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  • Tiny Toon Adventures has hints of this between Plucky and Hamton.
    • Heck, more than that..! One time, Hamton was suckered into skinny dipping in Max's pool, and when he starts stripping, Plucky starts hooting and hollering like Hamton's an exotic dancer, shouting for him to "take it all off". Another time, Plucky wraps a whip around Hampton, yanks him over, and KISSES him, full on the mouth, with a big red heart popping from it. And then there's how Hamton always acts like such a subservient spouse to Plucky, readily making him meals, never objecting to him coming over at ungodly hours, sharing his bed...face it, they're practically canon.
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    • In a valentine's day episode, Little Beeper falls for Calamite Coyote and chases him through the streets. Alas, we only see this through live action Viewfinder stills.
    • In the "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" special, Babs briefly crossdresses as a male fireworks salesman in an attempt to free Buster from a family of alligators and one of the female alligators releases heart marks, circles around Babs, and asks her if she's married in a flirtatious manner. Babs gets her to back off by saying "Sure am!" before grabbing Byron, the dog, who she had dressed up in a red dress, and declaring "Meet the misses!" In response, the female alligator walks off looking upset.
    • There's also Elmyra's relentless pursuit of Fifi; sure, she wants anything cute and furry, but Elmyra persists even after getting skunked several times, and even dressed as Pepé Le Pew, Fifi's crush (and Spear Counterpart), to lure Fifi to her.
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    • One short called "Can't Buy Me Love" has Elmyra meet an evil little girl called Rhoda. Elmyra sees hearts and positively MELTS when Rhoda says she'll let her be her best friend, and spends the rest of the picture bending over backwards to make Rhoda like her. It plays VERY much like any episode where Elmyra chases Max, only way more seriously, and heck, Elmyra even lets Rhoda HAVE Max (who doesn't want him after mere moments). And after she learns her lesson about not needing to give someone something so they'll like you, Rhoda comes by her window and says she'll be her friend again if Elmyra steals her mom's car keys and drives her to Utah. Instantly Elmyra says "okay" and rushes off eagerly to Rhoda's side. So not only is Elmyra completely infatuated with Rhoda, but apparently Rhoda can't leave Elmyra alone for five minutes, even after Elmyra dumped her. Honestly, these two were meant for each other.

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