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Well, it is technically CPR... oh, who are we kidding?

With such a high ratio of female characters, the amount of homoerotic subtext in Ever After High was probably inevitable.

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     Apple White 
  • Apple White is a constant source of Homoerotic Subtext, Daring is her future King but the two barely spend any time together, while her friendships with Briar and Ashlynn are a lot more romantic in nature.
  • In the episode "True Hearts Day", after Ashlynn has shocked everyone by revealing her relationship with Hunter, Apple gives her a heart-fruit and says that although she disagrees with Ashlynn's decisions, she supports her right to make them. Then the two stare joyfully into each other's eyes. It should be mentioned that the fruit she gives Ashlynn is usually used as a gift between couples, or those who would like to be a couple.
  • Briar and Apple in Thronecoming.
  • The fact that Darling, a girl, woke Apple from her curse after Daring, a boy, failed, has confirmed for a lot of fans the theory that Apple is gay.

  • A popular fan theory for why Apple is so insistent that Raven be her villain and Raven alone, is that it's Apple's way of being close to Raven because she is unknowingly in love with her. It certainly helps that Apple and Raven regularly hang out, with Apple almost always hugging or holding hands with Raven.
  • Their friendship is unquestionably the show's focal point, and many episodes center around Raven's regret that the Rebel/Royal schism threatens it.
  • The two's divergent political views are mirrored by those of the narrators- who are a married couple.
  • On Apple's dorm wall is a photo of her clumsily amalgamated into a torn photo of Raven. Wishful thinking, much?
  • "Legacy Day: A Tale of Two Tales":
    • Apple insists on sharing a dorm with Raven, brushing off her protests.
    • When Briar asks why Apple is going to so much trouble to make Raven comfortable, Apple replies:
    "I need her!"
  • "Replacing Raven":
    • Maddie explains why Apple is dismayed by Raven's choices:
    "Like all fairytale princesses, she needs an archenemy to be the yin to her yang and make her feel ~complete~."
    • Apple is deeply hurt by Raven's attempts to find her another nemesis. The argument that follows is like a fight between exes:
    Apple: You and I are supposed to be frenemies!
    Raven: But I don't want to! (Apple sighs, turning her back) I want to choose my own destiny! Why can't you understand that?!
    Apple: I can't believe you're doing this.
  • In Apple's Birthday Bake-Off, Raven says that she will make Apple's birthday cake with sugar, and cinnamon and a little bit of ''love''!
  • Hammered even further in Spring Unsprung, when Raven tells Evil!Apple that she isn't the Apple she knows and loves. At this point, Raven and Apple are pretty much a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship.
  • In Way Too Wonderland, Apple is the one to snap Raven out of her Brainwashed and Crazy state and unshakably believes she has the power to overcome her mother's evil influence.
  • Apple immediately drops her fake smile when Raven leaves for her date with Dexter. This could be from second-hand embarrassment...or jealousy and disapproval.
  • In "Save Me Darling", a startled Apple instantly clings to Raven.
  • Dragon Games is all about the two's relationship and how far they are willing to go or even sacrifice for one another.
    • After Apple and Raven fight, the movie cuts to Apple in their dorm, literally sobbing over a picture of them together. Add a tub of ice-cream and it would be your typical breakup scene.
    • In the climactic battle, Raven channels her magic through Apple by gently touching her shoulders. (Also, they're sharing a saddle at this point.) That she did this rather than merge her magic with the mirror's beam implies that said magic is bolstered by The Power of Love.
    • Snow White, the woman Apple has literally spent her life emulating, apparently enjoys hanging out with the Evil Queen so much that she's willing to let her stay out of prison just so they can be "rivals" again. Note that the Evil Queen tried to kill everybody- yet within two freakin' days of being released, she and Snow are playing not-Quidditch without a care in (or for) the world.
  • "Raven, I don't want you to sign the book for me. I want you to sign the book so nothing bad happens to the people I love... including you." Oh, really, Apple?

     Darling Charming 
  • Darling's entire schtick as a character is that she likes to don knight's armor and go around doing heroic deeds. Their world being what it is, these deeds naturally involve saving many, many damsels. It was meant to be a feminist statement about female empowerment and gender roles, but the fanbase took it...rather differently.
    "In my day, no one was called a Rebel. They weren't out in the open, like you kids are nowadays. But Rebels existed. Rebels have always existed."
  • Darling (in "Save Me Darling") saves her class and most of the girls- thinking she is male- swoon over her heroics.
  • In Spring Unsprung Ginger Breadhouse is quite enamored to her as the White Knight, unaware of who's under the helmet.
  • Apple/Darling got an incredible boost from near Crack Ship to OTP in Dragon Games thanks to Darling's CPR kiss being what awakens Apple after Daring's kiss failed.
  • Earlier in Dragon Games, after being chosen as captain of the opposing team against Apple, Darling gives her a playful wink.

  • In Legacy Day when Apple walks into the school Little Bo Peep lovingly calls her "Gorgeous".
  • Lizzie and Kitty spend more time hanging out together in the background scenes. Being fellow Wonderlandians it makes sense they get along, but the fact they do it more often than others really raises the factors.
  • Faybelle's infatuation with the Evil Queen in Dragon Games has spawned numerous "Notice me Senpai" memes.
  • When Cerise reveals her secret to Raven, the two hold hands and smile at each other.
  • Briar and Faybelle get a bit of this in Epic Winter during the dream sequence were a tranced Briar is about to touch the spindel only to be saved by Faybelle, who then destroys it, and then the two hold hands while warmly smiling at one another. The best part is the way the dream works this seems to be the desired outcome for both.
    • This little excerpt from Faybelle's diary, when she finds Briar in the Princessology tower.
    It was Briar! I love Briar! She's my best frenemy forever after!


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