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Fanfic / A Gem, a Human, and a Baby

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A Gem, a Human, and a Baby is a Steven Universe fanfic written by 0TheCluster0, set in an Alternate Universe Fic where Steven's mother was Blue Diamond instead of Rose Quartz, and is a prequel to Faded Blue.

The decision has been made. Even though she has no say in it, Pearl accepts it. After all, her life is to serve her Diamond, no matter what form she takes.

A Gem, a Human, and a Baby provides examples of:

  • Ambiguous Gender: Greg's next-door neighbor is referred to only using the "they" pronoun and their appearance is not described in any way.
  • Ascended Extra: This story follows Blue Pearl and her struggles as a Parental Substitute for Steven.
  • Babies Make Everything Better: Blue Diamond rubs her pregnant belly as she tells Pearl how she has come to value Earth and wants it to live, implying that Steven was the final catalyst that made her wish to act on her desire to save the planet. This also leads to Blue Pearl suddenly filled with a sense of loyalty to Steven when she holds him for the first time.
  • Big First Choice: After Steven is born, Greg gives Pearl the option to leave if she wanted. This gives her a brief existential dilemma. She could either A) Do as her Diamond commanded and stay on Earth, look after Steven and stop the Cluster, B) go back to Homeworld (at best being given to another Gem, at worse being harvested), or C) hop on Blue Diamond's ship and explore the galaxy. She decides to stay, both out of a sense of loyalty to Blue Diamond's last wishes, her unspoken friendship with Greg, and the shared opinion that Earth did not deserve to be destroyed.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Out of a sense of attachment to Blue Diamond and scientific curiosity of witnessing the birth of the first Gem/human hybrid, Pearl wanted to be there when Steven was born. However, Blue Diamond would not let her there on the ground of it "being no place for a Pearl." It is also stated that Greg has expressed appreciation for the many tasks that Pearl does, but Blue Diamond does not comment unless she did something wrong or not well enough.
  • Happily Adopted: An inverted version takes place in Chapter 3 - Greg officially declares Pearl to be Steven's guardian, and a member of the Universe family.
  • I Choose to Stay: Despite Greg giving her the opportunity to leave if she wanted to, and seriously considering it, Blue Pearl decides to stay for both his sake and Steven's.
  • Nice to the Waiter: Pearl notices that Greg has always been nice to her, even after Steven was born. However, she also notices that he doesn't see her as "a Pearl" - she's his friend.
  • Pregnant Badass: Subverted - It's stated in Chapter 5 that Blue Diamond didn't find out the Crystal Gems were still alive until a few months before giving birth, and that the only reason she didn't pull a Total Party Kill on them is because of Greg talking her out of it for the child's sake.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Pearl starts crying what is implied to be Tears of Joy after Greg declares her Steven's guardian and an official member of the Universe family.