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Awesome / Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

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Awesome moments in the Tiny Toon Adventures special Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation.

  • Byron, Elmyra's lazy basset hound, spends the movie on a river trip with Buster and Babs. When he's woken from his nap to find that the bunnies are about to be eaten by their predators, he flies into the fray and airlifts them to safety.
  • When Fifi sees Johnny Pew's true nature, after he gives her photograph of him away to Bimbette Skunk who asked for his autograph, Fifi has quite a memorable Moment of Awesome of her own:
    Fifi: That was my photograph! I cannot believe you!
    Johnny: Yeah, well, I am pretty unbelievable.
    Fifi: You are nothing but a selfish, worthless waste of skunk! You, monsieur Pew, STINK!
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  • When Plucky and the Pig Family stop at a gas station, Hamton, his parents and even his Uncle Stinky gear up in hazmat suits, complete with power hoses in a manner reminiscent to Ghostbusters (1984). They then proceed to clean out the toilets before they even likely use them. For anyone who's seen how disgusting gas station toilets can be, it's admirable that they sterilized it for anyone else who had to go inside.
  • As Buster plays a banjo-and-tongue arrangement of the Tiny Toons theme song, Babs spends the whole duration running for her life from hungry possums... before she finally gets the ante on them by tying their tails knotted outside the log they're in and rolling them down into a river.
  • At the very end, having spent the entire film as Buster's squirt-gun target, Babs finally gets him back with a bucket of water that leaves him completely drenched.
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  • The animation quality. It's some of TMS Entertainment's finest comedic work, and in many scenes you can tell they went above and beyond. Also, unlike the series, its key animators are listed in the end credits, finally giving them their due.


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