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Headscratchers / Titan A.E.

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     What the Hell did Korso think he was going to get out of his deal with the Drej Queen? 
  • Honestly, Captain, what could the Drej possibly offer you that would be worth selling out your entire species to their mortal enemy? If things go pear-shaped (as they indeed did), you've pretty much burned ALL your bridges; no-one in their right mind would want anything to do with you, outside of maybe hunting you down and terminating you with extreme prejudice. And what makes you think the Drej will honor their end of the bargain? They clearly view humans as vermin to be exterminated, and probably you doubly so for being a dirty traitor.
    • "The human race is outta gas. It's circling the drain. It's finished! The only thing that matters is grabbing whatcha can before somebody else beats ya to it." Korso flat-out admits that he's given up hope on the human race, and he'd rather live out the rest of his life in comfort than on the run. The only people that care about the extinction of the human race are the Drej and the humans; Korso believes that the former will decide he isn't worth going after once the Titan is destroyed, and that the latter will be too focused on trying to survive to bother chasing after him. Yes, there's prejudice against humans in this universe, but this is most likely because they have a reputation of being uppity, dirt-poor refugees. With enough money, most aliens wouldn't really care that he's human or that he betrayed his own race.
     Tau 14's Sign 
  • If Tau 14 is a place that discriminates so much against humans, why does the station have it's name spelled on the side in the English Alphabet?

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