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Nightmare Fuel / Tiny Toon Adventures

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Nightmare Fuel in Tiny Toon Adventures.

  • The episode "The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain" was a bit creepy, especially the scene when Buster was telling the story about "One Eyed Jack"
  • Plucky channeling Einstein in "Never Too Late to Loon" is a direct shout out to the Pink Elephants on Parade scene from Dumbo. It's equally mindscarring.
  • Wackyland and its surreal humor. They try to have Babs decapitated for having self control.
  • The earthquake in "Journey to the Center of Acme Acres," as well as the Gremlins.
    • As well as Plucky going crazy with greed to such an extent, he openly disregards being in danger from the Gremlins.
    • While digging to the center of the Earth to rescue Plucky and Hampton, Buster and Babs encounter a giant worm that chases after them. Disturbingly, it has another head on the other end.
  • One segment of the Halloween episode "Toons from the Crypt" had Elmyra, an animal lover whose affection was always disastrous for the target animal, mourning her late pets... whereupon they rose from the dead Zombie Apocalypse-style and came after her. Their being zombified didn't prevent her from lavishing her destructive affections on them, however. One truly scarring moment shows her plunking a zombie dog and cat into a tub of soapy water to give them a bath. But then she pulls out her hands and the zombie pets dissolve from the water.
    • In the end it turns out it was just a nightmare though Elmyra admits it was fun seeing her old pets again, so she goes to the cemetery to dig them up so she can play with her pets' dead bodies, zombies or not. It's really saying something that even the Crypt Keeper/Buster was scared.
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    • When Elmyra tries to block the door with a couch, Furball is on the end closest to the door and the zombie pets pull him into the mob.
    • The first segment of the episode, titled "Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Even", is pretty scary too, especially the ending, where Plucky is tied to a board being cut in half by a saw as punishment for gambling.
      • Earlier in the segment, there's Hamton's daydream about what Wade is going to do to him for losing his bottle cap collection: He's exiled to the desert, where a gang of pigs throw him into a fire ("Roast him! I say, roast him!") for betraying his family. It's an oddly joke-free sequence played completely straight.
  • In "The Raven" we see a beating heart glowing on a coffin, which fades to the corpse of Lenore in her grave with the heart still beating. Then Lenore's ghost attacks the fourth wall...
    • Granted, the narrator later gets a box of candy from Lenore and later tries to call her, suggesting she's alive and the scene with her corpse was just imagined, but, since we never actually see her alive, it could also be interpreted as the narrator being nuts and refusing to accept she's dead.
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  • At one point in the episode, "Starting from Scratch", Furrball is in the Acme Lumber Mill and accidentally gets tossed by a worker onto a conveyor belt leading to a buzzsaw that slices a log in half. It doesn't bother him much, so he merely turns his back to the saw in hopes it will relieve his back. Thankfully, the worker turns off the conveyor belt before Furrball touches the saw and boots him out of the mill, but had he not stopped the conveyor belt in time, Furrball would've been bloodily sliced in half.
  • Elmyra herself sometimes, even though it's all in good fun: especially when Fridge Horror sinks in. She actually goes to school with the others, but will ignore this pretty much at random and instead try to stalk and kidnap her classmates the moment she decides they're cute, and will keep them locked up until they die or escape. It's small wonder most characters in-universe either can't stand to be around her or are terrified of her, or both.
  • In "Fit to Be Stewed," a witch named Sandy tried to cook Buster and Babs in a stew—until she realized Babs was a cartoon rabbit and her recipe called for a real rabbit. So she used her magic to turn Babs into a helpless real rabbit, unable to save herself.
  • A variation on the usual Michigan J. Frog shorts. In this one, the frog was dead and awaiting dissection in a biology class, but came back to life when the teacher's back was turned. It was immeasurably creepy – especially the ending, where Hamton tried to bury it in a pet cemetery, but all the other animals came back to life and sing.
  • Wolvertoon from the Pluck Twacy short, which basically consisted of a closeup of Bugs Bunny grinning with a bunch of sharp pointed teeth.
  • "Sawdust and Toonsil" is easily one of the darkest episodes Tiny Toons has ever produced. The story starts with Silas Wonder's circus coming into town, and the man himself invites Buster, Babs, and Plucky in to see his "wonderful wonderpieces". Then everything goes downhill. By the end of the episode, Silas Wonder is revealed to horribly mistreat the animals he has in his circus (and it's practically said that he poached them) and gets Killed Off for Real, the only Tiny Toons villain to actually die.
  • "One Beer" was a parody of the Very Special Episode that demonizes alcohol and ends with everyone dying (even though Buster, Plucky, and Hamton reveal that the whole thing was just part of the show, it did get complaints for cheapening the Aesop that "Underage drinking isn't cool and will lead to a life of ruin" and was banned until the 2000s and 2010s, when it was found on the DVD release of the show and in reruns on The Hub).
  • In "The Undersea World of Fifi," Elmyra is desperate to catch sea monkeys. She ends up finding a plug at the bottom of the ocean, which pulls everything, even the universe, into it. "But at least I got my monkey-wonkey!"
  • "Duck Dodgers Jr." features the eponymous duck and Duck Dodgers attempting to stop Marvin the Martian using a giant-vacuum-cleaner-like machine to suck up planets and turn them into toy blocks for his daughter Marcia. The senior Dodgers' attempts to foil Marvin cause both of them to be sucked up by the machine, which then runs out of control, sucking up the entire universe, including the guy animating the episode. All that's left is Marcia and Jr. in a white void, but they have lots of new blocks to play with.
  • Mr. Hitcher from How I Spent My Summer Vacation qualifies as he's a parody of Jason Voorhees and John Ryder. The whole extended sequence where he chases Buster and Babs even has him swinging his chainsaw wildly about, which causes part of the mine to collapse. And he does it with a really deranged look on his face.
    • And then it turns out, Hamton has brought Mr. Hitcher to Acme Loo, thinking he's a friend. Plucky gets chased around the classroom by Mr. Hitcher while the students and teachers don't even notice.
      • Also when Mr. Hitcher makes his first appearance in Hampton's parents' car and his presence is so terrifying.creepy hitchhiker
  • The episode "Hare Raising Night" features Dr. Gene Splicer, who in his very first scene is described as a certified loony who performs deranged animal mutation experiments. Cut to three guinea pigs, who, when Splicer opens the cage, are seen cowering in fear as he takes one guinea pig away (to be presumably experimented upon) as the camera cuts to static. It only gets worse when Buster and group arrive to stop him (actually just Buster; he tricked Babs, Plucky, and Hamton into coming), as he takes Plucky away for his brain, is extremely abusive to his creation Melvin, and at the end tries to mutate the four of them, and then ends up falling into his own vat of mutation goo. However, his Crowning Moment Of Nightmare comes in what he says after trapping the four in his Animal Experiments Lab and talking to them via a creepy-as-hell distorted static-y image of his face (which is then zoomed in upon for good measure):
    Dr. Splicer: Aah, guess again kiddies. I got a little riddle for ya: what do you get when you cross two bunnies, a duck, and a pig?
    Buster: I don't know.
    Dr. Splicer: Neither do I, but we're gonna find out!
  • The segment "Duck In The Dark" from "Best O' Plucky Duck Day", in which Plucky keeps having nightmares after watching a marathon of horror movies, the scariest bits are at the beginning in the movie Plucky watches as a fawn is stalked and presumably killed offscreen by Eddie Couger (A Freddy Krueger parody), and later when Plucky tries to escape from Eddie and tries to wake up Buster only to discover that he's turned into a horrifying monster with an eyeball hanging out of one his sockets. And at the very end after the nightmares are over there's the angry Nightmare Face Buster makes after learning Plucky learned absolutely nothing from them and has gone back to happily watching the horror films.
    • "Sticky Fingers Duck" from the same episode also manages to have a freaky moment when Plucky and Hampton become too guilty to eat the ACME Super Duper Munch & Crunch candy bar (with almonds) that they shop-lifted from the local store. The stolen candy bar comes to life and begins urging Plucky and Hampton to eat it before suddenly transforming into a huge, freaky candy bar monster that chases the boys across a nightmare landscape while telling Plucky and Hampton what they'll be doing with their lives now that they're criminals before grabbing the two and gobbling them up himself. It was just an Imagine Spot, but it's more than enough for the two boys to come clean and return the candy bar. (And quite possibly scaring young kids watching from ever thinking about shoplifting.)
  • The entire "Boo Ha Ha" segment from "Return of the Acme Acres Zone" where a ghost terrorizes Plucky and Hamton. The different Eldritch Abomination forms he takes throughout the short are horrifying. And then there's the ending, where he takes them to hell with them.
    • The effing Banshee in the second "Viewer Mail Day" segment.
  • The "find the object" game Buster and the Beanstalk isn't too frightening for the most part, but as the manual warns you, Elmyra is hunting down Buster and Plucky as they search for key segments. Once she's closing in, she'll taunt you from parts unknown; you'd better find what Babs tasked you with retrieving before Elmyra materializes out of nowhere to capture the boys and lock them up in an endless kennel.
  • Tad the Imaginary Friend's demise in "A Pigment of His Imagination". When Hamilton finally stands up to the JerkAss, he shrinks down to toy size and his voice becomes squeaky. Fitting, given how he was a big, muscular dude... but it was a bit much for Sweetie Pie to promptly eat him, complete with Ted screaming in horror right before getting chomped, and Sweetie's pudgy belly and satisfied grin afterwards. And everyone just goes right back to partying like nothing happened.
    • And then there's the loud *crunch* when Sweetie eats him, not to mention her crazed look just before that.
    • She also tried to eat a shrunken Dizzy in "Squish". It was just a dream sequence, but still pretty creepy. Dizzy's terrified whimper and her "it'll only hurt a little!" line didn't help either.
  • Montana Max's Movie in Animaniacs! (The episode, not the show). it starts off innocent enough, it a Christmas movie with a poor Buster and Babs where Monty as a kind hearted Santa Claus, but then Monty (in the film) pulls out a sledgehammer. Thankfully, the film cuts off before anything bloody happens and Monty is promptly booted out, but imagine what would've happened it wasn't cut off.
  • The very last shot of "Night Ghoulery", the last TTA special, had Buster and Babs taking off their regular faces like they're Halloween masks, to reveal monster heads underneath.
  • The level of cruelty Plucky took in the It's a Wonderful Plot is incredibly disturbing, especially considering he utterly broke Babs, probably one of the most resilient characters in the show, with the abuse and randomly abuses everyone just because he can.
    • The intro sequence firmly establishes that the show is about him, and only him. The other Toons are there to make him look good, and for absolutely nothing else. The understated, soulless way they sing while they carry Plucky on a litter makes it clear they aren't allowed to express themselves at all for fear of upstaging the star... true, Plucky was an obnoxious egomaniac normally, but in this reality, he's so much worse, to monstrous levels.
  • Cooper Deville's freak out in "Toons Take Over" when he sees the trainwreck of a film that Buster, Babs, and Plucky screen for him. After it's over, he's flat out screaming at them for wasting his money:
  • The "Superbabs" segment of "Cinemaniacs!" deals with a giant ink blob devouring everything in Acme Acres, living or not. Of note is an unfortunate news anchor reporting on the blob when it starts to infiltrate the news studio as well. The anchor can only scream as the blob surrounds him, with the broadcast being lost before his fate is revealed. Given that we don't see him again here or in future episodes, we can only assume the worst.
  • The "Love Among the Toons" segment of "Spring in Acme Acres, in which Elmer Fudd as Cupid gives his job to Concord Condor and heads to Las Vegas. Fudd is soon sent back to Heaven by God who tells him that Acme Acres is wrong. He makes Fudd look through a Viewmaster where he sees the Tiny Toons in bizarre plasticine models. Babs is seen skipping with Montana Max, Calamity Coyote is being chased by a lovestruck Little Beeper, and Hamton is being chased by a monstrous Elmyra in a drag racer, face looking like one of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink designs.
  • The "Frightline" segment of "K-Acme" TV, in which newscaster Fred Dopple removes his face to reveal a monster underneath, then places his human face back on, saying "Scary, isn't it?"


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