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An alternative rock band that made several known singles between the late 1990's and early 2000's. Its founding members include: A.J. Popoff (vocals), Jeremy Popoff (lead guitar), Allen Shellenberger (drums), and Kevin Baldes (bass).


Lit provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Attackof The 50 Ft What Ever: In the music video for "Miserable" they play all over the body of a giant Pamela Anderson. Unfortunately for the band she chases them down and eats them alive.
    • One of their other videos features "Mulletron", a Humongous Mecha with the power to give people mullets and garish clothes via zapping them with a laser.
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  • Colossus Climb: Their most famous video features them exploring Pamela Anderson's body.
  • Hot Paint Job: Jeremy Popoff, the band's lead guitarist's Iconic Item(s) are pair of shoes with white flames on them.
  • Genre Shift: Though mostly known as an Alt Rock group, in recent years they've experimented with other styles and have currently found success in country music.
  • Nice Shoes: Jeremy Popoff has pair of shiny black shoes with white flames on them called "hot rods" which he wears for his performances and for music videos. They get special attention in the video for Miserable.
  • No Body Loves The Bassist: Kevin Baldes, the band's bassist, is the first one to get eaten in the music video for "Miserable".
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: The premise of "My Own Worst Enemy" is about getting so black out drunk that the singer can't remember how his car wound up on his lawn, climbing through his window when he got locked out of his house, or the violent argument he had with his girlfriend that ended with her chucking something at his head and taking off.
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  • While Rome Burns: The music video for "Over My Head" starts with the band performing in a nightclub while the Drej are attacking the earth.


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