in agony.
  • The last shot of "The Oracle," which shows that Banana Barbara painted another prophetic painting; this time, showing the Wattersons confronted by a crumbling Elmore (or inside the dimension of Elmore's mistakes, as seen in "The Void") while an ominous shadow covers them.
    • The scene where Banana Barbara slowly turns to look at the camera, wearing a smile that is equal parts disturbing and goofy.
  • "The Mirror" is a very creepy episode.
    • Against Darwin's advice, Gumball refuses to forward a scary email, bringing down a curse on the whole family. It causes a ghost to go inside and invade their property.
    • Here's a clip.
    • The ending where the ghost comes out of the mirror, and reveals to be Carrie's long lost father doesn't help.
  • The video in "The Safety" is this in-universe.
    • That face Little Teddy makes at the end (you can make out white eyes if you look at it long enough). Seriously, while this doesn't justify anything in the long run, at the same time, you can't blame Darwin for getting Paranoid either.
    • Speaking of that episode, it's ripe with some creepy brainwashing.
    • Darwin. Sure, most of it is played for laughs, but it's hard to see him go from asserting to dead serious about essentially taking over the world. For bonus points, one symbol in his room looks too similar to a Nazi symbol. It's accidental, but that could have been an indication of if he went one step too far.
    • This face.
  • The Screamening, the movie from "The Spoiler", is this in-universe.
  • This moment from the end of "The Countdown".
  • In "The Nobody", Gumball and Darwin find out that someone has been living in their house without them noticing.
    • What makes it worse is the fact that somebody was living in the basement for a long time without anybody finding out. What makes it truly terrifying is the fact that this could actually happen in reality, and it has.
    • That someone turns out to be Rob, who managed to escape from the Void by clinging to Janice, but ended up terribly scarred and distorted in the process, and after regaining his memories he swears revenge on Gumball and Darwin for leaving him behind, essentially becoming the Big Bad of the show.
  • "The Downer":
    • Everyone disappears with no warning and everything related to joy or happiness is made negative somehow.
    • And Gumball thinking the sudden disappearance of everyone is a sign of the Biblical end of days.
    • A formless black misty/oozy mass begins to consume Elmore, similar to Mr. Popo absorbing Garlic Jr.
    • While Gumball is running from the black mass, he stops at an intersection and waits for the light. It finally changes from "Don't Walk" to "No Escape".
    • It's revealed that Gumball imagined everyone being gone and the black mass is implied to have been his negative feelings trying to take him over. Yes, the plot was Gumball pretty much having a mental breakdown.
    • When Gumball tries to cheer up by watching TV, there is an ad featuring a creepy-looking woman that parodies heavily Photoshopped models. She is downright unsettling, especially when she laughs robotically at the end of the ad.
  • "The Vacation" is chockful of this (which is justified, since it was intentionally made as a send-up of horror movies where travelers get stuck on the road and are taken in by creepy people who live off the grid, like Wolf Creek and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [both the original and the 2003 remake]). The elderly, toothless man and his mom turn out to be good, but have a creepy design and behavior nonetheless. Even worse, at the very end of the episode, as the Watterson family happily goes back home, they're completely unaware that the winged monstrosity from Gumball's story can be seen abducting the old guy behind them.
    • How to make that last scene more creepily: actually pay attention. Like if you noticed it the first watching, it looks the size of regular bird. But this troper actually looked at the scene, and that THING is huge. Good thing, the Wattersons got out just in time.
  • "The Money" where the Wattersons' lose their money and refuse to sell out to make more as it turns out their money seems to be proportional to the show's budget, as they rush to sell out, the world is downgrading/disassembling in various ways, 2D characters become uncolored animatic stills, 3D characters become twitchy low-rez wireframes, and the show soon degrades to storyboards and amateur drawings on Post-It notes.

    Season 4
The result of a parasitic relationship...
  • "The Return":
    • Richard's imprecise, unsettling memory of his children's appearances, including imagining them as demons in Hell who berate him for being a lousy father.
    • The whole episode can be pretty terrifying. From Richard's Adult Fear of losing his kids to the three kids being forgotten, trapped in a ball pit and locked in a shipping container for almost twenty four hours. Not to mention what would happen if Nicole finds out that Richard fails to check their children.
  • The Others
    • Gumball's head literally splitting open when Anais tells him to "open his mind."
    • The freaky, bad-acid-trip-esque sequence as Gumball and Darwin begin to notice the other students at Elmore Junior High that aren't in their class.
    • Gumball's insane rant as the episode concludes. He more or less assaults Clare (violently shaking her and jumping on her), he periodically develops crazy eyes as he yells at the people he thinks he's helping, and Jared seems to be genuinely afraid of what he might do if they don't play along. Perhaps creepiest of all is the fact that he truly believes this is what Clare and the others want, and apparently doesn't understand that it springs from his desire (or need) to be the center of attention.
  • "The Signature"
    • Richard's creepy Nightmare Face as Louie signs the adoption form. Richard is just about the last person on this show you would expect to make a legitimately sinister face.
    • Nicole's equally terrifying nightmare face when she threatens Martin who is playing around on his work computer instead of helping the Wattersons get Granny Jojo's marriage license notarized and stopping Frankie from taking their house.
  • The Sale
    • Although it fails in hilarious fashion, the build-up to Darwin's jump scare is legitimately scary.
    • Richard trying to break down the shed door and screaming, "Daddy's coming!". While it is supposed to be funny (and a send-up of Jack Nicholson's "Here's Johnny!" scene from The Shining), it can come off as disturbing.
  • "The Gift"
    • Gumball, Darwin, and Larry's pupils bleeding into their eyes after receiving another explosive birthday party invitation.
    • Masami states to some of her friends that she would accept a birthday present as simple as a flower. Leslie responds by tearing his own head off, and he screams in pain.
    • Gumball, Darwin, and Masami stuck in the burning (then flooding when Masami removes the water pipe) basement
  • The Parking
    • While attempting to get the sentient milk carton acting as a security guard to park the car, Gumball accidentally stabs the carton with a car key. After Gumball removes the key, the guard begins gushing "blood" and slumps over, his eyes half-closed and one arm dangling limply over the side of his booth. The "blood" is milk, but the scene is disturbing nonetheless (fortunately, the milk carton is shown later with a bandage over his wound when he catches Richard trying to spraypaint a parking space).
  • The Romantic
    • Penny's reaction to being told to come to the dessert place instead of a desert place where she just arrived that even Gumball admitted he should have corrected in the first place and not make her come there. Penny ends up Laughing Mad as she turns into her Medusa form, which only comes up if she's mad (like when she thought Gumball called her fat on "The Mirror").
  • The Uploads
    • Mr Small's video in which he exhales so much that he breathes himself inside out, which Gumball rightly reports.
    • The montage of video clips at the end of the episode has at least a couple of disturbing images: a photo of a guy with mouths for eyes, a field of screaming potatoes with human faces, and a picture of a tarantula with their two front legs reared up and a shoe on each leg. (The latter may be slight Nightmare Retardant for some once they notice the goofy shoes.)
  • The Apprentice
    • Gumball's attempt at altering his own DNA as shown in the picture above. It's not pretty.
    • Gumball's hallucinations from his concussion, including seeing Mr. Fitzgerald with four feet and a face on his tongue, seeing his own thumb pop off, dance, and fly away, hitting a golf ball with a tennis racket so hard that it shatters the entire scenery, and the nightmarish vision he sees inside a golfball.
  • The Wicked
    • A lot of Margaret's destructive antics, like feeding coffee-laced nuts to the park squirrels and having them attack everyone, purposely trying to run down Gumball and Darwin with her car, trying to run down mall shoppers with the Watterson family car, letting her brother drown, burning down Elmore Junior High, watching Darwin choke on a toy from a chocolate egg and smiling evilly as she shuts the door on him, and being overjoyed over the thought of a hospital having a power outage.
  • The Traitor
    • Not to mention the fact that Gumball apparently injures Alan's uncle (the white smiley face balloon) and then inadvertently wears a piece of him as a glove.
  • The Advice
    • After Darwin coats the school hallways with oil, we see several examples of the carnage that ensues. Included is a scene of Teri screaming in agony as she tries in vain to keep her balance and ultimately splits in half vertically.
  • The Signal
    • The town of Elmore is plagued by satellite TV interruptions that cause the town itself to glitch. What's worse is that no one notices or cares and when Gumball and Darwin finally do notice (after Darwin thinks Gumball has a bizarre case of stuttering that makes him insult him) and wonder why Elmore is being affected, the scene jumps to the end where Richard happily tells the family that Gumball and Darwin are friends again and that everything is back to normal (you can feel just how artificial that happy ending is)...and Gumball and Darwin mirthlessly laugh along, unsure of what just transpired. Even worse: they're laughing nervously because right as the scene changed they realized Elmore isn't real and that their lives may be part of a TV show and the interruptions attempted to make them forget everything, like when the Dimension of the World's Mistakes took away the tinfoil hats Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small had on in "The Void", only here, Gumball and Darwin act like they still remember what happened rather than conveniently forget it. Simply put, the entire episode plays out like something you'd see during [adult swim]'s "Off the Air" segments (home to a lot of unsettling and jarring non sequitur programming).
  • The Parasite
    • Anais makes a new friend, Jodie, and they fuse together.
    • The flashbacks near the end of the episode. Everything in Anais' diary turned out to be true, but it seems she left a few things out.
    • Gumball tries to demonstrate the concept of a "parasite" to Anais by fusing with Darwin. The result is Gumball's regular head sitting atop a blue and orange fungal Eldritch Abomination with dripping flesh, a twitching body, and a mouth with snarling, chattering, bucktoothed teeth. After Anais leaves, Gumball tries to direct their fused body to the right, but the Darwin-Abomination below sees Tobias walk by (without eyes), which pursues the now unnerved Tobias, lunging at and attacking him.
  • The Girlfriend
    • Jamie chasing Gumball through the hallways trying to be romantic. Think a PepeLePew cartoon played for horrornote  or the climax of the Haunting Hour episode "Terrible Love"note  if it was scarier.
  • The Nest
    • The episode is pretty much Gremlins (the first one) with a mix of Aliens with the revelation that the Evil Turtle is a mother and was pregnant the whole time, her babies have been kidnapping residents and trapping them under the Watterson house, and then the eggs hatch and begin attacking everyone in town...though there are some darkly humorous moments, like Harold jogging through the chaos before he gets attacked, the green goblin CEO of Chanax getting bit in the crotch, and the microphone head news anchor's report of the turtles attacking people so they can take their jobs.
  • The Bus
    • The episode ends up taking a nosedive into Nightmare Fuel territory starting with the reveal that the pretend hijacking to teach the kids about the dangers of skipping school was actually a plot to not only plant a real bomb but to also get real money. The one behind it was none other than Rob, aka Dr. Wrecker. Not even the audience saw that coming...
    • Gumball was notably horrified that Rob being behind everything, and actually referred to him by his real name. While Gumball back in "The Nemesis" was only helping him be a better villain just to make him feel better, he didn't know Rob would improve this much, and actually resort to the point of using the bomb to kill him and everyone else on board.
  • The Night
    • Mr. Small's dream of being trapped in a small room isn't that scary at first...until you remember that he has claustrophobia from being locked in a file cabinet all the way back in "The Sock".
    • A couple of Larry's dreams, including one where he stands among the rubble of a convenience store in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and is soon confronted by a haggard older version of himself, who rasps, "You have wasted your life!"note  before disappearing without a trace, and then the sun explodes. Soon after, there's another one where his parts of his mouth are stuck together, as a Shout-Out to a similar scene in The Matrix.
    • When we get to Anais, we're shown a dream where she's the doll and Daisy's the person. Daisy then proceeds to "play" with Anais, which involves her dunking Anais in the bathtub like she's trying to drown her, hanging her on a clothes line and drying her with a hair dryer, her and another one of Anais' dolls playing tug-a-war until they rip off an arm and a leg, and dragging her from the back of the Watterson's car. By the end of it, Anais is stitched up everywhere. Daisy then says that she considers Anais her best friend, and pulls the string on the back of her while asking if she thinks the same. Anais answers her with "Please, end this." After Daisy's response of "Never", the dream ends, and it looks like we're going to cut to someone else (or show Anais waking up screaming), when:
      Daisy: That was my dream.
      • What makes it even worse is the fact that Anais loves her doll, and never mistreats it (aside from drop kicking it during "The World"). It would be one thing for a Sid Phillips-esque evil child to torture a helpless toy and it wish for justice or revenge on their tormentor, but Daisy is a sadistic psychopath who wants to not only make every waking moment of a four-year old girl's life a nightmarish hell for no reason, but repairs her so she can keep on doing it.
      • Of course, it's entirely possible that she's been driven to madness by having to keep pretending she's inanimate, surely an And I Must Scream state. Though one questions why, given that they accepted Darwin and everything else is alive.
      • What makes this even more disturbing, not to mention sad, is because in the past, Daisy did come to life and told Anais she loved her, but was rather violently rejected. so it makes sense that Daisy would build up resentment, or possibly fear of being harmed.
      • The disturbing parallels to Coraline only serve to make it even worse.
    • Alan's dream of decay, destruction, fire, and brimstone. There's a possibility he's repressing his anger, or not even a nightmare like that bothers him.
  • The Misunderstandings: Gumball attempts to help some construction workers change their creepy compliments into ones people might appreciate, and has them practice on Banana Joe. The whole thing is played for laughs, but some of their comments are...profoundly disturbing.
    Gray Construction Worker: I like your skin. It fits you like a glove.
    • Then there's the comments they make to Gumball about his "soft fur", which he lampshades as sounding like the last thing a victim hears in a horror movie.
  • The Roots
    • When the Wattersons believe they may have to send Darwin away so he can be happy, they all have a massive freak out, culminating in Richard ripping off his ears, and pulling out his tooth.note 
    • Richard eating fish hooks, resulting in him piercing his stomach and fainting.
    • The way Darwin tries to get an explanation from his family when he mistakenly believes they abandoned him.
  • The Blame
    • After passing out from watching the "loading screen", Billy ends up with red eyes and the same rainbow colored drool from "The Joy".
    • Darwin puts the Wii Remote-like controller in Anais' mouth and she ends up swallowing it. Later she's used as as controller.
    • All the violent references they said come from the books are just disturbing (even knowing they are true). One example is: "If you want more blood and guts, give Shakespeare's plays a try! In 'Titus Andronicus', a mother gets her son served up in a pie."
      • Colin is eaten off-screen, resulting in some of his "egg yolk" splashing on the audience.
    • The ending is kind of scary when you realize this stuff happens in real life and now the kids have no video games to play and no books to read and it's only a matter of time before Felicity watches television above the Y7 rating.
  • The Slap
    • Gumball goes to disturbing lengths while trying to get his butt slapped by Tobias, including manipulating his body parts in strange ways.
    • That face is not very pretty.
    • When Gumball and Tobias are locked on the roof, they resort to cannibalism and attempt to eat each other.
      • Due to the heat, Gumball and Tobias end up stuck to each other like glue, and roll around the surface of the roof, which drags Gumball's fur, and possibly his skin, off.
      • When Gumball spots a helicopter, the two try to spell out a message so the pilot will see it and rescue them. They do so by pulling off their limbs in order to spell out the words "need help."
      • Towards the end, Gumball and Tobias are dried and withered, and at one point start to hallucinate. Gumball sees Tobias as a rainbow llama, and Tobias sees Gumball as a cat with a disturbingly humanoid face.
    Tobias: You look like a cat, but not enough.
  • The Detective
    • The montages shown in this episode have a few scary moments, including when Gumball and Darwin are shown under the effects of sugar.
  • The Fury
    • This episode can be easily considered one of the most violent of the series, specially during the anime fight and the treatment that Nicole receives from Yuki. There isn't blood or gore (despite Gumball's advice that one of the scenes would be "rated R for an abundance of outrageous gore"); however, the scenes are relatively intense for a TV-Y7-FV rating (knowing how Cartoon Network rates, if it was an episode for a TV-PG rated series like Regular Show, it's more likely that it would receive a TV-PG-V).
  • The Scam
    • Given that the show has progressively gotten darker and creepier with time, it'd make sense that this Halloween special would be creepier than the last. In the beginning, Gumball tells a story about a horrible monster named "Gargaroth The Devourer", who's so ugly, that words cannot describe him. And so, to illustrate just how revolting he is, Gumball briefly changes shape to resemble Gargaroth, and makes disgusting noises during his transformation, and goes back to normal like nothing even happened.
    • When the students freak out due to various objects in the room (and some students) being manipulated to float and move by Carrie, Sussie's dress lifts up revealing Sussie's actor, Aurelie Charbonnier's eyes.
    • Later on in the episode, It turns out that Gargaroth is in fact, real, and climbs up from the depths of the underworld (which was caused by Mr. Small shouting his name)and begins terrorizing the school. And when we actually get to see him, it turns out he's even uglier (and scarier) than Gumball's portrayal. And this is what he looks like.
  • The Disaster
    • Rob is back and he bought a TV remote from the Awesome store (same place where Darwin and the Evil Turtle were bought from) that allows him to control anything. When he realized he can use it for evil, the store owner immediately tried to take it away from him but Rob accidentally hit rewind, reminding Rob of what happened after he escaped from the Void as well as being disfigured and becoming a villain because of Gumball. He resets his Evil voice back to normal and when the store owner asks him to pay for the remote at least, Rob uses the remote to erase him from existence. Evil voice or not, Rob is still a threat and even more so with his new toy.
    • The episode actually exploits and subverts the use of the show's Reset Button. Rob apparently knows that the show's credits are what brings the characters back to their status quo, and he makes it a point to actually push Gumball out of the show itself and into the Void. As he closes the hole, the credits are shown playing through the static, as Gumball plummets. The Reset Button can't save him this time.
    • There is just something so unnerving about the theme song towards the end of the episode. The contrast between Gumball's situation and the happy and jolly theme is so creepy and melancholic.
    • Just how easily Richard and Nicole can break up if their mental/parental filters get turned off. It can make any kid paranoid.
    • At one point Gumball presses the 'off' button on the remote... while pointing it at Rob. Rob immediately 'switches off' - his body goes limp, his eyes stare off into space, even the static parts of his body freeze. It's not as if he's been killed but as if he's been put on standby, further underlining the reality that he and Gumball are just characters in a TV show.
    • "Can't you see that none of this is real?!"

    Season 5
Darwin's death by suffocation. Shown entirely onscreen.
  • The Rerun continues from The Disaster where Gumball attempts to avert Rob's plans, only for things to come out even worse. For example, the Watterson family returning to babies (or dying on-screen, as you want to say).
    • In detail: Nicole and Richard are reduced to babies, and that's only because Gumball and Darwin managed to stop Rob from de-aging them completely.
    • And even then, the damage was already done, with Anais vanishing into nothingness after her limbs degenerate slowly. But the worst part is Darwin doesn't even vanish. He simply reverts back to his original fish state, and, lacking his developed limbs and lungs, suffocates and shrivels to a corpse, trying desperately to breathe through his gills the whole time. Gumball's reaction says it all.
    • Penny being knocked off the mall's second floor balcony and being a simple pause click away from falling to her death. If Rob had been feeling slightly more cruel, he'd drop her.
  • In The Stories, Darwin covers Gumball's mouth to prevent the latter from hurting Molly's feelings, causing the back of his head to blow up and knock him out.
  • During the lightsaber scene in The Boredom, Banana Joe burns one of the Clipboard Men's eyes clean off.
    • Two other people are split in half.
  • In The Vision, Darwin tries to attack Alan via dart, but he accidentally inhales it and chokes on it.
    • After that, Gumball's head ends up getting stapled.
    • Alan's titular "vision": to actively manipulate his way into becoming Student Body President, and from there, placing unhappy people into "happy camps," which basically forces them to be happy. And he wants to spread this worldwide.
  • The Choices gives us our first look at Nicole's parents, and let's just say there's a reason Nicole has a Hair-Trigger Temper and overwhelming desire to be the best at everything. Her father rarely shows any emotion other than rage (one scene shows him pounding the steering wheel so hard the car engine flies out), and her mother had her life planned down to the second. Needless to say, that's not the kind of pressure that should be put on a child.
    • One of Nicole's hypothetical choices results in her marrying Banana Bob instead of Richard. She gets driven crazy by his Verbal Tic ("Banana") and ends up in a Room Full of Crazy mumbling the word as a Madness Mantra. When Banana Bob tries to get her attention, she turns around revealing that her face now looks exactly like his.
    • Nicole's Imagine Spot where she marries Harold has him constantly insulting her under the guise of compliments. It gets to the point where Nicole (now having had extensive plastic surgery) finally snaps after he says the sushi she made him is too cold. Smash Cut to Nicole being arrested outside their mansion, which is on fire; Harold is nowhere to be seen. At best, Nicole just committed arson; at worst, she committed murder and arson. Not helping is the fact that situations like this have actually happened in real life.
    • Nicole's three hypothetical deaths, soundtracked with Toccata and Fugue in D minor, apparently brought on by catching a deadly disease and not using modern medicine on it, choking on a butterfly, and crashing a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. Luckily we don't see most of the actual deaths, but the implications can cause some Paranoia Fuel given how they came about her making minor changes to her routine.
  • In The Sorcerer, it's revealed that Gumball has a "medical condition" which gives him a horizontal flap on his rear end, which he can open and close and use as a mouth.
  • In The Test, Gumball vomits all what he thinks about Tobias all over him. His face is burnt off afterward.
    • Some of Gumball's faces as he holds in his mean personality. Especially the visibly angry ones on his stomach.
  • The Loophole is full of it, specially when Bobert attacks Gumball with radioactive waves, causing his tongue to grow a hand and start crawling around.
    • Things get worse when he wants to destroy mankind.
  • In "The Copycats", the Wattersons' final resort to stop their ripoff counterparts by putting them in an inescapable scenario with either they go and drive off the unfinished bridge in the oil tank truck or they stop and let the leaking oil tank explode with the fire catching up to it. While Anais found a way to save the Wattersons from certain doom, the Copycats without their Anais weren't so lucky.
    • Also the episode implies that whoever their Anais analogue was, she was removed from the family through some means (hence the redacted character on the website that Gumball looks up). This is meant to parody China's one-child policy but it has some unsettling implications (due to China's mistreatment of female infants in the past, which is implied to be the case here as well).
  • In "The Vase", Nicole's Grinch-like Slasher Smile when she comes up with the idea to break the titular vase.
  • Anais's Imagine Spot in "The Box" about how what it contains led to a zombie apocalypse... due to Richard using the chemical as a squirt gun.
    • And then there's Gumball's fantasy sequence, a homage to The Fly (1986). In it, Gumball finds a portal gun and uses it to excess and... Well, it's pretty easy to guess what happens next.
  • In The Weirdo, Darwin gets bitten by a black widow and knocked out by the venom.
  • In "The Uncle", Ocho kidnaps Gumball as a prank, and that made him very traumatized. He also wanted to hit Darwin with a hammer to make Gumball his only friend.
  • "The Best" had Gumball haphazardly drop chemicals into his beaker, causing smoke to come out of it, which makes him hallucinate Carmen as a melted amalgamation of poodles put under Google Dream's filters complimenting him.
    • And also, Gumball and Darwin found out that Carmen used to be a thug and got expelled. Here's some proof.
  • "The Petals" is this in spades. Due to wilting, Leslie's face starts becoming more and more grotesque as the episode continues, to the point where his cheeks straight up disappear and you can see into his mouth. Towards the end, Leslie flees from Gumball and Darwin who are chasing him with very unnerving smiles whilst carrying shears, and tries to find help. Each person he tries to get help from fails, but the scariest moment of the episode goes to Margaret Robinson for making this face when Leslie tries to get her help.
  • For "The Puppets", the writing staff partnered with guys behind Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. This should tell you something.
    • One of the puppets, Grady, looks a lot like the Jigsaw puppet from Saw, which combines with his Creepy Monotone to make him rather unsettling.
    • Some of the things Gumball imagined up in his childhood are pretty twisted, like Sammy Sun-Scream, the Screaming Sun, and the Tree of Permanent Happiness (who moans "I wish I could feel other things...")
    • Like most things in DHMIS, Frank and Howdy's song alternates between silly and sinister.
      So put them on and bake a cake!
      And while you wait for the cake to bake
      Begin to prepare a second cake
      You did it wrong with that first cake!
      We'll see if you break when you bend!
      The fun will never end!
    • And even worse, there's a short show called "Waiting For Gumball" based on this episode. However, it can also double as Nightmare Retardant, since the three are a lot goofier when they're not busy with revenge.
    • Thankfully subverted with Gumball & Darwin themselves, who look just as they usually do.
  • The News has a catchy singalong of the stock market crashing. Kids won't care but especially if you had your retirement in a 401K in the 2008 crash, is an all-too terrifying and real Adult Fear.
  • "The Nuisance" has the Watterson family's horrifying, painful-looking transformation into a family of human suburbanites (complete with Darwin turning into a talking dog, which was the most similar to a transformation into a werewolf).
    • The Watterson's hair-brained scheme to prevent Elmore from having its properties sold off involves essentially destroying the town to devalue it, which includes leaving radioactive material buried in the Wilson's front yard. We get to see Harold mutate in seconds, only barely keeping his freakish growths just off-camera while a melted second face is on the back of his head.

     Season 6
  • Anais in "The Rival". Cute, adorable, intelligent baby. That wants to kill her big brothers by any means necessary.
  • The brief appearance of a certain static in "The Vegging", as well as the couch turning into a cardboard prop.
  • In "The Cringe", it's revealed that when Gumball and Hot Dog Guy were babies, their mothers deliberately exposed them to each other when HDG had chickenpox. Not overtly frightening, but most medical professionals agree that "pox parties" can do more harm than good, as even chickenpox can be deadly to children if treated incorrectly.
  • In "The Cage", Mr. Corneille already has a pretty deep voice and an odd looking character design, but watching him reading during the montage only to abruptly hurt his neck qualifies as this.
    • Gumball's Demon Head while yelling "TEACH US" is also terrifying.
  • In "The Pact", Banana Joe, Bobert and Leslie horrifically wither and disintegrate, as does Gumball's skin, after they all inhale Miss Simian's bad breath.
  • Anais' state in "The Brain", especially towards the end with her trip through town, complete with various hospital sound effects note . The bird chirping is the creepiest part.
    • Anais was face-palming at her family's antics so much, she has a hand-shaped imprint on her skull.
    • What about the parts where Anais was in dangerous situations such as in the middle of traffic or the construction site? Nicole and Darwin are too scared to do anything but Gumball and Richard try to help Anais make it out alive, Anais nearly got ran over at the freeway and almost fell to her death at the construction site , granted none of it was real and she was in the hospital all along and she was just waking up from a Face-palming induced coma dream, although if her subconscious/spirit/soul self got killed in the coma dream, it is possible her body would have died in the hospital for real without ever waking up and her family would mourn her death.
  • Ask anyone who has worked a low-level job. Everything in "The Schooling" is frighteningly accurate and common.
    • The song from "The Schooling" puts the "Creepy" in Surprise Creepy. This is especially true of the implications.
      Make me a cake and fill it with brisket.
      The taste of your hands only sweetens the biscuit.
      Mama's proud boy, his belly is swollen--
      Slathered with butter until it turns golden!
      ** Not just the song, but the way Gumball sings it is quite possibly one of the creepiest moments of The Amazing World of Gumball ever.
    • There’s also the fact that the old lady wanted to beat a live possum in a cloth sack to death to feed her son.
  • In "The Spinoffs", when the little kids open the barn door, Tina and roars to the camera. They all run away screaming and crying.
  • "The Transformation" has Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald, and even Penny, threaten Gumball in order to make him choose a side in their argument. Mrs. Fitzgerald feeds Gumball a cookie that clearly represents him as dismembered body parts, Mr. Fitzgerald whittles a piece of wood with a blank, hollow look on his face (though he ruins the mood when he starts playing the recorder he whittled), and Penny sends Gumball a text with a thumbs up emoji... because it's the closest thing she could find to a hand without fingers.
  • The internet malfunctioning in a gross, disturbing way when it starts using human intelligence in "The Intelligence".
  • In "The Understanding", Peter Pepperoni's parents, Quattro and Siciliana, are revealed to be violently anti-government, going so far as to smoke-bomb City Hall so they can steal everyone's legal documents and destroy them. On a less extreme note, Peter's parents are also the reason he's The Unintelligible, due to them being completely incompetent as homeschool teachers.
  • In "The Ghouls", Sarah is invited to watch a horror movie with a ghoul. The moment she enters the ghoul's basement, she makes one of the series' creepiest faces, whispering that she loves horror movies
  • In "The Awareness", Gumball mistakenly thinks he can photosynthesize to appease Leslie, only to be dried into a shriveled husk... But that's not the disturbing part, oh no. He then rips his dried-off skin, sloughing it off as if he was molting. The whole scene is witnessed by Banana Joe, which sends him into Heroic BSoD. Worth noting that in some broadcasts, they skip this scene to Bowdlerize it.
    Banana Barbara: Joe, honey, it's dinner time!. Did you have a nice day at school?
    Banana Joe: No. No I did not.
  • Gumball and Darwin's overgrown tongues in "The Silence".
  • The end of "The Future", where Rob is literally erased from existence. Even Gumball and Darwin talk about how messed up this is.
  • The climax in "The Factory" has Gumball and Darwin accidentally releasing toxic gas all over the Rainbow Factory. Everyone there would've suffocated to death if they hadn't pushed the override button.
  • The song from "The Web" can get disturbing.
  • "The Inquisition".
    • The school superintendent “fixing” everyone by turning them human. While we’ve seen characters turn human before, this goes a step further by trying to turn them into live-action just like him!
    • The ending of the episode. Rob is defeated and no one wants to listen to what mysterious threat he was trying to save everyone from. Later at night, he wakes up and laments how transformation was the only way to save everyone from the Void and to let them go to "the other place" before the world they're in is erased. Then suddenly, the ground breaks open to reveal the Void, which has apparently deemed all of Elmore a mistake for being inhabited by non-humans too dense and wacky to function in a normal society. Rob says “It’s started!” before falling in. And then the episode (and the series) just ends, lingering on his desperate, terrified scream...


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