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"Just stand there and look pretty."
Eddy to Edd

Ed, Edd n Eddy had churned out a lot of moments and character traits that more obsessive fans would consider to be very...queer (both in the "strange" sense and the "homosexual" sense). This section focuses on the "homosexual" or "bisexual" sense.

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  • Any combination of the title characters for Ed, Edd n Eddy. Edd and Eddy was one of the more popular pairings, probably induced by their canon kiss. Also, Kevin and Rolf.
  • Some of the Ho Yay comes from Ed's innocently naughty remarks.
  • In the title sequence, Eddy's nudging Double D and waggling his eyebrows at him. Heck, he lands on him when Ed throws them out of the way, and if you pause it at the right moment, Double D is smiling dreamily.
  • The fact that a storyboard artist ships Eddy and Edd adds another layer to their moments.
  • Hardly any of the characters have any sense of personal space. There is face-touching, udder-touching, and full-on petting. This touchy-feelyness is generally only seen within the male cast.
    • Let's not forget how often the male cast is always grabbing each other's bottoms, especially Eddy with Ed in "Too Smart For His Own Ed."
    • It's noted that one of the only two instances of on screen lip-kissing in the series was between two guys. (example: Edd and Eddy's kiss in the episode "Your Ed Here")
  • Eddy and Edd tend to be a Morality Pet for each other. Both of them have done things for each other that went against everything they would normally do.
  • Jimmy and Jonny occasionally have this, interestingly enough.
    Jonny: I can't take my eyes off of Jimmy either, Plank!
    • And let us not forget how interested Jonny is in Jimmy's injuries. And he's got the rape face to prove it.
  • In later seasons of the show, Jimmy seems to be harboring what can only be described as a girlish crush on Double D, which could mean he wasn't only upset that he was stealing Sarah's attention... in the movie, he makes a point of dusting him off while everyone else is beating the ever loving crap out of Jonny for harming the Eds that they liked now, and he's a bit too happy when Rolf pushes their faces together in "Too Smart for His Own Ed".

    Season 1 
  • From "Nagged To Ed", we get this, ironically chanted by their eventual Stalkers With An Obsession:
    The Kankers: Ed, Edd, and Eddy, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
  • In "Pop Goes the Ed", Nazz has a pool party and the Eds decide to show up in speedos. About halfway through the episode the speedos fly off and the Eds spend the rest of the day and night in the pool. The tiny pool. Naked. Right next to each other.
    • With no sign of being uncomfortable with it.
    • It's also worth mentioning both Kevin and Jimmy end up eating their freshly popped out speedos. Jimmy even lets out a "Mmmmm Yummy" sound afterwards.
  • In the episode "A Boy And His Ed", Ed, Edd, and Eddy wound up in Kevin's bath, while he was naked and washing himself. At which point, Eddy wrapped his arm around Kevin's waist and scrubbed his head...or...hat. Granted, it was only to get Jawbreakers.
  • In "Avast Ye Ed" Jimmy comments that cruises are romantic. Minutes later, he's setting off on the Eds' cruise with Jonny.
  • The Brazilian dub of the episode "Laugh, Ed, Laugh" has mistranslated a line and made Eddy propose to Edd.
    Eddy: Will you marry me? note 
    Edd: I'm not registered for that!
    Eddy: Then we'll run away.

    Season 2 
  • In the episode "Fa-La-La-La-Ed", Ed mistakenly thinks it's Christmas and puts up a mistletoe. When Edd and Eddy accidentally walk under it together with him, Ed is all too willing to kiss them (also note how neither of them seem squicked out by this).
    • And to add onto this, Edd's only reaction was this:
      "Ed, please! Someone may be watching!"
    • Near the very beginning of the same episode, there is a bit of a JimmyxEdd moment when Jimmy offers his full piggy bank to him as a Christmas present and as Sarah pulls him away before Eddy could take the present instead, Edd is seen with folded hands and staring rather dreamily in the direction he exited. Granted, he had openly stated that he was happy that the kids of the cul-de-sac, given the feeling of Christmas, realized it was better to give than to receive.
  • In the episode 'Key to My Ed', Ed is dancing around while Rolf is playing music. He dances with Eddy and slams him into Double D, the two catching each other in a dancing position. Double D's reply is only a smirk and, "What? No flowers?"
  • In 'Scrambled Ed', Kevin and Eddy are pulling on Double D...
    Kevin: This dork owes me a bike chain!
    Eddy: He's MY dork, leggo!
  • In 'Shoo Ed', Eddy pats Double D's cheek and says, "Just stand there and look pretty!"
  • At the end of "High-Heeled Ed", Ed wants a hug from Eddy and Edd.
    Edd: Ed, you're in your underpants!
    Ed: Okay, I feel loved now.
    • To a lesser extent, Eddy tickles Edd when he demonstrates finding the girls' sensitive side.
  • In the episode 'Ramblin Ed', Edd and Eddy sleep together in the same bed.
    Eddy: Turn out that light!!
    Rolf: Ah, yes!! Sorry Ed-boy!!
  • In order to try and scare Ed more with his prank in "Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Ed", Eddy leaves his clothes for Ed to find on Edd's floor. We learn Eddy's apparently very comfortable doing so.
    Edd: Why are Eddy's clothes lying on my floor? Is he running around naked AGAIN!?
  • In "One + One = Ed", Eddy fashions himself a new hairstyle out of Jimmy's outline, and playfully asks Edd if he likes it. Edd giggles and bashfully replies "it suits you Eddy".
  • In "To Sir With Ed", Ed believes that a snake bit Eddy and bravely attempts to suck out the venom "before it spreads through his veins!" Since he wasn't bitten by a snake, there's no bite mark, so Ed goes with the first spot he can think of, and starts sucking on Eddy's thigh.
  • In "Rent-a-Ed" after breaking a pipe in Jonny's house while trying to fix it up the Eds decide to convert it into a sauna, Rolf really enjoys it when suddenly his towel blows off revealing he's not wearing anything underneath, everyone reacts in shock or disgust except for Jimmy who curiously says "Ooh!"
  • In "Shoo Ed," Rolf is very interested in Jonny's annoyance.
    Eddy: What just happened? Rolf fell in love with the guy!

    Season 3 
  • Rolf pulling out Edd's tongue and kissing it in "Wish you Were Ed". Granted, he thought Edd was a woman at the time... but only because he was in drag!
    • And the reason he was in drag? Eddy was making him pose as his wife.
  • This scene from "Momma's Little Ed":
    Edd: [hugging Eddy] Thank you, Eddy! Thank you! You won't even know I was there!
    Eddy: [uncomfortable] Uh, our faces are touching, Double D.
  • In the episode, "Once Upon an Ed", Ed's story has Edd clinging onto him constantly as they are chased by the mutant Kanker sisters. This could be interpreted as Ed's usual habit of helping a constantly distressed Edd, but one can't help but wonder why Ed would choose on having Edd more distressed/clingy that usual.
  • In "For Your Ed Only", in order to blow a bubble for as escape route from Sarah's wrath, Ed impatiently gives Edd a form of mouth-to-mouth, causing Edd's hat to inflate into a bubble. Edd's only response is "I have Ed germs!" rather than "What The Heck!?"
    • Of course this could also be seen as a desperate move from Ed, seeing how Sarah was going to beat the living daylights out of them, but he could've easily stolen the gum from Edd's mouth like he did from Eddy's earlier that episode.
  • In "It Came From Outer Ed", Ed gives Jimmy mouth-to-mouth and later tries to do the same to Double D.
  • In 'The Day the Ed Stood Still':
    Eddy: [sticking his head through a cutout above Ed's drawing of a woman's body and calling to Double D] Hey, useless! Put those rings down and take a load off your eyes. [bats eyelashes]
    • This picture. Yes, that's Eddy and Double D under a bed with dirty magazines and crumpled tissues.
  • In 'Duelin' Eds', Double D says he's going to make cupcakes for Eddy; Eddy's smile of appreciation is seen for a second before Rolf interrupts.
  • In 'Luck of the Ed', Eddy, still under the suspicion that Double D stole his magazines, glares him down with ridiculously oversized eyes. Ed, on the other hand, seems to interpret this differently.
    Ed: Boy, Double D! Eddy never looks at ME like that. Lucky feller.
  • Then, we have this line in "Ed...Pass it On":
    Kevin: What's with the balloons; you dorks getting married? To each other?!?!?!?
  • "See No Ed" ends with Eddy, searching for the missing monkey mask and glove, take off all of his and Edd's clothes. The episode ends with this line:
    Edd: Eddy, I can't find my underwear!
  • In "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?", having not seen Eddy fallen upside down and spread-eagle, Edd winds up talking to his junk. When Edd finally does notice, he just calmly says "Eddy, please. Have some decency." while closing his legs.

    Season 4 
  • As mentioned above, Eddy's Forceful Kiss to Edd in "Your Ed Here", after being blackmailed by Kevin. Look at the image...
  • In "Little Ed Blue", Double D plays a cavewoman in the movie the Eds make, and Eddy tries to show off his muscles to "her".
    • Edd and Eddy are in "concerned parents" mode for most of the episode.
    • After Eddy gets fed up and smacks Ed in frustration, Ed has a HUGE epic freakout, causing Edd to faint. Eddy at first ignores this but is then seen fanning Edd and desperately yelling at him to wake up. Considering how often he shows little to no sympathy at all when his friends get hurt, this definitely is a sweet moment for the two.
  • In "A Case of Ed", Double D's wearing a hospital gown, under which he has on nothing but underwear, and the gown's open in the back. Eddy says, "Nice shorts, Romeo!" when he passes Double D once.
    • In the same episode, at the end it is strange that Edd seems to have a spare key to Eddy's door when Kevin is attempting to get in. Though it is also possible that he merely knew the hiding place for said key, why would it have such a conspicuous keychain attached to it then?
  • In "Here's Mud In Your Ed", Eddy begins thinking of what he'll do when he becomes rich. What's the first thing he says he wants to do? Buy Double D a new hat. One would expect greedy Eddy's first thoughts to be of his own self, but they're of Double D. Although, before this, he stated he may buy his father another house.
  • In "Thick As An Ed", being in a good mood, Eddy unprompted pinches Edd's cheek and calls him a peach.
  • In the episode "Hand-Me-Down Ed", a mysterious boomerang causes some of the kids' personalities to change hilariously. When Ed holds it, it he becomes a TV Genius. When Eddy holds it, he becomes maternal. But when Double D holds it? He becomes a stripper. Ed has this reaction to it.
    • Speaking of that scene, Eddy freaks at Double D's stripping and it's easy to interpret his panic as being the result of confused feelings.
  • In "They Call Him Mr. Ed", Rolf pulls Kevin by the butt.

    Season 5 
  • From "Who's Minding the Ed", we get THIS.
  • In "Whos Minding The Ed", Eddy walks on a long fence only to choose and sit on Double D's head. Double D (albeit annoyed) spreads his legs to be able to see and lets him.
  • In "Tight End Ed", Eddy says to Double D, "I'm only on this stupid team 'cause this uniform makes me look like a hunk!" Then he grins and puts his hands on his hips. Double D's response to this is to start giggling. Seems pretty much like a flirtatious exchange.
    • Before that Edd had said: "I fear my athletic skills may not be up to Kevinís standards."
  • "A Fistful of Ed" gave us hints of Edd/Ed and Edd/Jimmy.
    • And Edd/Eddy. In the conclusion of the episode, the Kankers appear and it is revealed that all three girls knew Double D was just being clumsy and Lee is wearing a cast. The girls, ignoring the other two Eds, attack Double D in kisses. Granted, it could be because Edd is Eddy's friend, but not long after that comes that line:
    • Another note: through the entire episode, Eddy is the only one who tries to publicly stick up for Double D. Granted, he DID seek his heart's desire with blackmail, threatening to tell Double D to beat them up if they didn't do what he wanted, claiming he was the "best friend of the school bruiser", but there was no actual reason shown/claimed vocally for him to stick up for Double D at the last moment as he had done (other than the fact that again, Edd is Eddy's friend).
  • In the very beginning of the episode "Truth or Ed", Plank, Jonny, Kevin, Nazz, Rolf, and Ed are all playing basketball on teams (Rolf and Kevin are the team captains, so naturally, Eddy is not picked to be on either team, Rolf even going so far as to select Plank as his final player). When they begin playing, Eddy stands by himself watching the game angrily. It doesn't last long, however, since Ed decides to catch (and manage to pop) the ball with his teeth. As the disappointed former players are leaving (all except Ed), Double D appears out of nowhere at Eddy's side, making googly eyes at him and him alone out of his excitement for the reason that follows. Though, Eddy's reaction is a disgusted, "What's with you?!" Edd was making that smile because he was excited about being the editor of the school newspaper, although why he would bat his eyelids is a mystery.

    Season 6 
  • In the episode "May I Have This Ed?", Eddy learns about a school dance and puts up a poster claiming whoever signs it can 'Win a Date with Eddy'. The only person who signs it is Ed, who in turn blushes bashfully.

  • In the Valentine's Day episode, Edd gives Ed and Eddy Valentine's Day cards (Eddy's says "You electrify me.") and at one point Eddy puckers his lips at Kevin before realizing who it is.
    • The Valentine is seen again in "May I Have This Ed", when Eddy's throwing stuff out of his closet. While everything else is lying haphazardly on the floor, the Valentine is carefully propped up against the wall, which shows Eddy places an importance on it. This and the very fact that he kept it is enough to show how much it meant to him.
    • The way Edd goes on about Valentine's Day in the beginning while walking with Eddy makes it sound like he's about to confess his feelings.
      Edd: As I'm sure you're aware, it can be quite unnerving to express one's come hither feelings of amour. Yet this holiday conquers the upchuck of apprehension and allows one that opportunity to let that special someone know you care.
      • The fact he puts emphasis on special someone while looking over at Eddy.
    • Eddy gets a detention slip for talking back to Kevin, who's a hall monitor. Double D gets one as well. What for? Sticking up for Eddy by trying to use Valentine's Day to get him out of it. Jealous much?
    • Let's not forget the end of that particular episode where Ed gives Eddy CPR.
      Ed: "Mouth to mouth for Eddy!"
    • While he was technically under the effect of Cupid Sarah and Jimmy's love arrows, Eddy did fall in love with Plank, whose gender has been implied to be masculine.
  • In "Ed Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw", Eddy says to Double D rather grumpily and as if he were jealous, "Ed this, Ed that. Why don't you marry the guy?" Adding on to this statement, only seconds after does Ed reply, stating that he is "taken".
  • In "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle", while explaining that the spirit of Christmas comes from the heart to Ed, Double D places his hand on his chest. Ed response? "My udder?". When he tries to lecture Eddy about where the true meaning of Christmas comes from using the same gesture.
    Eddy: That's my udder you're touching.
    • And he doesn't even have the freak-out reaction you'd come to expect. Or an "Oh dear/my". Looks like someone's really feeling that Christmas spirit, huh?
  • In the episode "The Eds Are Coming" (the alien invasion special), after the kids rush to check out the supposed asteroid that shot out of Rolf's chimney and crash-landed in the middle of the park and a slimy green hand pops out of it, the kids are frantic and begin to scream and run away from the spot, hiding from plain sight. Eddy runs and hides near Double D, and when they think the cost is clear, they start to walk towards the "asteroid". But they fall short when a figure appears in front of them, at first frightening both of them. They slid backwards and Eddy is seen holding on for dear life to Double D, the same reaction coming from Edd, only Eddy is in front and for a brief second, you can see that Eddy is looking determined and trying to hide Double D behind him, as if he were protecting him.
    • Also, later in that episode, Double D and Ed start to run towards the house giving off a terrible heat and oozing eerie green smoke when Eddy grab them and insist they stay, concerned that the "aliens" will suck out their brains, although he is all too willing to go out himself and capture them. If you think about it, it is as if he would risk his life to save them both. And with the subtle hints throughout the entire episode with Edd and Eddy, it would seem as though he were more concerned about Double D, but that seems to be just because Edd is Eddy's friend.
    • In Jimmy's dream, Kevin was shirtless.


Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

  • There's also the movie in which Edd has a bit of No Sense of Personal Space towards Eddy, Eddy's brother remarks how Edd is Eddy's girlfriend (note that neither Edd nor Eddy deny what he'd said, though Eddy is confused), and Ed asks Eddy for a goodnight kiss.
    • Eddy was going to deny it in the original draft, he bursts out laughing and shoves Double D at Ed, but it slowed things down.
    • Edd and Eddy were a little..."iffy" throughout the whole movie. Especially this.
    • Also in the movie, Edd and Eddy have what feels a whole lot like a lover's quarrel, which ends in Edd turning and leaving Ed and Eddy alone in the swamp. Eddy absolutely falls apart, starts bawling, and screams an apology at Edd while berating himself to try and get him to come back. And when Edd does come back, the two of them ride off into a sunset on Ed's shoulders with their arms around each other. And Eddy is still crying, only now they're happy tears.
    • Before Double D is rudely awakened by the stench of Ed's feet, it appears he and Eddy were sleeping right next to each other. With only the jar of fireflies between them.
    • At the end of the movie when they lifted up the Eds and held them high in celebration, while Rolf had his hands on Eddy's back, Kevin's hands were touching Edd's behind, though that could be nothing.
    • At one point Jimmy clings to Ed before Jonny shows up to attack the Eds, but he's very clingy.