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  • Wander and Hater have a lot of Foe Romance Subtext, including:
    • In the Title Sequence, Wander hugs a perplexed Lord Hater while a heart appears behind them. Could also count as Foe Yay, on Hater's side (since Wander doesn't seem to consider him an enemy in any way).
    • In one of the scenarios in "The Brainstorm," Hater winds up married to Wander, who then kisses him on the cheek and hugs him while emitting cartoon hearts (though admittedly, this only happens in Hater's mind).
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    • The biggest one is at the end of "The Rider" Hater shouts that he hates Wander, while Wander says that he loves Hater back.
    • According to Frank Angones, "The Date" was originally going to be about Wander dressing in drag and going on a date with Hater. To be fair, the canon episode did end with Wander offering himself up for marriage with Hater and Hater calling him a "6" (or "4"). The reason they didn't go through with Wander in drag for The Date? They realized there'd be no conflict, because Wander would be perfectly happy going on a date with Hater.
    • When Wander and Lord Hater are stuck on the prison planet together in "The Buddies", Lord Hater has a dream that could possibly be laden with symbolism. He sings "You make my heart fill up with sunshine / and rainbows are just around the bend” then after riding the rainbows, Wander and Hater are show wearing necklaces of flowers… also known as leis.
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    • There's also a moment in "The Buddies" where Hater hurriedly grabs Wander, so that he won't get jumped by the prisoners, and then he proceeds to pet Wander's entire length of body, to which Wander responds by grinning.
    • Also, Wander's attempts to warm a freezing, shivering Hater by hugging him. The first time, Hater's having none of it...the second, he falls asleep with an adorably blissful little smile on his face.
    • "The Big Day" is an incredibly thinly veiled example of a wedding plot between Hater and Wander; complete with a "picking-the-dress" scene, invites to all the Watchdogs (except Peepers), several allusions to weddings such as "It's bad luck to see the victim before you destroy them" and "You only get to destroy me once, let's do it right", and a cake with cake-toppers! On the other side of things Peepers is depicted as something of "Other woman" even interrupting the "Destruction ceremony" and making a speech to Lord Hater about how he thought what they had was special, topped off with hand holding and gazing into each others' eyes. Hater even says "I just can't wait to destroy your body tonight".
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    • "The Fremergency Fronfract" manages to be even more packed with ho yay than "The Big Day", complete with a loopy Hater monologuing out loud about how much he likes Wander, tons of mutual hugging and hand-holding, Wander nearly bursting with glee over Hater wanting to be friends, a forced break up that causes both of them to cry, and ending with a recording of Hater pressing his face against Wander's!
    • In one of the 11 shorts that were released before season 2 ("The Sharpshooter"), there is a very subtle erectile dysfunction joke:
    Hater: Uh, I swear this never happens to me!
    Wander: You wanna take a break and try again later?
    • In "My Fair Hatey", Wander calls Hater "my studly skull-muffin" while stroking his chin. Granted, it's in the context of helping him work up the nerve to talk to Lord Dominator, but still...
    • Wander gets very touchy feely during "Ask Her a Question" at one point shoving his face into Hater's.
    • In "The Birthday Boy" Wander is all too eager to kiss Hater in a game of Spin the Bottle.
    Wander: Hater! I was hoping you'd win. Now pucker up, and let's see that smile!
  • There's also quite a bit of kissing between the Bingleborps in "The Greatest".
    • And the Watchdog army—which Word of God has established to be all MALE.
  • The way Peepers acts towards Hater, especially in "The Buddies", it wouldn't be far-fetched to assume there's a bit of a Bodyguard Crush going on there. And "The Axe" seems to make this more blatant.
    • Might be reciprocated a little, in "The Funk" Lord Hater reaches out and holds Peepers' hand when faced with the powerful inter-dimensional beings.
    • "The Axe" reveals that the password Peepers set up for the Skullship's main computer is "H8erandP33p3rs4evr". Also, when Peepers is having his montage of fond memories, one of them is him watching Lord Hater while he sleeps with a fond expression on his face.
    • In "The End of the Galaxy", after being hailed as a hero for saving the galaxy from Dominator, Hater goes right back to trying to conquer it. This makes all the Watchdogs facepalm, except for Peepers, whose pupil turns into a giant heart.

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