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Totally Reprise very much so enjoys talking about the lesbian (and sometimes gay) subtext this show has to offer.

  • Out of the main girls, Alex seems to show the most affection toward Sam, even having an Affectionate Nickname for her, Sammy. Clover co-opts the nickname in several episodes.
  • Alex refers to a "super-hot model". The model is female.
  • Alex and Britney (when Alex isn't thinking that Britney is taking her place) are very affectionate and touchy towards each other.
  • The three of them, as adults, are even roommates in an episode involving Time Travel. (Although they are disappointed that they're in their 30s and still single... or are they?)
  • Sam, Clover, and Alex sometimes have this between them, like in the episode "Stuck In The Middle Ages With You" where Sam and Alex disguise themselves as knights and rescue Clover who was dressed up as a princess to be the bride for an evil guy.
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  • Sam and Mandy in "Eraser". Sam saves Mandy's life and Mandy turns into a Stalker with a Crush towards her under the guise of wanting to be her best friend. Mandy also hugs Sam initially and openly rubs her cheek against Sam's.
  • In the episode "Abductions" Sam remarks to the Theater Director, "No, really. Clover's my girlfriend and-" while blushing throughout as she tries to claim why Clover should get the lead role over her. Made more curious since later in the episode Alex remarks about Clover and Sam being, "best friends."
  • In the very first scene featuring the girls; Alex, Clover, and Sam all meet at the start of "Evil Boyfriend" and do a Group Hug while all 3 exclaim, "Girlfriend!" Alex later greets an arriving Sam with, "Hey, Girlfriend! Ready for some shoppage?"
  • In "Wild Style" after Clover gets turned into a Cat Girl the villainess of the episode calls her a "pretty kitty".
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  • It's possible the Ho Yay between the spies is visible In-Universe as well. In "Mommies Dearest", Alex's mother is very into getting her daughter a boyfriend, even trying to hook her up with a clearly adult masseuse which Alex calls her on. When a parent is that eager to get their child interested in the opposite sex, it's not a stretch to surmise they're trying to limit any interest in the same sex department. Maybe Alex's mother thinks her daughter already has a homosexual paramour... or two?
  • In Season 2's "Brain Drain," Clover comments to Sam (with a wink!), "Actually, it's hair and makeup time. No girlfriend of mine is going on camera before she's camera ready," and Sam looks at a boy who just asked her out for a study date with a big blush on her cheeks.
  • Season 3's "Freaky Circus Much?" towards the end of the episode features the trio on the couch to watch the reality TV episode that was to feature Clover (which Mandy usurps). Alex openly lays on her back with her head on Clover's lap and Sam leans up against Clover with her hand on Clover's shoulder. A bit later, Alex and Sam tickle Clover into the fade out.


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