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Awesome / Titan A.E.

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A new planet is born.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The destruction of Earth in the opening.
  • "EXHALE!"
  • The utterly epic subversion of The Guards Must Be Crazy. Special mention goes to Korso, Preed, and Stith going into Akima's prison... only to find that she has knocked out and is sitting on all of the other prisoners, completely relaxed. Keep in mind that the last time everyone saw her, she was locked in a box and terrified at the sight of so many violent-looking prisoners around her.
  • Two words: Wake Angels.
  • The ice field sequence. No music, simply the sounds of engines and ice chunks, as both sides attempt to figure out where they really are. Roger Ebert himself said the sequence was a marvel.
    Roger Ebert: The Ice Rings sequence is a perfect examine of what animation can do and live action cannot. The vast frozen shards of ice are clear and ominous, with a convincing presence, and the sound track does a masterful job of adding a dimension. We know sound does not travel in space, but do not care, because the groanings and creakings of the ancient ice masses are like cries of despair, and somewhere within the frozen maze lies Titan with its precious cargo.
  • The formation of New Earth (aka Planet Bob). It was so impressive, the studio behind it was given the assignment for Ice Age by Fox.
    • And it also serves as perfect Laser-Guided Karma for the Drej — they destroyed the Earth, and they wind up destroyed to create a New Earth.
  • Gune comes out of nowhere in his Big Damn Heroes moment, yelling "I'VE FINISHED MY NAP!" It's a rare example when a Disney Death is that awesome to be noted.
    Gune: Who's your daddy? Haha! GUNE'S your daddy!
    • What's especially impressive, is that Gune, for all we know, has never piloted anything, let alone fired a shot in his entire life. And yet, during his time at the controls, he splashes five Drej Stingers, making him an ace by Earth standards. Not bad for a first outing.
  • Korso's return trip through the Heel–Face Revolving Door.
  • Korso dispatching Preed with a Neck Snap.