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Nightmare Fuel / Titan A.E.

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Look at those Drej-ful dark eyes.

This film can get pretty scary, violent, and dark—even by Don Bluth's normal standards.

  • Earth getting blown up. The fact that it was in the trailers meant that even kids who didn't see the movie likely saw that scene.
    • This footage of the Earth exploding is also used for the intro of the music video of one of the songs from this show, Over My Head, where the band is perfectly happy to keep playing all the way to the end, with their entire concert ground on Earth simply not evacuating even as the Drej set off the Earth-Shattering Kaboom - they literally ride the fragments of the planet's crust into space.
  • Just imagine it: You're put on a space ship and as you're flying away from Earth, you see it begin to spin out of control and then, BOOM, it's gone. Hot damn.
  • The Drej themselves are pretty scary, not helped by the fact that their mothership resembles a stylized skull.
  • Whenever a character bleeds while in zero gravity, and their blood just floats.
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  • Cale's nightmare, two Drej soldiers shoots his chest.
  • Preed, a comic-relief alien voiced by Nathan Lane, surely he can't be that scary? Wrong! His callous demeanour is not all that different from his personality before he's revealed to be a Drej agent, he remorselessly tries to kill his crewmates managing to graphically wound Akima and nearly kill Gune and Lane's performance is surprisingly laced in bloodthirsty sadism.
    • Also his death by Neck Snap courtesy of Korso.

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