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A fanmade Alternate Universe of Steven Universe where Steven is not the son of rebel leader and renegade, thought-to-be-dead Diamond Rose Quartz, but rather the son of Blue Diamond. This leaves Steven in the care of his father, Greg, and Blue Diamond's Pearl. The Crystal Gems start out as a bogeyman for Steven to avoid, fearing what might happen to him if they ever discovered his existence, only to later become their allies with what threatens Earth. Can be considered a sub-category of Momswap AU.

Examples of fan works set within the Blueswap format include:


Tropes usually used in Blueswap include:

  • Ascended Extra: Since Blue Pearl is the only gem to accompany Blue Diamond on her personal quests to Earth, she is usually there to fill the role as maternal figure to Steven throughout his life.
  • For Want of a Nail: With the idea that Blue Diamond is Steven's mother instead of Rose Quartz, this means a variety of differences diverging from the canon-plot:
    • If Blue Diamond is the one to have a son instead of Rose Quartz, that means that Rose Quartz is still fully-active within the story. The many changes the the Crystal Gems would go through in the series (Garnet becoming leader, Amethyst maturing from a counter-dependent kid to a realist, Pearl learning to socialize and fight for herself, the truth of Bismuth coming to light, etc.) would not have happened.
    • With Blue Diamond gone for twelve years, this could spell unrest in Homeworld's empire, both from her own court (being forced to maintain itself without her) to Yellow Diamond's temperament.
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  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Steven is given bright blue eyes to help distinguish him as Blue Diamond's son, while keeping his chipper and innocent personality.
  • In Spite of a Nail: With the reveal that Steven Universe was actually the son of Pink Diamond in "A Single Pale Rose", this would mean that canon Steven and Blueswap Steven are both sons of Diamonds.