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"I don't want people thinking we're robosexuals. So, if anyone asks, you're my debugger."
Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! Zoidberg, Hermes and I were all rummaging through old archive files and came across a bunch of files containing all the Ho Yay that happened while we were in business. Fry, Leela, Bender, I'm sending you to the TV Tropes company to deliver these files.
Leela: Professor, is this really necessary? I don't know why such a company would want ancient dusty files filled with nothing but subtext.
Bender: Oh yeah! My gaydar's flying off the roof right now 'cause of what I just heard.

The series

  • When the poppler calls Leela "Mama" in "The Problem with Popplers," Zoidberg assumes Amy is the father for some reason.
  • Trixie and Dixie in Into the Wild Green Yonder, especially the three in a bed scene with Amy in prison.
  • While Bender and Fry are Heterosexual Life-Partners, they don't usually fall into this... on Fry's side at least. On Bender's side however, he becomes an emotional wreck and stops drinking alcohol (the robot equivalent of binge drinking, as they use alcohol as fuel) any time Fry "leaves" him, or when he even shows a hint of leaving him. The most blatant being when Fry was attempting to resurrect his old dog Seymour, and Bender, in a fit of jealousy, threw Seymour into a pit of magma. Filled with remorse, Bender later tells Fry that he loves him (although he immediately adds that it's "not in the way of the Ancient Greeks") and jumps in to save Seymour's corpse.
    • In "I Second That Emotion" Bender starts to feel jealousy through an empathy chip that connects him emotionally with Leela. He then goes over to Fry and tells him that the reason why he's getting all the guys is because he dresses like a tramp (as this is what Leela thinks of Amy). Fry's response?
    Fry: They're just responding to my personality!
    • "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" has Fry and Bender having a candlelit dinner on a ping pong table that is complete with them having pasta and wine. This scene would have been extremely blatant if Zoidberg was not at the table with them because he was and Bender was acting like a ship captain.
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    • Beast with a Billion Backs has Bender's extreme jealousy when Fry is with his girlfriend at the beginning of the movie, coupled with him leading an ARMY to save the humans because Fry isn't spending time with him. He launches a pirate-themed attack on Yivo for Fry, since he likes pirates.
    • In Ghost in the Machines Bender, now an incorporeal robot-ghost, makes a deal with the Robot Devil that would give him his body back if he kills Fry. After hearing about how much Fry misses him, Bender instead chooses to remain a ghost and live with Fry on the Amish homeworld, despite Fry not even knowing he's there, complete with attempted hugs. He then dramatically saves Fry's life whilst shouting "I love you!". There's also something to be said about when Bender first starts possessing objects, one of which is Fry's electric toothbrush that vibrates vigorously in Fry's mouth.
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    • In "The Cyber-House Rules" when Bender adopts several children for the government subsidies, at one point he tells them "the grown-ups need to talk" and says "come on, Ma" to Fry. Later in that same episode, Bender gets arrested for the way he acted towards the kids he adopted and Fry gets arrested as well.
    • They engage in some rather suggestive dancing at the club in "That Darn Katz".
    • Bender gets a little reciprocation in Godfellas. After Bender is rocketed into space, Fry becomes obsessed with finding him, to the point where he takes a group of monks hostage and relentlessly searches space for three straight days.
    • In "Near Death Wish," Fry makes a point to thank his "lovely robot" during his award acceptance speech. What especially stands out is that he shouts out Bender but not Leela, who is his on-off girlfriend by this point.
  • Bender's obsession with robot soap opera star Calculon is completely littered with blatant Ho Yay, and Bender can easily be seen as a Stalker with a Crush towards Calculon. Bender owns a picture of Calculon with him, and he takes a shower with Calculon in "That's Lobstertainment" after lying to him about being a water boiler for Calculon's shower.
    • Bender then gets a sex change to cheat in the Olympics and ALMOST marries Calculon in "Bend Her".
    • He also sleeps in the same bed with Calculon in "The Beast With A Billion Backs" and extends his eye bulbs towards Calculon, which made Calculon feel uncomfortable.
    • In addition, Bender continues to stalk Calculon in " The Thief Of Baghead" while continuously taking pictures of him and even went as far as bring Calculon back from the grave in " Calculon 2.0.
  • In " A Pharaoh To Remember" Bender starts to idolize Pharaoh Harmenthothep, who enslaved him, Fry, and Leela. After Harmenthothep is killed in an accident, Bender mourns over the Pharaoh even though he just met him before Harmenthothep's death.
  • Bender's adoration of and obsession with "Bubblegum" Tate in "Time Keeps On Slippin'" most certainly gets into this territory, with him interrupting the Professor to ask for Bubblegum to explain things instead, happily taking physical damage from Bubblegum throwing a basketball at him, and generally acting desperate to be recognized by him as a possible Globetrotter (but notably never approaches any of the other Globetrotters about it). When Bubblegum flatly rejects his requests over not being "funky" enough, Bender acts like a heartbroken lover and briefly considers suicide.
  • Also in "The Beast With A Billion Back" Yivo mates with almost everyone in the universe by placing Shklis tentacles into everyone necks, including all of the men. Given the fact that Yivo sounds like a guy due to having a male voice actor, a lot of people could see Yivo's actions towards the men, not to mention Shklis relationship with Fry as super gay but its overlooked with the statement that Yivo is genderless.
  • In "Mobius Dick" Leela states that as captain, she could marry people against their will and threatened to do that with Hermes and Bender. She later tries to do this to Fry and Zoidberg but gets tackled before she could pronounce them husband and wife, and Zoidberg seems kind of disappointed about this
  • In "Calculon 2.0" Fry and Bender talk about how they need "All My Circuits" for the sake of their friendship, and to prove this point they bicker like an old married couple.
  • In "The Deep South," Farnsworth uses a fish aphrodisiac to try to lure in fish but he accidentally sprays it on himself. Zoidberg comes over while having an aroused look on his face and starts sucking on Farnsworth's head, which Farnsworth says "oh my" to in a delighted tone.
  • In "Spanish Fry", Zoidberg asks Bender to "join me and Hermes for a little 'just friends' spooning".
  • Also in "Spanish Fry," Lrrr seemed to be a little too interested in having Fry's "lower horn" for dinner and an aphrodisiac for Ndnd. Even when Lrrr came to believe that the lower horn was a living thing, he cries over it.
  • After Bender gets turned into a human in the first story of "Anthology of Interest II," he becomes aroused by Amy and kisses her. Feeling great about kissing, Bender kisses Farnsworth. Bender declares it isn't working for him anymore. Farnsworth's reply? "Speak for yourself!"
  • "The Prisoner Of Benda" episode had the Planet Express crew switch bodies with each other through a mind swapping device Farnsworth invented. Fry decides to swap bodies with Zoidberg and then goes out to a restaurant with Leela, who was in Farnsworth's body. Fry and Leela then have sex in Leela's apartment, while they were still in Zoidberg and Farnsworth's bodies. Everyone gains their old bodies back in the end but Zoidberg and Farnsworth apparently don't know that their bodies have been violated by Fry and Leela.
  • Also in "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz", police officers Smitty and URL hug each other affectionately for 20 seconds when they were supposed to be supervising Bender while he does community service and this scene of Ho Yay allows Bender to escape by pretending to be a penguin.
  • Some of the orders Zapp Brannigan gives out to Kif are not only humiliating but sometimes filled with Ho Yay. One example of this happens in "Bender's Big Score" when Zapp orders Kif to kneel down and shield Zapp's thighs.
  • During the episode “Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch” Kif becomes pregnant after being touched with the suspects being Fry, Leela, and Amy because they all touched Kif and Zapp Brannigan because he kept using Kif’s toilet. Because of this, Fry and Zapp had to go through a DNA test Farnsworth invented but they are the first two to be rejected
    • Among those also rejected was Zoidberg despite the fact that he never touched Kif. It turns out that Zoidberg was living in the DNA test booth for some time as a makeshift home.
  • In "The Thief Of Baghead" during the montage involving Bender causing scandals out of celebrities tomtake pictures of them for a tabloid, Zapp Brannigan is seen at Elzar's restaurant with Richard Nixon's Head and even though the dialogue between them is muted, they look as if they are going on a date.
  • The relationship between Richard Nixon's head and the headless bodies of Agnew. Nixon behaves like a grieved and enraged wife in "Into The Wild Green Yonder" after Leela and Frida Waterfall accidentally kill Agnew with a slow moving golf cart and Nixon orders them arrested for this.
  • In "Neutopia," Zapp unknowingly flirts with Fry (who was physically turned into a woman), and Fry seems happy with the attention.
  • In "Parasites Love," when Fry begins his Love Confession to Leela, she initially thinks he's going to make some sort of confession about Bender.
    Fry: Leela, there's something I've wanted to tell you for a long time but every time I try I get nervous and my mouth feels like it's stuffed with peanut butter, even when it's not.
    Leela: What is it? Is it about Bender?
    Fry: No, it's about you and me.
    Leela: And Bender?

The comic book

  • Issue #4 writes Kif as indebted to Zapp, despite loathing him, in a way that comes across as toxic attraction. He pulls at flower petals questioning "He abuses me, he abuses me not...", claims to be "all the family [Zapp] needs," and Zapp (who is pregnant with alien bug spawn) asks Kif to be his midwife in a way similar to a marriage proposal.
  • In issue #45, when Earth is about to go to war with the Omicronians, Bender hopes he's dreaming and tries to invoke a Catapult Nightmare... only to wake up in bed next to Lrrr. Granted, Lrrr's got a ray gun to his head, but he's also under the covers with Bender. So is Zapp, for some reason.
  • In one of the comics (specifically, "Son of the Sun"), Fry starts hallucinating and sees Bender as a giant milkshake and starts sucking on his straw. In reality, he's sucking on Bender's antennae, and Bender asks him to stop and never talk about it again.