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  • The Whammer is completely obsessed with Chuck, always pounce-hugging him, invading his space, and demanding to be his "partner". Liz Breen was asked if this would ever lead to anything, to which she replied no, as Chuck would never be able to find a partner who his mother would approve of.
  • In "Who Wants Candy?", Eileen wants Violet to be her best friend.
  • Eileen tells Becky she thinks she's pretty in "Earth Day Girl".
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  • "When Chuck's Mom is Away..." has Dr. Two-Brains suggestively trying to "team up" with "Chuckie-Baby". And as soon as he hears Chuck's mom isn't in town? He rushes right over to Chuck's house and gets all close, chummy and invasive. Though it could also be that Two-Brains really just wanted to party in someone else's house without having to worry about making a mess (hence him inviting every villain that the show has ever had over), and Chuck just so happens to be the biggest pushover around.
  • A surprising example is Two-Brains's apparent crush on The Butcher in "The Fill-In". Throughout the whole episode, Two-Brains keeps trying to get Butcher to be his partner rather than henchman-for-a-day, disregarding the other henchman and doing things like waiting on Butcher, complimenting him constantly, building a suit so they can be a compatible fight team, and eventually crying out in desperation, "I neeeed you!" The nameless henchman, jealous, even says to The Butcher at one point, "Nooo, why would he make fun of you? He loves you..." Not to mention, "ham and cheese" is sometimes used as an innuendo.
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  • Reginald mentions that he wouldn't mind being tied up by Brent in "Chuck with a Sidekick of Brent". Chuck reacts appropriately.
  • Reginald of all people rather enjoyed being dragged around by The Butcher in "Have Snob, Will Travel". Despite his usual whining, Reginald continuously calls The Butcher "powerful" and praises him beneath the insults. Nor does he seem too concerned with being rescued any time soon. And when he finally is rescued, as soon as Word Girl leaves he says to The Butcher, "Pick me up again".
  • Invisi-Bill in general. His and Big Left Hand Guy's relationship is chocked full of this, especially from Invisi-Bill, who is very fond of Big Left Hand Guy. In "The Power of Whamship", he and Whammer team up, and hit it off right away. They're even delighted to be arrested together at the end of their crime spree, as they'll get to be roommates in jail and spend even more time with each other!


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