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Proof that epic moments come from the smallest of beings.

Season Two:

  • Episode 18 - Castaway: Panther Cap manages to save Fur Foot, Elf Cup and Puffball from Medea using his powers, Creepy Chanting included.
  • Episode 24 - Sacrifice: Earthstar's titular sacrifice at the end of the episode. After several close calls where he almost turns into a toadstool for the entire episode, he shakes off his fear in order to free his friends from Orpheus. He performs an epic The Reason You Suck song in order to distract the rat, only to end up backed against a cliff. Just as it looks like it's over, he begins to transform again. He has time for a small, triumphant smile before fully transforming into a toadstool. And all Orpheus can do is sniff said toadstool in confusion.
  • Episode 26 - Journey's End: Fur Foot, Elf Cup and Panther Cap arrive at their instrument (found with Calypso's help), only to find that it's been damaged by a tree. With time running out, they have to improvise a new instrument quickly. They do so by using Elf Cup's Tooter (flute) and a large log that had appeared previously in the series. The kicker? If they hadn't found a fix, then everyone else would have turned into toadstools.
    • Also, major kudos to Mistle Toad's group; when they arrive at the giant Strum-Along (a stringed instrument hidden in a waterfall), they find Erebus waiting for them. They manage to trick Erebus into leaving by telling him precisely what they're doing - and telling him where to find some "toadstools". Said "toadstools" are actually mushrooms. This, naturally, leads to a stinger where Erebus is pleading with the mushrooms to change into Toadlets.

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