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Fanfic / Faded Blue: Side Stories and Missing Scenes

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Faded Blue: Side Stories and Missing Scenes is a Steven Universe fanfic written by 0TheCluster0 set in the How I Wonder What You Are series.

A series of drabbles and one-shots set in the continuity of Faded Blue and hypothetical AUs surrounding the premise.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Alternate Self:
    • In Chapter 2, after Blue Diamond’s attempt at having a child ends in a miscarriage, she finds an experimental Glass of Time to travel to an alternate timeline where she succeeded.
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    • Chapter 4 involves the existence of an alternate version of Blue Pearl - a Blue Pearl that accepted Crystal Gem Pearl's offer to join them instead of declining - who used an experimental Glass of Time (similar to Blue Diamond from Chapter 2) to try and go back in time the before the Diamonds destroyed Earth and its solar system. Unfortunately, it instead took her to an alternate timeline similar to Faded Blue.
  • Alternate Universe:
    • Chapter 2 is set in a universe where Blue Diamond had a miscarriage and, using the hourglass, uses it to travel to an alternate timeline where it did not happen.
    • Chapter 3 is set in a universe where Blue Diamond confronts Rose Quartz late into her pregnancy and reconciles with her.
  • Closet Key: In Chapter 8, Connie confides in Steven that she had a dream about being save by Amethyst and then kisses her, admitting that she might have a crush on her. Subverted, as Connie is a human girl and Amethyst is a One-Gender Race Silicon-Based Life Alien.
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  • I Have No Son!: Chapter 3 reveals that Rose Quartz came into existence when a heavily injured Pink Diamond underwent a highly experimental procedure that turned her into Rose Quartz. When the other diamonds discovered that she took the procedure against their wishes, they cast her out and disowned her, leading to the rebellion. It is not until Blue Diamond met Greg and became pregnant with their child did she finally go out to reconcile with her transformed sister.
  • Maiden Aunt: With the reveal that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond in-canon, it is established that the same is true here too, technically making her Steven's aunt.
  • Mistaken for Romance: In Chapter 7, White Pearl antagonizes Greg, giving him the same condescending schpeal her canon counterpart gave him on fusion in "We Need To Talk". What makes it different here though is that they actually are not romantic rivals here, Greg having no romantic interests for Rose and thus making her attitude completely one-sided. It is not until she implies that he is a loser devoid of anyone in his life but them does he get offended and tell her off.
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  • Other Me Annoys Me: The Alternate Blue Pearl in Chapter 4 has nothing but contempt for the Faded Blue incarnation of herself, seeing her as nothing but a subservient coward. Since she was just like her before she took the Crystal Gem’s offer, it can be considered a case of I Hate Past Me.
  • Reincarnation: In chapter 3, Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, her gem reshaped and reincarnated into the form of Rose Quartz.
  • Villainous BSoD: In chapter 3, Blue Diamond comes to realize how she is just like the many gems who rebelled when she abandoned her duties, suddenly empathizing with the countless rebel gems she shattered and corrupted.