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Funny / Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

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  • Buster knows Babs' birth name:
    Buster: Over here, Barbara Anne Bunny!
    • Babs' reaction to hearing it:
      Babs: DON'T CALL ME THAT!
      (Buster sprays ice water down the back of her neck)
  • Babs singing about Italian food in one scene.
    Babs: We haven't eaten in weeks.
  • While Fowlmouth is on his movie date with Shirley, the "sound system promo" comes on, prompting everyone in the audience to hide...followed by the absolute most hilariously exaggerated parody of the THX logo that probably exists. It's so powerful than it sends the entire audience flying out of their seats.
    The Audience is Now Deaf
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  • Spot the Car. While Plucky is bored on the road trip, Hamton's family suggests to play this game. Plucky wonders if they're looking for a specific kind of car, as the game usually goes... it turns out they mean any and all kinds. This leads to another hilarious "awkward family" gag. "THERE'S A CAR! THERE'S A CAR! THERE'S A CAR!"
    Plucky: Fun game...
  • The tunnel scene, where Plucky and Hamton's family hold their breath to make a wish on a SEVEN MILE LONG TUNNEL. The car manages to explode due to the pig's exhaled breath.
    Plucky: I miss school.
    • The last gag of that scene had Uncle Stinky holding his breath the longest. When he let his breath out, it was so strong it knocked Plucky's color out of him!
  • Fifi trying to get to into a show to see her dream boyfriend... and failing.
    Roseanne Barr: (singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" from a balcony) ''O'er the laaaaand of the freeeeeee~! And the hoooome of theeee~ BRAAAAAAAVE!! (falls over at last line and lands on Fifi ass first.)
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  • The moment where the Road Runner gets run over.
  • Buster and Babs floating by in the background of the commercial before Skunknophobia holding up a sign that says "HELP US!".
  • Plucky having to sit through the Pig family's vacation slide show the minute they get home. Especially the climax.
    Winnie: There's that nice young man we met.
    Plucky: YAAAGHHH!!!
    Winnie: Did you give him our address?
    Hamton: No, Mom. I gave him Plucky's.
    Plucky: WHAT?!
    Hamton: Oh, look. The parking lot of Happy-World-Land!
    (Plucky cries his eyes out)
    Wade: And that's the last slide!
    Plucky: (in pain) I think the left front tire is a little low...
  • Happy World Land. All of it!
    Hamton: "Golly! The Stairway to Heaven!"
    Plucky: "Check this out! The Bullet Train to Heck!"
  • The ending credits have a number of gags for the thorough and sharp eyed viewer:
    • Moral of the story (Pick one):
    1. Enjoy your vacation.
    2. Relish your youth.
    • These Credits:
    Are interminable.
    4. We admire his comedy styling.
    3. We wanted to use Merv Griffin, but he threatened to sue.
    2. We needed some filler.
    1. We are brown-nosing weasels who want him to mention us on his show.
    • And That's the Final End Credit.

  • Suggested Retail Price:
$19.95 Without Rebate.
  • With Rebate:
About a buck and a quarter.
  • The chase scene between Babs and Banjo Possum's relatives while Buster and Banjo play a Dueling Banjos version of the theme tune. Well, Banjo Possum plays the banjo. Buster plays his lips, cheeks, ears, eyelids...
    • Particularly the conclusion, when, after escaping the possums, Babs grabs Buster, who is still oblivious to what she just survived, and drags him away.
    Buster: We were really cooking!
    Babs: You are really so... alert.
  • Babs's ode to Italian food, and Buster's reaction.
    Babs: (singing to the tune of "Santa Lucia") Veal parmigana, green fettuccine, ra-ah-violi, clams with linguini, hot pepperoni, tasty spumoni... (spoken, to audience) We haven't eaten in weeks. (resumes singing) Veal parmigana, Veal parmigana!
    Buster: Babs, that song really put me in the mood.
    Babs: For what?
    Babs: Thank you Mister Romance...
  • The movie theater showing a warning that smoking isn't allowed, followed by an anthropomorphic cigarette leaving his seat and grumbling in frustration.
  • Babs' description of the creepy Southern mansion she and Buster end up at.
    Babs: [imitating Boris Karloff] Nice place to live if you have a bolt on your neck.
    Buster: Rope it in, Boris!


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