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"Istanbul, Istanbul!"

Awesome moments in Tiny Toon Adventures.

  • The origin of Tiny Toons in-universe. Buster and Babs create the show themselves, with help from their mentors.
    • At the end of the episode, when the in-universe animator who created the Bunnies denies giving them a creator-credit, they attack him. At the end of the credits, you can see, "CREATED BY BUSTER AND BABS" meaning that they won that fight.
  • Fifi yelling at Johnny Pew for taking her photo, autographing it, and giving it to another female skunk who's prettier than her and kicking him out of the theater.
    "You, Monsieur Pew, STINK!"
    • And just before that, Fowlmouth, being an annoying talking nuisance throughout the whole movie scene. You'd think the big buff guy in front of him would beat some sense into him, but he just leaves. Eventually it's not only the audience that knocks his lights out (into the MOVIE ITSELF no less), but also the movie characters themselves for being fed up of him ruining it for everyone else. The four of them (three of them not even in that part of the movie yet) simultaneously kick him clear out of the theater leaving a Fowlmouth shaped hole on the door. The audience cheers and the movie characters curtsy and bow with traditional Warner Brothers fanfare.
  • In Loon Lake, Babs getting revenge on the four swan dancers who belittled Shirley and tried to mess up her performance. This doubles as a heartwarming moment.
    • Also, kudos to Shirley who successfully completed her performance despite the swans tripping her up and actively threatening her throughout the whole thing. Even when Shirley was in danger, she never stopped dancing. She earned that applause.
  • In Ruffled Ruffee, Buster getting revenge on an arrogant Jerkass childrens' entertainer for breaking his guitar and subjecting a bunch of kids to his horrid music which bored them to tears.
  • In the episode "Can't Buy Me Love", Elmyra was forced to surrender a lot of the things she loved in life just so she could be friends with Rhoda Queen (who was clearly bullying her and taking advantage of her). But when Rhoda Queen demands that Elmyra gives Furrball to her, Elmyra, having put up with her all day, refuses to do so, having learned that you don't have to give up all your stuff just to make a new friend! Despite all of the pain she causes to Furrball and the other Tiny Toons, you can clearly tell that they mean a lot to her and would do anything to stand up to them!
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  • In "Elmyra At The Mall", Elmyra (albeit accidentally) stops a couple of robbers late one night at the mall.
  • Elmira’s greatest moment by far was during a short in one of the music episodes where she and most of the main/supporting characters are captured by alien robots lead by a Darth Vader Clone who threatens to Tickle Torture them unless they tell him the location of their planet. Incredibly, Elmyra of all people, springs into action and commences the Name Game song in which she and the gang deal with the robots and make it out of their ship just as it explodes. The whole sequence has to be seen to be understood how awesome it is. Basically rather than acting like a fool as usual, Elmyra was legitimately aware of the situation and lead the gang out of it very effectively, and not only she save the other toons but the entire Earth as well. This was definitely Elmyra’s greatest moment.
    • Especially at the end, as the Toons fly away in their spacecar and she's dancing on the hood. She's center stage here and she knows it.
    • Even Montana Max gets a heroic moment here, taking down four robots with a lasso without breaking a sweat.
    • Buster also deserves special mention, taking down the Darth Vader Clone single handedly in a way that would make Bugs proud.
  • Dizzy's human girlfriend Mitzi gets one in Prom-ise Her Anything by telling off Montana Max, effectively giving Max a taste of his own medicine after he was cruel towards Elmyra.
  • Furrball managing to outrun Amby, Lloyd and Fifi throughout "Aroma Amore", just on sheer adrenaline. In addition, giving the former two some much-needed karma for tormenting him throughout this and the previous short in painting them to look like skunks so Fifi could chase them, which doubles as a Moment Of Heartwarming considering how genuinely guilty Furrball felt for leaving poor Fifi in tears.
  • In “The Acme Bowl”, ACME Looniversity is losing a football game against its rivals, Perfecto Prep. Even worse, Plucky has been exposed as a traitor. Things are looking bleak, but just when Plucky is being confronted by his “Number One Fan”…
    Little Sneezer: Say it aint so, Plucky! Say it aint so!
    Plucky; It aint so, Sneezer! (runs back onto the field, catches the ball, dodges everything Perfecto prep can throw at him, and scores the winning touchdown without breaking a sweat.)
    • It gets even better; Buster then reveals that Plucky was a double agent all along, and had no intention of betraying Acme Looniversity. Perfecto was playing right into Acme’s hands since before the game even began.
  • In The Acme Acres Zone, Calamity Coyote manages to catch Babs' runaway sense of humor with a trolley, a banana, and a handful of bars, and then deliver it back to her in the nick of time. For someone who has been trying (and failing) to capture a roadrunner throughout the series, it was great to see him finally catch something.
  • The ending of "Washingtoon", where Buster's tooniness is so strong it breaks the evil Moral Guardian's Toon Logic Extractor. She's reunited with her tooniness, who she hasn't seen in years. This gives her a sense of humor and she bounces off happily to live with Gogo in Wackyland.
    • Just before Buster and Babs go to appeal before Congress, they stop in at the Lincoln Memorial. Babs reads off a quote from the Gettysburg Address, when Buster admits that it doesn't apply to toons and that they were a "lost cause." What follows can be considered the greatest motivational moment of Western Animation.
      Abraham Lincoln: "Lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for... Stand tough in the face of adversity, let right be done, let truth be your guide, and most of all, never give up. Never EVER give up." note 
  • The Frankenstein segment of "Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery", which has, courtesy of Gossamer the red monster, Elmyra pretty much getting what's coming to her when he gives the creature some of her brain.
  • The gang's music-video versions of the They Might Be Giants songs "Particle Man" and "Istanbul".
    • "Toon Out, Toon In" from the sequel episode "Toon TV" is just about as good. For those that haven't seen it, it's an original rap about most of the major characters in the show, with really fast lyrics in many cases (Plucky and Elmyra's sections especially).
  • Buster, being the Karmic Trickster he is, humiliating Bicycle Bob on TV by making him read cue cards revealing what an extortionist he is.
  • Fields Of Honey is an episode full of heartwarming and tearjerker moments, but one line at the very end wraps everything up into a moment of awesome upon the revelation that the entire thing was one big Batman Gambit on the part of the mysterious figure who was guiding Babs:
    Bosko: Ask me and I'll confess.
  • While it doesn't last long, Plucky's wish being granted and being given a way to fight back against the wolverine in Buster and the Wolverine, then taking full advantage of it for as long as he can, is one for him.
  • In "It's a Wonderful Cartoon Show", the mysterious white rabbit claiming to be Buster's guardian toon angel showing Buster that he really did make a difference in the lives of his friends for the better and that he should never doubt his self-worth ever again. Then it's revealed that the white rabbit was Bugs Bunny all along, leaving satisfied that he guided his protege on the right path.
  • The episode, "Animaniacs!" had Buster as a host of the ACME Looniversity Film Festival, and Max kept booing him and throwing food at him. At one point, he then throws a watermelon(!) at him, which causes Buster to catch the fruit with his ears and non-chalantly chuck it back at him. His corresponding scream tells us that it hurt quite a bit.
  • In "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow," Babs and Buster get their revenge on Elmyra by tormenting her the same way she tormented them. She gets so mortified, she says she doesn't want to see a bunny anymore and runs for the hills.
  • Hamton standing up to Montana Max and his friends on Hero Hamton to rescue his friends by breaking through prop walls and boards to scare them away.
  • Strange Tales Of Weird Science has a segment where Sweetie rewrites Furrball's personality so he wants to eat Arnold instead of her. After a number of failed attempts to kill Arnold, he asks ''You crazy kitty. Why would you want to eat a pitbull anyway?'' This causes a "Eureka!" Moment in Furrball where he realizes it was because Sweetie messed with his head so takes Arnold to the same place. Sweetie is then seen basking in her victory, only to find Arnold is now trying to eat her because Furrball rewrote his mind to give her a taste of her own medicine.
  • The ep Her Royal Wackiness is basically one for Tress MacNeille. Especially the part in the beginning where Babs not only does a convincing impersonation of Joan Rivers she follows that up with her doing Elmer Prestley. For the record, Tress MacNeille is essentially playing a character, who's doing an impersonation that's doing an impersonation! That's 3 characters at the same time! That is EXTREMELY hard to do, and she does it here flawlessly!

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