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  • Memnock and Zenblock's childish bickering gives them some Like an Old Married Couple vibes as they, in the first half of season one, fought over a lot of things, including things that were silly and minor.
  • A low key example towards Tyler and Kevin can be seen in several episodes where they act quite touchy feely towards each other.
  • During episode 2 Shope suggested that Memnock and Zenblock buy one of the houses available in the Noobs' neighborhood and live there. Though not thrilled at the prospect, they do so at episode's end under the disguise of two human men named Bob and Rob.
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  • Tyler showed a bit of it towards Zenblock in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob" when, during a nasty feud with Memnock, Zen decides to stay over at Tyler's house, but his sleepwalking habits turn out to be a problem. It ends (mostly) with Zen falling asleep behind the basement couch with a teddy bear. Tyler is seen looking down dreamily at Zen while pulling a cover over him, calling him cute before he gets accidentally punched.
  • In "The Supernoobs Meet The Incredibly Amazing Man", the Noobs meet up with the titular Incredibly Amazing Man, who turns out to be destructive, narcissistic, and able to make women swoon over him. The swooning seems to have a big effect on Kevin, resulting in him asking The Incredibly Amazing man to let him be his sidekick and doing so in a pose similar to how a guy would ask someone to marry him. The Incredibly Amazing Man responds very positively to this request, and Kevin pretty much remains his gushing fanboy with a mancrush throughout the remainder of the episode.
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  • Count Venamus in "Count Noob-a-nus" decides to kidnap Roach in an effort to destroy the Noobs. He tries to do so by exploiting Roach's tendency to fall in love with older woman. Venamus then disguises himself as Roach's female school play director, Ms. Chihati, kidnapping the real deal beforehand, and has Roach follow him while Roach is floating with hearts all over his body.


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